CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 10 Episode 3

Working Stiffs

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on CBS

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  • The view of a killer.

    This episode was something new when we look at the episode from the viewpoint of the killer We know from the start that he is the killer and through the episode it cuts back in time to show how he came to killing his co worker In the present time as the episode goes on it reveals the motive behind the killing and it was a robbery that the killer had been planning but his co worker found out about it an wanted to help but things went wrong when the killer wanted to back out When the killer attempted to rob the vault things didn't go so well from him from that point after all that planning he gets himself killed.
  • Walking in the shoes of a murderer

    I loved how this episode put the focus on the killer, rather than CSI. The entire episode was well written and well played out. It kept me interested throughout the whole episode.

    I loved the last scene, with Paulie blowing the safe and getting to safety. In fact, I was basically shouting at him to run, instead of just watch the police cars, as I wanted him to get away. Very few episodes make it so you want the killer to get away so this episode was special.

    Then, it turned out that it was a fantasy and the door of the safe actually crushed him to death... Ah well, what an unlucky guy.
  • Interesting and amusing one.

    At the beginning we see the murderer but we don't know anything about the crime. Our criminal is abused and humiliated by his colleagues and nobody has ever asked an opinion to him. This episode reminds me a Christian Slater's film called He Was a Quiet Man. The two are similar in many ways.

    Anyway, this is a definitely a different episode. A little change of story telling can be good for one episode. Less Greg, no Sara. And I didn't feel right about that. Not a great episode but a good one. And I have to say, the actor who played the criminal is a right choice for the role. He does his job very well.
  • awesome~! way to bring it back from the edge.

    this episode was really fun... but sad in the end.

    its been awhile since i really rooted for the murder to get away. Like i did for the man who went after the d-bag who ratted him out to the cops but i really felt bed for the little geekling in the end.

    This episode had much of what i hated to admit it was missing last season. Teamwork. Not one cast member completely carried the investigation but everyone was working together. I almost expected because of how insane the victim was for it to come out that he was just trying to play the part of a classic nerd and was blackmailing the killer into doing his work for him. that almost would have been better, seeing as all people who are geeks do not crowd themselves with action figures and anime (ok i do, but not all my nerdilicious friends do) but otherwise, i loved this episode. Who lit the fire under the writers bums?
  • Interesting though not spellbinding

    This episode was okay. I didn't hate it by any stretch of the word, but I did get rather bored during some of it. I think that was because part of the fun of watching CSI is figuring out who did it along with the cast. In this case we, the audience, already knew so we just watched the gang figure it out. I thought the ending was clever though, making us think he had gotten away with it only to find out that no he didn't in a very big rather shocking way. I felt kind of sorry for the guy in the end.

    I'm going to put out my token MORE GREG! Because I always do. ;) Though, truthfully, I would like to see the boy get something a little more meaty to work with. We are seeing him more than we did last year but he's still very much the wallpaper filler most of the time.
  • Different but still more of the same

    It was a good episode but still same old story.

    However, I liked that instead of seeing what we always see every week, the case combined the CSI's points of view as well as the ones involved in the murder.

    The addition of Ray is good but still lacks strength in the team, Willows is still a great leader but the team needs what Grissomm took with him. It's a more mature team, but they still need someone they can look up to.

    We learn something new about Ray and I wonder if that would be an issue in the coming episodes.

    Still can't stand Hodges, ugh!
  • A different type of episode

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. We open this episode with a man being murdered, and within a matter of minute we know who the killer is. So the story between the killer and victim is told in flashbacks and it was actually quite interesting. They were planning a robbery together and 2 nights before it took place, one of them flipped and killed the other one. As the episode draws to a close we see the killer going through with the plan. We also see him confessing that he knew it wouldn't work, after the door off of the safe traps him inside of the room.
  • Yet, something was again too different...

    Thursday, October 8, 2009, CSI aired "Working Stiffs", a horrible episode reflecting mainly the suspects' lives rather than the CSI's, almost leaving them apart. Ray was weird, something this season about his father will resurface... boring. Nick and Greg did their job great. Where'd Sara go this time? Catherine's character starts to lose power every episode, is the end near? Hope not, because Grissom, Sara and Warrick was too much, now Catherine, show's gonna be a huge mess without them. CSI's not doing great no more, it's going flat, it will not last longer than most people thought it would last... too bad.
  • Bringing in big names can sometimes go very wrong. Here, it didn't.

    This episode, we were treated to guest appearances by Ben Feldman (Drop Dead Diva, Living With Fran) and Tim Blake Nelson (to me, most memorable as Delmar in Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?).

    It can be difficult for shows to "break the seal of reality", so to speak, and bring real life into the show. This time, it was Myth Busters, who have indeed made experiments with a safe blewn up with the aid of water (Season 4 - Episode 59 "Crimes and Myth-demeanors 2", where they deemed the myth from the film The Score plausible). I always find it strange when concepts, people etc. are brought into a fictional world like this, and the double references (Mythbusters/The Score) was pushing it a little bit for me.

    Overall, though, the acting of the episode made up for it to make a pretty darned good episode all the same.

    My favourite moment of the show, by far, was in the lab where Hodges explained the process of the instrument to Langdon who commented "I know how it works; I'm doing it." This is just the kind of tangy comment we might expect from Grissom. Also, it happens to be some critic's pet peeve with the show - that the cast keep explaining obvious concepts to each other. All this makes it the perfect line.
  • Different way of story telling

    I think the most notable different in this episode was the way the story was told: we knew from the start who the killer was and turning the episode we did not only found how CSI caught and realized who it was, we also saw trough the eyes of the criminal why he did it and how he tried to get away with it. He was not the usual criminal you expect and the way they tried to add some sympathy for him or something.. it was another difference but in my opinion, it did not worked. Something in this episode left cold, it did not caught me but for sure: it had some really interesting story turns and on the level of writing, it was cleverly plotted.
  • The team investigates the murder of a man found bludgeoned to death in a remote wooded area. A look into the man's life reveals he was a tech support worker for a low end casino support company who had planned a major heist with a co-worker's help.

    A very strong and entertaining episode. The use of flashback worked very well in this episode. When I saw the opening scene, I was a bit discouraged because the killer's identity had been revealed. However, my disappointment soon vanished when I found myself hooked on the story. Seeing what drove the killer to do what he did was just as, if not more entertaining than the conventional whodunnit. The clever use of the song "Under Pressure" is another reason why this episode worked well. The writers saved the best for last with the killer's dream sequence. A very good episode.
  • Battle between geeks can become dangerous!

    I like this episode. The flashback scenes inserted were good and not confusing. They actually made me entertained the entire episode. I just don't like the scenes, even in previous episodes, in which Langston is always correct. It's inappropriate that the writers make him appear smarter (as a CSI) than Nick or Catherine by correcting them many times. Why not the other way around? At least it's more acceptable. I also noticed that Cath has less field work like Grissom when he was the supervisor. Hodges is so funny, as always! There is less Greg and no Sara. The case was average. The way it was told made it different. CSI is still great and fun to watch.
  • Seriously entertaining. Great Episode.

    What a terrific episode! I was amazed at how entertaining CSI can be. Interesting story that I thought would really end with a bomb of some sort, but then it became clearer and clearer what the two were after. I liked how the investigation was interspersed with flashbacks and current progress. It was perfect. And it flowed so well. The last 15 minutes or so were priceless. Also, the writers pulled together a story straight from the Mythbusters which is pretty cool. It was great all around (directing, writing, acting, etc.) and I was actually engaged in this episode.

    So far, this season has been great!