CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 8 Episode 8

You Kill Me

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2007 on CBS

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  • There is one role for Hodges outside CSI

    One of the worst episodes of all. Hodges would be kicked out everywhere, and it is not fun to give him this kind op credits in CSI. It is sad that it seems to be so that in every good series there always has to be one idiot
  • Massive fan - Still loved this episode

    After a fairly dark and depressing previous episode, this episode was just what I needed to get me feeling happier again.

    I was saddened by Sara's departure and a comedy episode was just what I needed. The running gags through the segments of Bobby being a suspect and Super Dave making the comment about sexual assault just added to the humor. It's funny to see what the lab techs imagine each of the other main characters to be like, especially the whole Jim Brass shooting Bobby at the end.

    The absurd methods of death just show what goes on in Hodges' mind and all the winks to the camera and partial breaking of the fourth wall were not, as the characters themselves were explaining it to each other, what they were imagining.

    While not the best episode of CSI in terms of storyline, it was welcome as a comedy break from the previous episode, which I'm guessing is what the writers were going for. This is easily the funniest episode of CSI ever made.
  • Jorja Fox should be thankful she jumped ship before this Thanksgiving waste of time was filmed.

    From the beginning minutes, you knew the episode was going to be agitating and not that good. In trying to provide a light-hearted episode, it was ruined by the fact that everyone just seemed to be trying way to hard. Knowing winks to the audience, head bobs to direct the camera, and other cartoonish conventions were just silly and detracted further from the presentation.
    Broken up into several non-simultaneous mini-cases that Hodges had pawned off as "thinking exercises" to test his new Lab Rats board game, each one dealt with the death of a techie in the lab. Several continuing jokes either weren't that funny the first time, or ran flat by the episode's end from overuse. The final act provided some salvation to the episode, with Hodges and Grissom bonding nicely over a game scenario. It may be coincidence, but this simplistic episode (it featured no new guest stars) very much felt like a script rushed to completion by a team of writers more worried about squeezing another story out before being forced to join the WGA strike than in actually making sure the story's quality was what show fans expect and deserve.
  • Well despite the CSI purist I enjoyed this escape into full unabashed fantasy. They gave a small nod to Sarah being gone appropriate since a long drawn out exercise would've been bad. It was fun to watch Hodges in action whenever he

    Well despite the CSI purist I enjoyed this escape into full unabashed fantasy. They gave a small nod to Sarah being gone appropriate since a long drawn out exercise would've been bad. It was fun to watch Hodges in action whenever he's on comedy abounds. His center of the world mentality, his fascination with a techs average bust size that he swears is enormous, and only he would be creating a board game of all things. The proposed murders were hilarious due to the absurd nature of them. Finally in the end a wonderful scene with Grissom and Hodges playing the board game. Hodges having the nerve to bring up Sara was so gutsy it was beautiful and watching Grissom school him in his own game was priceless. Nice fun episode you've got to give a show an opportunity to experiment some time lighten up people.
  • Great episode! What more needs to be said in a summary? Isn't that the point of the review?

    I think the Jorja Fox fans have been at the scores eh ;-) Hardly reflective of a strong episode. I love Jorja as much as the next fan, but fact is, CSI goes on, and as it showed last night, it can go on from stregth to strength. Characters like David Hodges certainly can take more air time, to pick up the slack. Not that I'm suggesting he has an affair with Grissom, as much as he'd like too. This was a great episode. Hodges, Brass, Grissom, Doc Robbins, Wendy, Super Dave - all excellent! Well acted, well written. Not often does a serious programme do comedy so very very well. The final scenes with Hodges and Grissom where nicely done, and it was nice to see Grissom back doing his super-sleuthing.

    The way the storyline of the team trying to comfort Grissom was woven into the show was good as well, as was his typical reaction. Nice to see a bit more of Grissom in this episode than the last one as well.
  • boring...

    Wow, this was a bad episode. The only part I kind of liked in this episode was how everyone was trying to help Grissom feel better but Grissom just wanted to be left alone. I hated the whole idea of the game. It was boring and pointless. All of the techs tried to solve hypothetical cases. The cases were solved quickly and were pretty obvious. It was pretty funny, though, that the medical examiner's assistent was just laughing about it. Overall, stupid story which could just be promotion for the CSI game. There was some good character development, but, overall, this was a bad episode.
  • A game...

    I would not say I did not like it - it was interesting in the first time and the last play with Grissom - it was also stunning. I did not like the idea on the other hand - Hodges was somehow hostile for others and in his own perfect world thinking he is so cleaver. This episode had no storyline, I would say - it was just sequence of games, it got nowhere.. had no development and to be honest - most of the cases where not catching. There were some unexpected turns but even the play Grissom had - Hodges moving forward betrayed the real murderer on the first watch.

    I did not enjoyed this episode but it was good to see labrats in action.. and have episode where they got more screentime than usual.
  • Pathetic commercial for the video game

    I really enjoy CSI. If this wasn't such an obvious commercial for the video game I probably would have liked it. Could have been an excellent story line but I just couldn't get past the ad-factor. I found that disgusting! I will give that they at least kept with the characters, especially Hodge's usual underhanded antics. Sticking that side line in with people worrying about Grissom's emotional state seemed a weak attempt to keep the main story line moving. Looked more like they hadn't come up with a good way to follow up Sara's departure, or they're stringing us along trying to build anticipation. maybe it was just an ad or a filler episode. Hope they're back on track from here on out. Not a fan of any of the other CSI's. I'd hate to lose the orginal.
  • Ahh Hodges! And Wedges!

    OMG! This episode was so funny. It was perfect, especially after a sad episode!

    -Love Hodges. Making this game. Having the other lab rats trying to solve the crime. So funny to watch them try to solve it. -So many wonderful and funny lines in this episode to give this episode a fun side to it. And the way Archie said that line that went into the credits was perfect! -OMG! Warrick and Nick crying over Archie's death was so funny...loved that Wendy thought that they should be emotional. And of course, Wendy and Hodges fighting over everything! (Wedges! Eeeee)

    -Brass, Nick, Catherine, and Hodges talking to Grissom. How he is doing and offering him stuff. Loved Catherine's line: Go after her! See, Catherine ships GSR!

    -Catherine's "DUH" face was so funny! I almost peed my pants, that was so funny. I love Catherine. And then Hodges getting Grissom to play the game with him. In other words, this episode was well done. Loved it. Great lines, loved the way they did everything. It was just awesome!
  • Who dunnit, and how!! Just what is Hodges up to this time?

    What a great fun episode! I think every show should be able to have a little break every now and then. This one was so much fun. From the 'murders' to the asides from the CSI bunch as they work to solve the heinous crimes of the techies. Poor Bobby Dawson, at least Gil asked why Hodges seemed to have it in for the gun guy. Loved the answer--"just a running joke". And the other running gag with assistant coroner David.

    It was interesting with the semi-interstitial scenes of some of the other CSIs asking Gil how he was feeling after...well...you know. It just figured by the time Catherine said something (I think she was third) that Grissom would get a little defensive. It took someone like Hodges, tho', that allowed Gil the space, so to speak. Interesting how their work relationship is evolving.

    All in all, I loved this episode. Fun with a little thoughtfulness tossed in for flavor. And I'd probably buy the game!
  • Oh Hodges. Wedges much?!

    Oh c'mon y'all, ya can't tell me this sucked. Sure, there wasn't any case but I loved it. I actually thought that Archie really did die, but then I was all like, "wait I saw him all dust covered in the previews, WTF?" Seeing Nick and Warrick mourning over Archie was priceless. Then Wendy and Hodges arguing over everything. LOL

    The cases were pretty interesting, though I have to agree with Wendy and Henry, Wendy's murder case really lacked plot and structure. This case was pretty much like Lab Rats: Geek Squad gets together, Archie's the first one to leave, they dwindle down to Wendy and Hodges, Wedges have a fight, Hodges is talking with himself and Grissom joins him.

    Catherine's "duh" face was fabulous and I just about peed myself laughing when David cheerfully said, "no signs of sexual trauma." David's smily face was very creepy. He puts a whole new meaning to, "Going with a smile on your face."
  • Huge mistake in plot.

    An automotive or motorcycle battery would not kill you without the voltage being transformed. In fact, you would not even feel the voltage. The amps could melt the silver and cause a burn, but it would not kill you. If you can not get something that basic right, then how do I know anything else is possible? A car battery has loads of amperage but not much voltage, 12 volts. Voltage is to electricity as pressure is to water. If the water pressure in a pipe is low, it can easily be resisted. One could hold back an ocean of water with one's finger if the pressure is low. Our bodies have to much resistance for the 12 volts to pass through. So how would it melt the silver bracelet? the silver has almost no resistance which allows the current to flow, complete its path. It would have been much more affective to have simply cut the end off an electrical cord plugged into a receptacle with same connections used for the battery. Google it.
  • A break from the usual with a fun tweaking of the show but nice character bits too.

    I do love how, after seven years, Hodges still thinks he's held in much higher regard by everyone than he really is and this episode was a good way to show it. At first, I figured he was putting them through the paces to try and grab the newly opened spot on the team. But the revelation he was working on a game was a nice surprise and gives it more depth. Speaking of depth, we did have stuff like him ruining his obvious crush on his co-worker with the "clumsy and top-heavy" bit. But it was made better as he and Grissom played together and really seemed to connect. Gil's laid=back attitude to Sara leaving isn't surprising but it's nice that Hodges is the one person not to really press on it but just accept Gil can handle it. The "Murders" themselves were fun with all the fourth-wall-breaking of the techs to the cases, Guillyfoyle obviously having fun with the different shows of Brass and the poor CSI tech always being the culprit in each scenario. Kudos to stuff like "no sign of sexual trauma" and the one lady telling them "neck wound, no need to lose the sheet." This season has been pretty dramatic so we needed a funny ep to lighten things up and this fit nicely.
  • worst episode ever!

    sorry have to say that this is the worst episode ever on CSI
    maybe it was meant as a funny light episode after sara leaves but it was a complete pain to sit thru!
    the only gd parts were when people kept askling grissom how he was feeling.. that at least had some point to the show!
    while it was nice to highlight the great actors and actresses playing the lab techs.. surely e writers cld come up with something more interesting for them to do!
    the game was jus plain dumb... not engagin at all
    i cldn't wait for it to end!
    the whole episode just felt silly and redundant
  • Mind games? I'm in!

    I've always found Hodges very annoying but I guess he's one of those characters that you love to hate. He thinks he's very smart and the truth is, he might be.

    His little game was fun. Mind games are entertaining and I can only imagine how fun it was for them to come up with different scenarios and their results based on all the fictitious evidence. I also enjoyed the touch of comedy that it's rare to see in such a deep and serious series.

    I liked how Catherine, Nick and Brass were concerned about Grissom. But in the end he tried to forget the whole thing playing the game with Hodges. And even when Grissom sure doesn't have the patience to deal with Hodges' constant impertinence, he did listen to what he had to say. And he said something very interesting, something prophetic: Is he ready? As a CSI, is he done, can he go any further?
  • Imaginary murders staged by Hodges in the Lab.

    After Sarah's dramtic departure last week we got exactly what we needed, some Comic relief.
    This episode is without a doubt the funniest episode of CSI in my opinion. The comic murders of Archie, Henry, Wendy and Hodges were extremely funny. Hodges portrayal of how the CSI's inveastigate was again histerical with David especially funny with the saying "no signs of sexual trauma". I also liked Catherine saying "AH, Trace is there anything they can't do". Although some fans of CSI may feel as though this episode is completly out of character i think after the recent events its just what we needed. I have to congradulate the writers on a great and generally funny episode.
  • A silly, random and fun episode. Out of character for CSI but still very enjoyable

    When I first heard about this episode I thought it sounded like a stupid idea. I wasn't interested in a light-hearted jokey episode right after Sara had left. I was expecting, and was looking forward to, a strong, emotional episode focusing on the sadness surrounding Sara's goodbye.

    I will admit that I was very wrong about the episode; I actually found it a necessary break from the season's bigger story. It was fun, firstly, to focus on the 'lab rats' for a change – and I think it's a great credit to the writers that those characters were able to enthral the audience for a whole 42 minute episode. I don't know of many shows where the concept would inspire more than just disappointment for me. I've always liked the minor characters in CSI, they are generic maybe but what else can you expect? "You Kill Me" gave them all a chance to shine, in a fun and kooky way. I enjoyed the story of the characters playing out different death scenarios; seeing the CSI's 'play to the cameras' was a little weird at first but it grew on me more than I expected.

    I wouldn't like to see too many episodes like "You Kill Me" but it's a fun idea to focus on every now and then. It's nice to see a show like CSI, which has been for so long, stay fresh and fun; and considering the episode featured in a season crippled by the writers' strike this feat is worth an even bigger mention. It did disgruntle me a little that Sara leaving was not focused on a little more, on the hand, the episode showed just how Grissom would deal with it – by shutting people out and focusing on work. The episode deserves definite praise for managing to show this in only a few scenes.

    Overall, "You Kill Me" was a great little episode which was both fun and random
  • Hodges does a little "thought experiment", involving killing the lab techs and investigating their murders. Archie, Henry, Wendy and Hodges all die, and meanwhile after Sara's leaving, everyone tries to cheer up Grissom.

    Hodges does a little "thought experiment", involving killing the lab techs and investigating their murders. Archie, Henry, Wendy and Hodges all die, and meanwhile after Sara's leaving, everyone tries to cheer up Grissom.

    First, Archie gets blown up in the garage, and an explosive is found in a cocaine brick. "No signs of sexual trauma!" SuperDave. We find out that Henry killed Archie, and the not dead Archie wonders why Henry'd want to kill him, and Wendy replies that they're not supposed to care about the why. So Archie's like: "WHATEVER." And leaves in a huff. Which is a slight disappointment. Thanks for the whole five minutes of screen time, Archie.

    Then, Mandy joins the game, and Henry dies in the freezer. "No signs of sexual trauma!" SuperDave. After the autopsy we learn that Henry died of a PCP overdose. The not dead Henry comes in and is all mad at Hodges for making him a drug addict, so Hodges says they should dig a little deeper. In the end, we discover that Wendy killed Henry. Brief flirtation between Wendy and Hodges (!), while Henry squirms. Next, Wendy dies. "No signs of sexual trauma!" SuperDave. I'd prefer not going into details. It's pretty complicated. "Who did this, Wile E. Coyote?" Wendy snarks. Anyways, we never do find out who the killer is, because Wendy discovers the tape recorder hidden under the table.

    Wendy chases Hodges into the locker room, where his labrat board game falls out of his locker. They actually talk to each other in a civilised way. For a while. Up to the point that Wendy finds "Mindy Bimms", the figurine modeled after her. She gets all mad at Hodges and flings the doll at him, knocks the game off the bench, and yells at him, calling him "The dumbest smart guy I know." Hodges is all: "You think I'm smart?"

    Cut to Hodges talking to himself and drowning the Mindy Bimms doll in a glass of water. Grissom's all: WTF??!?? So Hodges tells him all about the board game, and dies himself. "No signs of sexual trauma!" SuperDave. Grissom figures that Hodges committed suicide and framed Bobby for it. Hodges compliments Grissom, then says Grissom wasn't ready to leave the lab, and helps him realize that Sara was. Grissom suggests they play another game. Which they do.

    This episode was a FABULOUS cheer-us-all-up, after Sara leaving and all. It was nice to see all the labrats together again, and some Wedges chemistry. I found the end part very good, with Hodges explaining to Grissom why Sara left. This episode was also absolutely HILARIOUS, what with those little moments, like:
    1. Brass whipping out his POLICE BATON!
    2. Everyone (even Grissom!) laughing at the video of Hodges dying, and Wendy passing around a huge silver bowl of popcorn.
    3. Hodges' chair spinning around when he got shot!
    4. "Hodges, who is a genius, and tragically underpaid..."
    5. And of course, Hodges drowning the figurine and Grissom staring.
  • I understand why they made this episode the way they did.

    This is the episode after Sara leaves. So to lighten the load on her departure they make an episode that brings are spirits back up. This episode shocked me in how much I enjoyed it. Makes you laugh. This was a good follow up to Sara leaving, of course they include everyone trying to make sure Grissom is ok since Sara left. Grissom entitles a key in guys that I find attractive, the only thing he wants is for her to be happy. He tells Catherine that Sara doesn't want him coming after her. The way Grissom told Catherine, it's like he wants to after her but he's respecting her wishes no matter how it hurts him. It kind of makes sense, she left so she wouldn't self destruct in front of him, it would be pointless to that she needs time away from him, and he goes after her. I love that he respects her wishes. Considering how sad the fans are that Sara left this was a great episode to follow Goodbye and Goodluck. Very clear that Greg is angry that Sara is gone. He just blows off Grissom with a yeah whatever.
  • 10
    This was one of my most favourite episodes. It gave the audience a change from the norm - where the main characters go out of the lab to solve their murders or situations. It focuses on the lab rats (whom don't get much focus) and it made it different. The camaraderie and obvious flirting between Hodges and Wendy was subtle and cute. The way the gang tries to get Grissom to talk about Sara - Catherine told him to go after her and Brass questions him about "where she's at" and Nick invites him to breakfast. Hodges put in his two cents too - I like the point he made about letting someone go (or something like that) I immediately thought of the exchange between he and Wendy in regards to her taking her field test and him teasing her about it. (maybe he's afraid of 'losing' her if she goes into the field) I just thought it was an interesting comment he made. (meaning that Hodges, himself needs to encourage Wendy to take the field test and not try to hold her back)
  • Shocked at how much I enjoyed it

    I was actually really shocked when I watched this episode because it was a whole lot better than what I thought it would be. Considering no crime ever takes place and the entire episode is set in the lab it was a really excellent episode. I found it really funny, especially at the beginning when Archie was dead and Nick and Warrick were crying about it so hilarious. This episode just goes to show that our entertainment comes from the writers of such programmes like CSI so I am glad the writers strike is over because I don't want to miss out on great television.
  • A fantastic episode that confirms the strength of CSI's writers. This episode is one not to miss!

    With an almost X-Files-esque feeling to this episode, it is my favorite this season. The opening has a momentary shocker before the realization that this would be a different kind of episode. As Hodges imagination and lab-rat passive-agression run rampant, one after another of the CSI team get knocked off in the lab. The piece that holds it altogether? A game that, if only they could actually produce and market, would far surpass the quality of the actual CSI boardgame. Also revealed in the mist of the bloodshed was another level of Hodge's 'affection' (read: desire) for Wendy. Her gamepiece probably blew his slim chance of course. It was dissappointing that this was not a two-hour special that would have seen every member of the team fall victim, but for one episode... not bad at all! And how else to further earn kudos from me? Star Wars reference at the end of the show ... can't beat it!
  • Out of Character, but a break from the norm is nice.

    I loved the last episode they did that featured just the lab techs. It gave all the secondary characters a chance to shine.

    I loved the comedic parts with the two medical examiners, continually stating there was no sexual trauma, and with all the CSIs, where they look at the camera trying to point the player to the evidence. The portrayal of Brass was priceless.

    I really enjoy the new, different and unique plots that the CSI writers are continually coming up with. I really do hope the writers get what they want and keep up the wonderful writing. Because they are very good. Some people don't like changes to the norm, to what they know and are used to... but i love it!
  • Viva Hodges, II!

    Another very enjoyable and "different" episode, even better than previous season's "Lab rats".
    2nd line characters get visibility, and are involved by Hodges in a game of "guess the murderer": the cases are intriguing, unusual and rich of jokes, like Warrick and co. "asking" Hodges for clues, Brass that keeps interrogating Bob the "gun guy" and the recurring line "no signs of sexual trauma".
    Finally Grissom confronts Hodges and accepts to play with him, and together they speak about Sara's departure.
    It's disappointing to see such a good experiment failing because audience didn't appreciate it: a change in a show's characteristics, sometimes, is very welcome.
  • I really don't understand all the bad critics!!

    It was a very different but nice episode. I believe I couldn't bare anything else after last week's episode. I started crying the moment I sow that they remove Jorja from the opening credits. I'm still heart broken CSI would never be the same for me without Sara.
    So back to the episode it was hilarious Hodges and Wendy LOVE THEM geek love rules they are so sweet together "you are the dumbest smart person I know" "you think I'm smart?" ,and him not wanting her to leave the lab.
    Hodges finely finds a common langue with Grissom, I was so glad for him he was looking for this for so long trying different ways always kissing his ass and being annoying but in the end all it took is a board game.
    Grissom poor poor Grissom every body is trying to help, to find out what happened; at leas we know that he has spoken to Sara and that she is fine.
    I really don't understand all the bad critics yes it wasn't one of the best episodes, however, it wasn't so bad, it was funny and sweet. For me it was very nice for once to see the human side of the lab, this episode was all about the people not the cases it was a refreshing change.
  • Let the games begin!

    I really hate when writers go off to explore strange new worlds and attempt a weird plot or character just to try something different with a great show. As any good chef knows, too much of a wrong ingredient can ruin the the taste and kill the recipe. The same applies with a TV show. This season's CSI: Miami is an excellent example as anyone reading my reviews of that show knows. This week the writers took some special ingredients and served up a CSI like never before. How did it turn out?

    A delicious masterpiece from start to finish! I captured this episode with Media Centre and had to replay several scenes over and over again. I loved it. I love how Hodges was able to morph the characters through his eyes and the viewer got to enjoy the great results. This was quite a curveball for the writers to throw as the many bad reviews of this episode attest. But the writers really had no choice on how to deal with Sarah's sad departure. The only character that could have pulled this off is Hodges. Brilliant.

    A risk and some great new ingredients made this show a delightful meal indeed. This episode is a collector's item and the reason that I will buy this season on DVD. Nice work!
  • A different formula, but enjoyable

    Although this was not the typical CSI episode I actually enjoyed it. After last weeks episode with Sara's departure this was a good lighthearted episode. Hodges has become a favourite of mine out of the 'lab rats', and his interaction with Wendy was very enjoyable. Liz and Wally have a great chemistry (not as good as Jorja and Billy) and it was good to see it played on. I also like seeing the other characters talking (or at least trying to talk) to Grissom about Sara's departure. We have only really had Greg and Nick say anything in regards to the GSR, I would have rather seen reactions earlier in the season from the other characters.
  • relieved...

    I loved this episode!! I was so worried that it would be sad to watch Grissom after Sarah leaving the way she did. Brilliant for the writers to tottally sidetrack us and make us forget (briefly) of Grissom's broken heart! I'm sure the cast had a blast filming this show. The jokes were great, and I thought the running gag about "the gun guy" and "no sexual trauma here" were hilarious. The show is usually serious and this was a fun "step outside the box". I enjoyed the original Lab Rats and this was a perfect addition to it! As always I look forward to next week.
  • Totally out of character.

    I thought this episode was extremely silly and felt that a repeat would have been a better idea. The concept of Hodges creating the lab rat game was fine but why did we need to create an episode around it. I thought the eppy was just silly from start to finish. Although the two positives coming out of the episode is one, you see the team reaching out to Grissom with the absence of Sara. I also like the scene with Hodges and Grissom at the end. It actually seemed appropriate in a weird way that Hodges be the one to open the dialogue with Grissom about Sara.
  • what a disappointment.

    I was disappointed with this episode -- I found it extremely !Boring!, so much so that I didn't even finish watching it. In addition, I only like Hodges character in small doses and this was definitely overdose! The storyline was not at all engaging. Other than a few laughs from the "sexual trauma" line -- this episode was so totally out of character and seemingly pointless. Kind of had the feel of a highschool skit. I really look forward to watching CSI and I hope that there won't be any more storylines like this one. I want the "real" stuff.
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