CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 8 Episode 8

You Kill Me

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2007 on CBS

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  • A game...

    I would not say I did not like it - it was interesting in the first time and the last play with Grissom - it was also stunning. I did not like the idea on the other hand - Hodges was somehow hostile for others and in his own perfect world thinking he is so cleaver. This episode had no storyline, I would say - it was just sequence of games, it got nowhere.. had no development and to be honest - most of the cases where not catching. There were some unexpected turns but even the play Grissom had - Hodges moving forward betrayed the real murderer on the first watch.

    I did not enjoyed this episode but it was good to see labrats in action.. and have episode where they got more screentime than usual.