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... The CW has abandoned its efforts to get back into comedy and has dropped both Seed and Backpackers from its schedule, effective immediately. Backpackers, about a couple dudes backpacking around the world, originated as a web series on The CW's digital video site CW Seed, and Seed, about a sperm donor who develops a relationship with the recipients (and resulting children), was a Canadian import. They'll be replaced on Monday nights by the Young Hollywood Awards and Arrow repeats until the Season 21 premiere of America's Next Top Model, which has been bumped up to Monday August 18 from Friday, August 22. ANTM will air on Mondays for six weeks, then move back to Fridays on October 3. As for Backpackers and Seed, someone please break the news to Cory, who (mostly) liked both shows. [Deadline / CW via press release]


... When Stephen Colbert takes over the Late Show from David Letterman next year, he won't pack things up and move like that big jerk Jimmy Fallon did with The Tonight Show. Colbert and the Late Show will stay put in the Ed Sullivan Theater, where Letterman and the Late Show currently film. [CBS via press release]

... Well, there's no two ways about it, this sounds incredibly dumb: Syfy has okayed the development of a show called Ncredible Improv, an improv-comedy series in which two teams will compete against each other in fantasy/sci-fi-themed sketches. Nick Cannon will host. I hope this gets greenlighted just so that we can see how bad it is. [Syfy via press release]

... TLC has a new tagline: "Everyone needs a little TLC." It replaces the network's old tagline, of "Look at this shitshow of weirdos." [TLC via press release]

... Comic publisher IDW is going to produce an Orphan Black comic book, with a target release date of early 2015. The comics will tell all-new stories in the Orphan Black universe, and Tatiana Maslany will draw each and every frame, write the stories, print the comics, deliver them to stores, and get snubbed by whatever the biggest comic-book awards are. [TV Line]


... Jessica Biel, who some people find attractive, will be guest-starring in New Girl's Season 4 premiere. She'll play a smokin' hot scientist named Kat who competes with Jess in trying to snag the same guy. That poor fella! He just can't catch a break. New Girl returns Tuesday, September 16 on Fox. [TV Guide

... Score one for Fat Neil! Charley Koontz, who played the suicidal D&D dork on Community, is going big-time with a regular role on CBS's CSI: Cyber a.k.a. www.csi.com or CSI: Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?. Koontz will star opposite Patricia Arquette as Agent Daniel Grummitz, a—you guessed it—tech wiz. [Deadline


... Person of Interest's Jonah Nolan is reworking the cult film Westworld for HBO, and the pilot has some pretty big names attached: Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood. 

... Rhea Perlman is joining The Mindy Project as... 

... Game of ThronesMichelle Fairley has been cast on Resurrection for a multi-episode arc.

... Portia de Rossi is joining Scandal in a top-secret role!

... Headed to Comic-Con? Here are 12 things you shouldn't miss.

... Nick reviewed Tuesday's Pretty Little Liars and enjoyed the pairing of two Liars who'd never joined forces before.

... Here's Christopher Gorham weighing in what's next for Covert Affairs' Annie and Auggie.

... Kaitlin and I attended an early screening of Gotham and here's what we thought!

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