CSI: Miami

Season 3 Episode 24


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 23, 2005 on CBS

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  • could have done it better!

    Raymond comes back and he flyes with Yelina and Ray Jr to Brasil.
    Hagen almost shots Calleigh, because she finds evidence that has been picked away, but she doesn´t know its him.

    I really think that this episode was boring.
    The other two season finales were really great, but this one was boring.
    nothing happend.
  • I think that the CSI: Miami season finale, while not as good as the original, did a wonderful job.

    This episode was exciting and pleasant to watch, even though it seemed a little overcrowded. With the much-anticipated return of Horatio's brother, Raymond, and the tearjerking storyline of Calleigh and her ex-lover, it was alll-in-all a good way to end the season, and an interesting way to set up plontlines for next season. Good job.
  • excellent episode

    just watched it, an excellent end to an superb season.
    too many shocks in 1 episode, the only i got was "John Hagen" death. it was shocking, he died coz his conscious didn't allow him to live after stealing the evidence and become a superhero in himself.
    excellent ending to the episode too.
  • 10-7

    Horatio finally learns the truth about his brother. At a party a speaker blew up and killed the D.j. The bomber was stabbed and didn't get to stop the bomb. Someone held a gun to Calleigh's head and wasn't found. Raymond killed the bomber. People are after Ray Jr. and detective Raymond hid in Horatio's car. Ray Jr. was jacked. John killed himself. They were going to spread radiation through the air by a helicopter. Horatio was going on a trip with Yelina to Brazil. Calleigh resigned from firearms. Raymond's on the plane and is going with Yelina to Brazil.
  • all I can say is wow.

    what a Season Finally i mean unbelevable so much stuff that I can\'t believe rolled into one episode. you got the return of Horatios being reunited with his brother Raymond for the first time in years you have bombs, you got terrorist plots, you have an unbelevable scene featuring a CSI having a gun turned on hert by Someone she trusts only to view his suicide that just spells out one unbelevable work of a creative and unbelevable episode I hardly got any sleep after this one.
  • H's doubts about his brother\'s death are finally cleared...

    The episode starts off with a bomb at an illegal party in downtown Miami.

    The CSI team and Det. Hagen appear on scene and go thorugh the mess that\'s left behind, a couple of deaths and a lot of injured.

    Things however get out of control pretty fast, while Calleigh is going through the debris, she feels someone point and cock a gun to the back of her head, she freezes, when she turns around there\'s no one to be seen, yet some evidence have disappeared from the scene, she rushes out gun in hand to find only Eric and a couple of cops outside who have no idea what the hell she\'s talking about. Eric still is however trying to find a knife, woth which the bombmaker who died at the scene was stabbed with. Eric finds it in a vent shaft on the side of the improvised club.
    Now\'s when ythings get really messy.

    Calleigh is with Eric trying to determine what was the gun that the mistery person held to her head, after a while she recognizes the cocking sound. But hell starts to break loose when Eric and Horatio can\'t access a fingerprint they found on the knife, it\'s classified, Eric goes to find an Administrator to ask how is this possible, Horatio meanwhile puts his user and pass to the computer, and voila! just as Horatio had suspected the print belong to Ray, Horatio\'s under-cover Narc Cop brother.

    Meanwhile Alexx makes a startling discovery the bombmaker was taking medication that prevents radiation poisoning, she goes to Horatio with the discovery, Horatio doesn\'t seem that surprised, he does even less when he finds Agent Park in the lab, who tells him that his print search for Ray is making some people in DC uncomfortable, he also discloses the fact that Ray missed his regular check in that morning, and that since he only trusts Horatio, it\'s likely he\'ll try to contact him, Horatio tells Agent Park that what\'s going down in Miami is a dirty bomb manufacturing.

    Meanwhile another suspect in the bomb case has been aprehended, he goes about the US bieng a corporation that kills and ... He also inquiries for Ray Jr\'s, Horatio is now concerned, he goes to Yelina who finds out that Ray Jr never made it to her grandma\'s house, Horatio tells Yelina that the bomber are using Ray Jr to flush out Ray. Horatio gets in his Hummer to go look for Ray Jr, when he adjusts the rearview mirror a familiar face comes up, it\'s Raymond Caine, Horatio\'s supossedly dead brother, Horatio crives to under bridge were they talk, and Horatio tells Ray that Ray Jr has been kidnapped, they decide to go after them. Horatio shows up at a warehouse where he sees Ray Jr bound and blind folded Horatio shoots one of the kidnappers, Ray takes on the other one but fails and gets shot, Horatio frees Ray Jr and tell him to run to the Hummer no looking back!

    Meanwhile Det. Hagen shows up at Calleighs lab, they talk about Hagens feeling of guilt about being partener to a dirty cop, Calleigh tells him it\'s no big deal, when Calleigh turns around, Hagen takes off his badge and his guns, cocks it, Calleigh recognizes the sound it\'s the gun from the club scene, as she turns BANG! Hagen\'s body hits the floor. When Eric and Alexx arrive at the gun lab, Calleigh is all but catatonic, as they rool out Hagens body Calleigh pulls a paper from his jacket, it\'sa wether forecast, the evidence that went missing from the club that morning, now it all makes sense, a dirty bomb is going to be detonated in Miami today, at a certain hour.

    Next scene we see a chopper ready to make flight and the kidnapper who shot Ray ready to board, Horatio shoots the kidnapper and the Police commandeer the chopper, it\'s over...

    or is it?... Horatio takes Yelina and Ray Jr to an airstrip, where an un-marked plane is waiting, Horatio suggests that Yelina take a vacation to Brazil, she doesn\'t understand what this is all about but just then Raymond comes out of the plane, he was wearing a a BP vest at the shoot out with the kidnappers, Ray Jr runs to his dad, Yelina still can\'t put two and two together, still she hugs Horatio thanks him for everything, and head to the plane hugs Ray and goes inside, then Horatio and Ray excchange a thumbs up, and the plane leaves for Brazil.

    Back at the lab Calleigh is about to test a gun, when a drop of blood falls from the ceiling, it\'s Hagen grey matter, Calleigh puts the guns down, walks out of the gun lab, to the Lab\'s Personal Roster and removes her name tag from the \"Ballistics\" section...
  • Horatio discovers that his brother is alive. Calleighs evidence is stolen from the crime scene when a stranger held a gun to her head. John Hagen appears as well.

    Wow! Simply wow! Exactly why I watch this series is an understatement. I mean Calleigh, I just love her! I'm so glad that John Hagen finally re-appeared 'cause I was confused whether they were at least still friends. Kinda ironic, 'cause John said the harshest thing a woman can say to a man is " I would still like to be friends". I was actually surprised when she asked him to go for a cup of coffee. I didn't have to be 'cause we all know Calleigh is the kindest and cheeries person in the CSI-team. The way she handled his death.She's alone... again God she will never be the same, that's what I know for sure. I mean, she quit ballistics. Butllet girl quit ballisctics!! That's so wrong. The look she had when she was standing in the elevator! Horatio is such an amazing person. I mean, he does love Yelina and he let her go with the man that hurt her a lot. He end up alone... again
  • Horatio is looking for his \"dead\" brother, Ray. He has proofs he\'s alive, but he doesn\'t know where he is. He will need all his resources to, finally, find him.

    Through the last three episodes, I just felt what was going to happen. Ray appears again and Yelena goes back with him. What about H? Since the beginning of the series I have hoped them to be together, specially when knowing their story in the past...Although it\'d haver been very foreseeable, I think I\'d have been very nice that something had happened between them...
    Hopefully, this is not the center of the episode. As a season finale, I think it is a very suitable way to end a season full of tension.
    At least, in the end, Ray doesn\'t ends up being a bad cop.
  • Best episode in CSI MIAMI history. Words Fail Me With The Darkest AndMost Gripping Finale To A Season Yet.

    What an episode to end Series 3!

    I'm lost for words with the return of Raymond Caine to rescue his son after been forced out of hiding by terrorists releasing dirty bombs in Miami. Then the end of Hagen who kills himself in Calleigh's lab after trying to be a hero. Calliegh was processing the crime scene and had a gun to her head by Hagen who wanted to be a hero but fails.

    I have three favourite scenes in 10-7:
    - Horaito meeting Raymond for the first time since his supposed death two years before the pilot timeline began.
    - Horaito stopping the bomb which has no music but just the beeping from the bomb and the silence when it's stopped.
    -The airport scene with Yelina seeing Raymond again who's lost for words and thanks Horatio. Horatio says goodbye to Raymond and the scene retracts as the plane leaves and Horatio standing at the hanger seeing it off.

    Overall this is the darkest finale to a Miami season with the return of a detective and the end of another. David Caruso and Emily Proctor played their roles really powerfully especially when Horatio finds Raymond alive and Calleigh in tears in her lab along with her future on the line.

    A brillant end to Season 3. Bring on Season 4 on Five in England.
  • Words Fail me, return of one Detective and the loss of another.

    Of all three seasons, I think this episode was the strongest of them all, simply awesome. This is how a finale should be written and acted, leaving the viewer with so many questions without the over used mass murder plot and who of the main characters will survive.

    It simply wasn\'t required so deep was the screenplay in the final two episodes. Horatio was at his best, not enough standing with hand on hips for me! The episode was one of the darkest too, certainly as far as I am concerned. John\'s death was heart wrenching and watching Calleigh slump in the corner enough to bring a tear to ones eye.

    The final scene was touching at the airport, Horatio played it well. The episodes sets up Season 4 very nicely - roll on S4 in the UK.
  • Nice work!

    I think this was a good season finale episode... with several storylines.. all of them interesting! The comeback of Raymond Caine... the Duquesne-Jonh story (will or will she not leave CSI??)... the very actual and real treath of a dirty bomb and also the leak of news to the TV that sometimes only contributes to the panic of the people...!
    Overall I tink it was a very good episode!
  • Some day, these stories will take me to the hospital....My heart will suffer....

    All the seasons have been quite good, excellent, I wud say, but this one...it grabbed me with much more strenght from the beggining till the last seconds, than all the previous ones.

    These actors are superb. They transmit us the knowledge that are needed to solve some hard cases which are brought to us one night of the week. One can speak also about photo, the special yellow/orange colour of the sky, the music, the sets...everything is a must, and a example too.

    Particulary, this last episode of Serie 3. Very well »constructed» , performed, and ...with a GREAT FINALE...!!!!

    My congratulations !! Very , very, very good.

    Just saw it, and don't know how can I handle the expectation for the arrival of Serie 4 !!