CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 9

A Few Dead Men

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on CBS

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  • CSI: Miami is officially CANCELED!

    Horatio Caine is taking off his shades for good CBS just confirmed that indeed, CSI: Miami will not be back next season. This is the first series from the CSI franchise to get off the air.

    I couldn't be happier. This episode that sunk so low it truly offended me. They "rip stories from the headlines" but an obviously recognizable story based on 3 teenagers who were wrongly convicted of murder was portrayed as at least 2 of the three were guilty, and that justified Horatio Caine and his goons to totally disregard the suspects rights. This is clearly based on The West Memphis Three. A lot of people have good reason to believe that they were innocent. They were offered a deal that they could be released after serving 20 years on the condition that they wouldn't sue the State for wrongful imprisonment. The DNA evidence didn't support their guilt and a key witness recanted.The teens were fans of Heavy Metal and had long hair, but they were accused of killing the kid as part of a Satanic Ritual. CSI: Miami took this story and twisted it to show it as the exact opposite of what actually happened. Also, Horatio, when you take your shades off to make your pithy comments--they are either stunningly obvious, or stunningly stupid. I guess that is all part of your angry leprechaun shtick, but you can't imagine how happy it makes me that I won't have to see it ever again.

    I am going to celebrate the cancellation of this travesty with a case of champagne.
  • A Few Dead Men S10E9

    Hey!!! 19yrs common you can't find the a tip of a blade still stuck up in the woods 19yrs pls give me a break... Naaa!!! that was below expectation.
  • Alot of twists and turns in this one. Spoiler Warning!


    Great, great episode! One moment I was sure all three of the killers were innocent, then it quickly became clear that at least one of them was a jackass. I thought the parents were involved for sure, which they were, but not to the degree I had imagined.

    I wasn't expecting on of the three guys to be quilty of murdering his own friends. Although he had one hell of a good reason. I wanted to jump through the TV and kill them myself.

    I'm glad Calleigh got alot more screen time, although I miss Natalia. She wasn't in this episode and it's a shame. I think Calleigh and Natalia work very well together so they should have more scenes together.

    Other than that it was a great episode! Oh, an one more thing; they should put Dr. Loman in the opening credits now. He deserves it and he's been on the show long enough for that.

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