CSI: Miami

Season 6 Episode 16

All In (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

In the second part of the two part episode, Horatio deals with his past. Meanwhile, the rest of the team works to rescue Calleigh from her kidnappers.

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  • Having survived "Melanoche justice" in Rio, Horatio returns to Miami to find that Calleigh has been kidnapped. While doing all he can to help the team find her, Horatio also tries to deal with Julia and warn her that her new boyfriend is a danger.moreless

    After getting off to a not so good start, CSI: Miami has got on the right track after the Writer's Guild strike. This episode is one of the best of the show in a long time. Seeing this episode reminded me of why I am a fan of this show. The storyline involving Horatio's extradition to Rio wrapped itself up a little too quickly, but the climactic shootout was quite exciting. Exciting is also a word that can be used to describe Calleigh's ordeal and how she and the team try to outfox her kidnappers. It's just a fantastic episode.moreless
  • Here's for G, here's for R, here's for E, here's for A and here's for T!

    You could say that having a regular kidnapped is a cheap trick making the show more interesting for viewers identifying themselves with a character, but there is cheap and there is cheaper. This one was pretty darn good.

    First of all -- H's joyful shooting adventures in sunny Brazil. That scene was a little out of space. I mean, we assume that the action takes place in a real world and we keep on pretending that he actually is human, right? How would that be possible for him to kill all those people: 1) didn't he run out of bullets? 2) were they really thaaat stupid and inexperienced in killing people? Weren't they some kind of paid murderers? 3) is that the end? He was to be judged for a murder and ended up killing another dozen of people and it's just... done? There is NO justice, I see... I'd skip my potential vacation in Brazil. It's like Soviet Russia, isn't it?

    So Julia starts to be shown is a better light, right? She wasn't a murderer anymore, just a victim, falling for a bad guy? I don't buy it. Plus she has Kyle with her. Why doesn't she get him back to H. and then 'party' with whoever she wants, huh?

    I officially state that Calleigh, in the contrary to H., is human. But she is extremely creative in distress, thinking of all the hints and leads. It sounded like Delko didn't even know about the "60" code. How good that she's such a smartie.

    Well, I see people getting totally amazed by the shipper scene. Generally I find it useless to link people no matter what, but I'd rather go with DuCaine than Hip-Hugger (where the heck did that name come from?!). Delko is such a gull, but he did in fact act sweet towards Calleigh. You could see her speechless for a second as he stated he wasn't fine. And the way she said "okay" was, hahaha, priceless.

    The idea of a perp wanting a CSI to prove someone else's guilt was something I saw on CSI: NY, but it was somehow close to season's finale, so I won't claim the idea to be 'parroted'. I'm not sure which one was first, but both transpired to be successful.moreless
  • she kicks butt!!!! GO great episode, will more greater ones in future well done. love csi miami,

    great episode, will more greater ones in future well done. love csi miami,

    hopefully more shootouts and rescues in the future as well as solving crimes lol keep up the good work with all csi's.

    she kicks butt!!!! GO

    go go go go go go go go go

    nowt bad to say how to make it to 100 lol first time it was a great episode i dont know wot elsa to say was a nice save at the end of the episode well done lads go slow motion style and very protective and loveing episode of calleigh how nice. . . . . .moreless
  • A disappointing episode...

    After last week's exciting episode and cliffhanger, this came as a shock that the drama and tension was at a minimal! Although I loved the ending when they foiled the kidnapper's plan in the club and Calleigh pulled the gun on him along with the guys was a great moment in the episode. But the kidnappers' scheme and the easy evade Horatio did in Brazil however excitingly cliche it was for one man to take down a whole army of Mal Noche really did not impress.

    All I have left to say was Calleigh is as tough as nails after her ordeal but incredibly smart to leave all those clues for the team!moreless
  • One of my favorites so far.

    This is one of the best episodes of CSI: Miami made so far. The only thing that really annoys me in this episode is Horatio. He gets taken back to Brazil for killing Riaz and then is let go and can kill a bunch of gang members and nothing happens? But besides that part this was a really good episode. Something actually happened to Calliegh and we can see that she isn't invincible, like Horatio since nothing ever seems to happen to those two. Its a very exciting episode and I can re-watch it and I still enjoy it. I hope season 7 will have some good episodes like this included.moreless
Eva LaRue

Eva LaRue

Natalia Boa Vista

Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez

Eric Delko

Khandi Alexander

Khandi Alexander

Chief Medical Examiner Alexx Woods

David Caruso

David Caruso

Lieutenant Horatio Caine

Emily Procter

Emily Procter

Calleigh Duquesne

Jonathan Togo

Jonathan Togo

Ryan Wolfe

Carlos Jacott

Carlos Jacott

Paul Evett

Guest Star

Chad Donella

Chad Donella

Seth McAdams

Guest Star

Collins Pennie

Collins Pennie

Tommy Garver

Guest Star

David Lee Smith

David Lee Smith

IAB Sergeant Rick Stetler

Recurring Role

Evan Ellingson

Evan Ellingson

Kyle Harmon

Recurring Role

Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley

Julia Winston

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In the beginning of the episode, right after the opening credits, there is a 'satellite shot' that zooms up from Brazil and over to the States - to indicate Horatio travelling back to Miami - however Rio's apparent position on the map is incorrect, and should be much further south.

      This same mistake occurred in the first episode of season 5, Rio.

    • Goof: In the episode, we see Calleigh gagged with a rag. One of the abductors takes it of Calleigh's mouth but leaves it on her neck. In the next scene, the cloth is gone.

    • All In has several elements taken from classic Western movies: the opening standoff and subsequent shootout (set to music from "Once Upon A Time in the West"); after shooting the last bad guy, Horatio stands over him with the sun directly above his head (high noon); features poker games which every good Western has; the bad kidnapper wears black and the good one, who helps Calleigh, wears white.

    • Goof: The handgun's hammer is cocked while pointed at Calleigh by the kidnapper, but when she wrestles it away from him the hammer is no longer cocked.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Seth: All right, ladies. Poker game's over. I want all your cash. Now. Come on. (poker players are revealed to be Eric, Frank, and Ryan and they point their guns at Seth) Drop the guns or I will shoot her. (Horatio points his gun at the back of Seth's head)
      Horatio: You're not gonna get the chance. Now, if I were you, I'd fold. Don't you agree, Calleigh? (Calleigh quickly turns and punches Seth, knocking the gun out of his hand)
      Calleigh: Clear. (to Seth as she aims his gun at him) You messed with the wrong people.

    • Natalia: I had the tech scour this entire place and there's just nothing that says that Tommy Garver or Seth McAdams was ever here.
      Horatio: Well, what we do know is they had Calleigh clean the place.
      Natalia: She did such a great job of helping us I.D. these suspects. I just wish there was a way she could have told us where she went.
      Horatio: Maybe there is.

    • Seth: You sure you don't know where Tommy went?
      Calleigh: You heard him. He went to get bleach.
      Seth: Yeah, and he never came back after whispering in the corner with you. (points gun at her head)
      Calleigh: Maybe he got caught. Maybe he got scared.
      Seth: You're the one who should be scared, bitch. See you just became my new partner, and we're about to pull of the biggest heist in underground Miami.

    • Eric: (to Mitch Davis) You know where CSI Duquesne is? Because if you do, you better tell me. Lieutenant Caine is working on the killer's fingerprints and if they match yours, I'm not gonna be so nice a second time.

    • Calleigh: (whispers) Look. I don't know what he's been telling you, but this is not gonna end well.
      Tommy: We're already in too deep. We got no other choice.
      Calleigh: Yeah. That is not true. If you take the flask to the police, give it to them, it will point them in a totally different direction. You've got to turn yourself in. I'm telling you, it is the only way.
      Tommy: I don't know.
      Calleigh: I do. You are not the same person that he is. Just find a way to get out of here any way you can.

    • Calleigh: I'm gonna need the black light.
      Seth McAdams: What do you need that for?
      Calleigh: Show you what you missed.

    • Horatio: (after Eric dusting for prints, and found the number 60 in fingerprints) Sixty is a police code for two-man unit. She's leaving us a message, Eric.
      Eric: She's telling us she was taken by two men, which means she was alive when she left this room.
      Horatio: Yeah. But for how long?

    • Horatio: The body's been cleaned.
      Eric: This whole room has.
      Horatio: Professionally, which is why they grabbed Calleigh to cover this murder.

    • Horatio: Conspiracy to kidnap a law enforcement officer carries a life sentence.
      Ron Saris: Why, Horatio, would I bother with a CSI? Why would I do that when I've what I needed? I've got Julia back.
      Horatio: And we both know how that happened, don't we?
      Ron Saris: By killing the Newberry lady. Okay. You're never gonna prove that. Never.
      Horatio: I just did.
      Ron Saris: Not after I talk to the state attorney and tell them that you coerced evidence unlawfully, assault and battery. You beat me up to get what you needed. You stole my shoelace.
      Horatio: Nice try, Ron.
      Ron Saris: (after he repeatedly hits his head on the table, he laughs) Well, that bruise should show up about the same time as the state attorney, I would say, don't you? Now, Horatio, tell me. Are they gonna believe me or are they gonna blame a cop who got extradited to Brazil for killing a man?
      Horatio: Just remember what I said, Ron.
      Ron Saris: I will. I'm gonna go to Julia now. I'll say hi to your son for 'ya.
      Horatio: Do that.

    • Eric: (to Natalia) I won't let Calleigh end up like that other woman.

    • Horatio: I guess you weren't expecting to see me again, huh?
      Julia: No. But, Horatio, I didn't want you to die. I thought you'd have a better chance in Brazil than here against Ron Saris.
      Horatio: So I take it that's his dry cleaning.
      Julia: He's living with us now. And whatever Ron is or isn't...
      Horatio: He's a killer.
      Julia: He got me my son back.
      Horatio: Yes, but he killed Kathleen Newberry to do it.
      Julia: I had nothing to do with that. The one witness who saw what Kyle did is gone. Can't you just let this go?
      Horatio: One of my CSIs is missing.
      Julia: And you think Ron had something to do with...
      Horatio: It was a roadside abduction, that's his signature.
      Julia: Oh, my God.
      Horatio: If you stay with this man, you and Kyle are gonna die.

    • Calleigh: I'd smoke that cigar.
      Seth McAdams: Yeah, I was planning to afterwards. But, if that's what turns you on, then...
      Calleigh: The smell of the cigar will mask the smell of decomp.
      Seth McAdams: Yeah?
      Calleigh: Unless, of course, you want your neighbors calling the cops down here.
      Seth McAdams: You're not as stupid as you look.

    • Tommy Garver Look, you're a CSI, right? Make it so this can't be traced back to us.
      Calleigh: You expect me to cover up a murder? (Tommy tightens his grip) Okay, okay. Uh, let me think. You need gloves and we gotta bleach the floor and wipe up all the surfaces for fingerprints, for shoeprints, for any skin trace.
      Seth McAdams: What else?
      Calleigh: I need to get the bullet out of the body. They could trace it back to your gun. But you're gonna have to untie me for that.

    • Horatio: You chloroformed Kathleen Newberry and then killed her.
      Ron Saris: Horatio, as I told you before you were arrested for murder in Brazil, uh, there's no evidence to prove that.
      Horatio: One of my CSIs was chloroformed and abducted last night and I see that as a pattern, Ron.
      Ron Saris: Thousands of people can get their hands on chloroform.
      Horatio: Yes. But I'm only looking for one.
      Ron Saris: Well, I'm happy for you, but I know you can't hold me so I'm, uh, I, I wanna thank you for Brazil. Um, it worked out really well for the two of us, didn't it, because, uh, Julia and I, we got back together. Best a luck, finding your CSI.
      Horatio: If anything happens to my CSI, this will be your last week on Earth.

    • Frank: What the hell you think happened in Brazil?
      Eric: He didn't say. I'm just glad he's back.

    • Eric: (getting Horatio at the airport) You made it.
      Horatio: Yeah. But a lot of people didn't.

    • Seth McAdams: Tommy's out there running errands. I thought that maybe me and you could waste a little time. (Calleigh fights with him, but loses, and he pinned her to the ground)
      Calliegh: I'd rather die then have you touch me.

    • (After the Mala Noche surrounded him, he killed them all but one who he just wounded)
      Horatio: Mala Noche justice...meet Miami justice. (shoots and kills the wounded Mala Noche member)

    • Eric: You sure you're okay?
      Calleigh: Yeah, I'm fine.
      Eric: What are you gonna do? You are gonna take some time off?
      Calleigh: I really don't know, to be honest, I think I just wanna go home and think what happened.
      Eric: Hey, you don't have to go home alone.
      Calleigh: Eric, I'm fine. I really am, I promise, but thank you.
      Eric: I'm not. I don't know what I would have done if something would happened to you today.
      Calleigh: Okay. (they both get in Eric's car)

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Vysoká hra (High Game)

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: May 15, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Finland: July 19, 2008 on Sub
      Spain: September 25, 2008 on AXN and January 5, 2009 on Telecinco
      United Kingdom: November 18, 2008 on Five
      Norway: December 9, 2008 on TVNorge
      Czech Republic: December 15, 2009 on TV Nova