CSI: Miami

Season 6 Episode 16

All In (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2008 on CBS

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  • Having survived "Melanoche justice" in Rio, Horatio returns to Miami to find that Calleigh has been kidnapped. While doing all he can to help the team find her, Horatio also tries to deal with Julia and warn her that her new boyfriend is a danger.


    After getting off to a not so good start, CSI: Miami has got on the right track after the Writer's Guild strike. This episode is one of the best of the show in a long time. Seeing this episode reminded me of why I am a fan of this show. The storyline involving Horatio's extradition to Rio wrapped itself up a little too quickly, but the climactic shootout was quite exciting. Exciting is also a word that can be used to describe Calleigh's ordeal and how she and the team try to outfox her kidnappers. It's just a fantastic episode.

  • Here's for G, here's for R, here's for E, here's for A and here's for T!

    You could say that having a regular kidnapped is a cheap trick making the show more interesting for viewers identifying themselves with a character, but there is cheap and there is cheaper. This one was pretty darn good.
    First of all -- H's joyful shooting adventures in sunny Brazil. That scene was a little out of space. I mean, we assume that the action takes place in a real world and we keep on pretending that he actually is human, right? How would that be possible for him to kill all those people: 1) didn't he run out of bullets? 2) were they really thaaat stupid and inexperienced in killing people? Weren't they some kind of paid murderers? 3) is that the end? He was to be judged for a murder and ended up killing another dozen of people and it's just... done? There is NO justice, I see... I'd skip my potential vacation in Brazil. It's like Soviet Russia, isn't it?
    So Julia starts to be shown is a better light, right? She wasn't a murderer anymore, just a victim, falling for a bad guy? I don't buy it. Plus she has Kyle with her. Why doesn't she get him back to H. and then 'party' with whoever she wants, huh?
    I officially state that Calleigh, in the contrary to H., is human. But she is extremely creative in distress, thinking of all the hints and leads. It sounded like Delko didn't even know about the "60" code. How good that she's such a smartie.
    Well, I see people getting totally amazed by the shipper scene. Generally I find it useless to link people no matter what, but I'd rather go with DuCaine than Hip-Hugger (where the heck did that name come from?!). Delko is such a gull, but he did in fact act sweet towards Calleigh. You could see her speechless for a second as he stated he wasn't fine. And the way she said "okay" was, hahaha, priceless.
    The idea of a perp wanting a CSI to prove someone else's guilt was something I saw on CSI: NY, but it was somehow close to season's finale, so I won't claim the idea to be 'parroted'. I'm not sure which one was first, but both transpired to be successful.
  • she kicks butt!!!! GO great episode, will more greater ones in future well done. love csi miami,

    great episode, will more greater ones in future well done. love csi miami,
    hopefully more shootouts and rescues in the future as well as solving crimes lol keep up the good work with all csi's.

    she kicks butt!!!! GO
    go go go go go go go go go
    nowt bad to say how to make it to 100 lol first time it was a great episode i dont know wot elsa to say was a nice save at the end of the episode well done lads go slow motion style and very protective and loveing episode of calleigh how nice. . . . . .
  • A disappointing episode...

    After last week's exciting episode and cliffhanger, this came as a shock that the drama and tension was at a minimal! Although I loved the ending when they foiled the kidnapper's plan in the club and Calleigh pulled the gun on him along with the guys was a great moment in the episode. But the kidnappers' scheme and the easy evade Horatio did in Brazil however excitingly cliche it was for one man to take down a whole army of Mal Noche really did not impress.

    All I have left to say was Calleigh is as tough as nails after her ordeal but incredibly smart to leave all those clues for the team!
  • One of my favorites so far.

    This is one of the best episodes of CSI: Miami made so far. The only thing that really annoys me in this episode is Horatio. He gets taken back to Brazil for killing Riaz and then is let go and can kill a bunch of gang members and nothing happens? But besides that part this was a really good episode. Something actually happened to Calliegh and we can see that she isn't invincible, like Horatio since nothing ever seems to happen to those two. Its a very exciting episode and I can re-watch it and I still enjoy it. I hope season 7 will have some good episodes like this included.
  • Brazilian police are the best money can buy, but their gangsters are useless. Julia is a scheming, poisonous **** but can't see that her new boyfriend is numb from the waist up. Calleigh doesn't bruise easily.

    It transpires that Calleigh was kidnapped by America's dumbest non-murderers, H was confronted by Brazil's slowest on-the-draw gangsters and all of the things we have seen happen in the last 2 episodes actually only happened a week ago. Delko does "Crime Scenes by Numbers".
    H can be "voluntarily" extradited to Brazil, be interviewed by the chief of Police in Rio, then execute a team of "hit men" with automatic weapons, including 2 guys on motor-bikes who might have been just passing by and a car full of back-up and still return to Miami in time for breakfast.
    H's son is even more stupid than we thought before. Ron pushed a car with $1m in the trunk into a swamp, even though Kathleen Newberry was helpless in the front seat. Maybe he makes a habit out of smashing his head against tables - could explain a lot.
    So Calleigh was chlorophormed by two guys who shot someone who was already dead, then logged onto the internet to find out how to cover their tracks. We saw her being kicked about the floor, with a suggestion that a fate worse than death beckoned. Next time we see her, she's sitting having a cosy chat with the perp, who must have an IQ of about 40 - that's about 10 more than his accomplice. "Who showed them how to access the internet?" is probably the biggest mystery of all.
    Sorry, but a series that has been very good is turning into a joke.
  • Best episode ever.

    The continuation from the previous episode "Ambush". Calleigh is kidnapped, and Horatio is sent to Brazil. This is so far the best episode I've ever watch in this series. Better than the previous episode. Creative. From the first season-fifth season, the episode are boring, filler and no creative. But this two episodes are totally different, they are good, exciting, nerve-wracking and creative. CSI: Miami is getting better and I love this show now. I don't expect this season will be good after I watch "Dangerous Son" and learned that Horatio has a son. But obviously, I'm wrong, this season is the best season and this is the best show I have watch!! CSI: Miami rocks!!!
  • This one was awesome. Calleigh again showed her steadfast character. And what can you say about the ending. It was so cool I had to replay it a few times.

    This one was awesome. Calleigh again showed her steadfast character. And what can you say about the ending. It was so cool I had to replay it a few times. I love the one liners. A Bit of the Dirty Harry "Make My Day" Can't wait to see the next episode. All the caractures are great and have such a defined quality. I like the how they all intertwine. They have a much needed emotion that isn't seen in any other program I watch. Make you feel like you know each an every one of them. Just a Big High Five for the Team
  • When Horatio comes back from being exxtradited to Brazil he finds out that Calleigh was abducted. The whole team searches for her and shes helping them by leaving secret messages and convincing one of the kidnappers to turn himself in.

    I absolutely love this episode!!! It was amazing. Calleigh was kidnapped and the whole time i was saying outloud to myself "they better freaking find her." I love the anticipation in it. One of my favorite parts was Calleigh saying "I'd rather die than have you touch me." idk why but i seriously loved that. Another part i liked was the 60 that she wrote on the wall with her fingerprints and made the invisible ink with baking soda and grape juice. (i wonder if it really works). Oh and when they went to the poker game and the kidnapper says "alright girls games over give me all your cash" and gets the unexpected surprise when he finds Ryan, Eric, and Frank all pointing guns at him. Then he says he's gonnas shoot Calleigh if they dont put thier guns down and like usual Horatio comes behind him and says "I dont think your gonna get the chance. He always ends up doing that.. Oh well i'm just glad he didnt get stuck in Brazil for the rest of his life... Anyways then Calleigh like turned around and snatched the gun from his hand. Somehow they all ended up around the guy and she says "You messed with the wrong people"...(loved that too!!)
    But my personal favorite was the very end... Heres what happend:
    Calleigh is standin there looking over at the guy that kidnapped her and Eric walks over.
    Eric: Hey Cal, so are you gonna take some time off?
    Calleigh: Actually i'm not sure. For now i'm just gonna go home and think about what happend.
    Eric: Your not going home alone.
    Cal: Thanks Eric but i'm fine. Really.
    Eric: No Cal. i'm not. If something would of happend to you today i don't know what i would've done.
    Calleigh smiles an gets in Erics jeep.

    OMG that was so cute. I have been waiting for something like that to happen for the longest time... The kiss was cute too, but I liked this even better.

    If you dont love this show then idk what is wrong with you... jk =)

    I read a review on a website linked to google and some woman said that CSI Miami and CSI New York are the annoying kid brothers of the Original CSI. EHHHHHH. WRONG!!! CSI Miami is way better than the other Csi shows. I only watch the other two when i am really bored and have nothing better to do.

    But yeah this was definately the best episode of the series yet... watch it!!! =)
  • The whole team searches for Calleigh as two men hold her captive to cover up a murder they believe they committed. As she leaves clues for the team she comes closer to he death.

    I feel this was one of the best episodes this season. This was an emotional and action packed episode. I also feel that this has set a better start for Eric and Calleigh relationship wise. They hinted how they felt before but now it is more out there in the open. I also feel that it shows how scary things can be in the world today with stalkers and rapists. I felt that this episode related to the common day. I also feelthat it shows not to but out any personal information. I truly feel this was the best episode this season and in a very long time. Hopefully many more are to come of the excellent episodes and the relationship excites.
  • I Loved It....You Go Calleigh!

    An episode not focused on Horatio, Hallauleigh!. I LOVED this episode and not just Calliegh is a favorite. The script was great and plently of action. I liked the plot twists, especially how ultimately Calliegh's kidnappers had nothing to do with Julia. Calleigh leaving clues was great. I loved the ending, perfect. And not that I mind, but where was Jake through all of this?? What I thought it was interesting that they left things open with Julia and the new boyfriend. I don't think they are going to go away very easily. As for what happened in Brazil, I don't think we've heard the end of that either.
  • These two episodes were great, but All In was took the prize.

    This is exactly why I watched this show. All in was totally awesome to watch and I thought it was cleverly written. I especially like the way that calleigh kept leavining clues for them to find her and also ID the kidnappers, The ending rock I didn't expect that they all would be there to catch the bad guy. I was thinking that it would come down to H and Eric as always. I can't wait for the ending of Julia because I can't see where the story with her is going. I like that Eric was worried for Calleigh and I am silently hoping that they put these two together, its just a thought because he seem interested in her.
  • Way better!!

    I got say that this episode was a pleasant surprise! The previous episode was silly, but on this one there was a bit of everything. Few mistakes and a lot more suspense and action and interest. Her kidnapping was quite smart and revealing, and it also allowed her to find out more clearly that Eric likes her. Apparently she liked that fact. I think it could be a good angle to work on on next episodes. Apart from that the murderers were not so difficult to figure out, but at least there were no ridiculous findings. Of course the beginning was a little bit too unreal, but anyway I think we got give some room to that in a show. Let's wait and see how this show continues and what's the fate of Julia and Horatio's son, because in the end Rob wasn't arrested!!
  • One of my favorite episodes

    This episode was better than the first part. Almost completely Calleigh centric, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, worried about what was going to happen to Calleigh next. I kept thinking to myself, if anything happens to her, so help me. I loved the ending when Calleigh agrees to go with Eric, seeing how worried he was about her. It was awesome how Calleigh convinced Tommy, to hand him himself in. I loved the poker scene, where the kidnapper and Calleigh find themselves looking down the barrels of Eric, Ryan, and Frank's gone, then H coming in from behind. H is really worried about his son and Julia, when are they gonna get that jerk for murder finally?