CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 9

Blood Sugar

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on CBS

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  • Horatio And The Team Investigate The Death Of A Young Man Who Was Found Dead After An Explosion At A Sugar Refinery.

    First of all, if this was supposed to be the 200th episode, they made it to be a very bad one. The opening scene is very good but towards the end it became quite boring. The case is badly written. This seemed to be another one of those filler episodes. Horatio was excellent in this episode, but in the arrest scene where he threw the suspect out of a window was just terrible. That is nothing like Horatio. He is supposed to be the main star of this show. Calm Down H! But the shootout at the factory was a very good one and the ending scene was great. It does not deserve a better score than a 6.5.
  • 9x09

    I have seen a lot better episodes but this was not bad at all, for me it was more interesting than the abysmal previous week episode announced as the 200th episode, however, there were many things i did not like here, first, I rally can´t stand anymore, the fact that horatio always solve everything like if he was a super human, he should be wrong at least one time, second, I´m tired of plots related with a lost or forgotten or something like that son, so these are the main reasons why I´m not giving it a good score

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
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