CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 3

Blown Away

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2011 on CBS

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  • Wow--talk about overkill!


    The three tornadoes were hard to take...and the fact that Wolf got sucked out and survived was hard to believe...but the truly awful thing was jerk Delko's attitude. I was really rooting for him to get reprimanded or punched in the sourpuss face (or both), and the fact he had to eat crow at the end was nice.

    I've never watched this show for reality--it's an escape, for sure. But I was hoping Caine would at least SAY something to Delko about being out of line. Could someone please hand this boy a Xanax?

  • Great episode


    It seems like ages ago since Miami had an episode with a natural distaster in it. I think last time was the big wave in season 3. So it was about time to have one again.

    And what a beginning! It makes it impossible not to see the rest. Although, I'm happy that Ryan didn't get seriosuly injured, he could have been a little more traumatized. At least be limping or a broken bone, maybe?

    I will definetely remember this episode and I think that the screen time between all characters was very equal. I wish just wish that we could get some closure for Eric and Calleigh; either be together or be just friends.

  • Turnado hits CSI Miami


    Good twist in the story line, it had me guessing till the end of the show. Definitely, the whole thing is unrealistic but it's still good entertainment, not the tornado! but the production... I like the friendship of Wolf and Walter, it's more realistic - more fun compared to the past seasons.

    This episode showed the evil side of humanity. First is that people take advantage of situations whenever they can. There's always some one or a group that will make humanity look bad. Second is the tendency of people to jump into wrong conclusions, case in point - Delko. Sad, but true... these things happen :-(

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