CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 24

Born To Kill

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • The fifth season ends with Horatio and the team on the trail of a serial killer who marks his victims (all female) with a "Y". Meanwhile, Ryan Wolf struggles in his attempts to get reinstated.


    I'm sad to say this season ended the same way it began. This episode, while not terrible, certainly was nothing more than so-so. I just did not get involved with the story and did not feel for the characters. The possible love triangle that is developing betweem Delko, Calleigh and Detective Stetler seemed thrown in as filler. This is CSI: Miami not The Young and the Restless. Despite this disappointment, I am still a big fan of this show and will tune in for season six. Hopefully CSI: Miami will get back on track then.

  • Didn't feel very ending-ish.

    Oooo strike for the Hip-Huggers! I find of felt bad for Wade. I honestly don't blame him for turning into a killers. Those doctors and his family sure as heck weren't help. Poor guy, permanently screwed in the head.

    Wow, jerk or what? It's like Stetler has a bone to pick with Ryan, or something. No RaVe this time. You know, I kind of figured Yelina would show up, since she showed up two episodes ago.

    I actually thought that Jake was the one who was going to die. But no, the little devil stole Calleigh from Eric. If there's a sixth season, there's gonna be a lot of tension between them.

    The one thing that was a real sticker was when Eric said the kid wouldn't talk to anyone and Horatio was all like, "He'll talk to me." Just once I would like to see a kid not talk to Horatio.
  • I think this was another great episode to and a great episode to finish off the season.

    I like the part where Jake is in the van when it gets flipped. I think also it was really good to end teh season with something new that not many people would even think about. I think the shows have to many big episodes and this was a great way to wrap up the season, kind of big but not too much involvment in teh characters personal life. Also it really made me want to watch the next season. I couldn't wait for season 6 to come. It in my opinion is one of the better CSI: Miami episodes.
  • As a finale, "Born To Kill" did nothing compared to the finales of CSI: Miami's counterparts in New York and Las Vegas. What, did the creators spend all the time on those finales?

    It's not like the episode was that that bad. It was a fine episode, but it was NOT a good finale. Miami's finale was nothing compared to the finales of CSI and CSI: NY. Look at CSI: NY. You have drugs, relationships, bombs, really big guns... it was awesome! CSI had that creepy Miniature Killer storyline to give it it's good finale. Miami had a car crash and a serial killer. Fantastic. You only see that on, what, every other episode? The two episodes where Eric gets shot would have done a better two-part finale job...
  • CSI Miami by some fluke is still being made... how I don't know and this episode fails to provide any answers to that question... *spoilers*

    So the finale for Season 5 (Yes it's really been that many) of CSI Miami isn't even good for it. I have given up comparing Miami to any other shows on TV in terms of quality I simply compare it within it's own parameters and even for them this is seriously a let down. The plot- so there's a serial killer going around and marking his victims by putting a Y on their chest which is all well and good and even slightly exciting for the audience... except for the fact they catch him in the first 10 minutes of the show. By finding him at apparently the only place in Miami where anyone fishes... now I haven't been to Miami but I find this VERY hard to swallow. So after the show has failed to build up suspense the suspect is interviewed etc and another murder is committed which everyone dismisses as a copycat murder. And here's my favourite part of the episode that goes something like this:

    Tripp: Only the boy saw and he's not talking to anyone
    Horatio: He'll talk *puts on sunnies + pause* to me
    *outside now* Horatio: Tell me what happened
    Boy: well... blah blah... What I love about this is they have given up even giving him any encouraging dialogue Horatio's mere presense can turn silent witnesses into chatterbox's... *sigh* anyway the "plot" progresses and everyone knows the guy they have did it.. a bikie helps him so does his sister- drama ensues and then suddenly it's found that his sister killed someone which apparently makes it easier to kill a second time even though the first time was an accident that happened like 20 years ago... *again logic- escapes me*

    And an interesting sidebar suddenly Wolfe who was fired and then got in trouble from Calleigh for the fact his cases would have to be reviewed is now reviewing his own cases... cause clearly if you're fired that totally qualifies you to review the cases that you got in trouble for... To top it off Horatio gets air lifted (We have to assume) to the top of a building and onto a helipad... hopefully to get hit by a helicopter before season 6... the writers on CSI have clearly been on strike for longer than we'd imagined...
  • Not good.

    This is the worst season finale I've ever watch in my life. Usually, the season finale will be great, full with exciment and we will like to watch it for the second time. But this episode is different, this episode is one of the worst episode in CSI: Miami. Nothing happened. CBS did a very good promo to this episode, but this episode is a very big let down. Horatio and his CSI try to find a serial killer who marks "Y" in his victim's chest, and then one of the CSI's life is in danger. Poor plot. When you thought this episode will be great, then don't watch this episode because you will disappointed. An episode full with rubbish.
  • Awful, awful, awful

    If I didnt know that the writers strike in the US only started recently then Id say this episode would have been affected by it! Absolute rubbish. Why does the CSI:M production team insist on showing us more setpiece visual and music collages rather than focusing on dialogue and character interaction. This is why CSI will always be better than CSI:M.

    This episode is the worst of the whole series. If I see another segment showcasing Caruso ontop of another building wearing that dispicable wry smile, before placing his raybans onto his head - Im going to hurl my remote at the TV.

    Having said that, the overall premise of the Y killer storyline was good, if theyd only built up the intensity better and not caught the suspect so soon, so that discovering his sisters involvement overlapped into the series premiere for the next one, it could have been a much better epsiode. As it was, it wasnt even worthy of my time to watch.

    Definitely the worst episode this series and if it gets any worse, will lose my viewing time completely.
  • A real let down

    For me this was simply CSI by the numbers serial killer hits Miami up to the guys to catch him with what was supposed to be a twist thrown in about another murder committed while the suspect is in custody and an earlier murder, but i guessed the sister was the killer. And the coincidence that Ryan just happened to have discovered the killers secret hideout was lame and presumeably there to show that he'll save his job and be back next season. The reviewer who compared it against the Vegas and NY finales was right seems like all the money and all the ideas were spent on those. I felt bored by this episode and hope season six picks things up again.
  • a serial killer is murdering women and leaving a y marked in there chest.

    altough i did enjoy this episode it was not a series finale.
    i was very let down. i must say however the whole series has been a little dissapointing. the episodes in this series have gotten more and more far fetched, the episode with the triplets espcially. miami has been my favorite of the csi francise for a while now but new york is steadily taking its place. new york is much darker and engaging, the stories keep me gripped. there finale was just that (even if a little die hard), the same with vagas a two parter that you need to see through till the end. this episode of miami did not grip me or leave me wanting more, it was just another episode. i just hope the writers pick up the pace in the next series. heres hoping!!!!!!!!
  • this is the best episode ever. i like the Eric Calligh scene. they belong together

    the end is wierd but the somg was awesome. carving Y's into people is sicking but is makes you want to know more about why he would do that to an innocent person. when i saw Jake kissing Calligh i thought that i was going to explode. it should have been eric. i hate jake from now on. but a sister covering up for murder when she thought that it would prove that her brother was innocent! I would never do that for my brother. when the car tipped over it was soooooo kool yet sad and scary besides the fact that the car flipped over twice and landed on its top
  • Good but not to be a season finale...

    Before watching this chapter I saw here in tv.com that it was rated with a incredibly low grade (it was 4'7 I think..) but this made me want to watch it. So,maybe it was because I had no expectatives of what I was going to see or maybe because it is not that bad but I found it a normal episode. It wasn't my favourite one but CSI miami is not my favourite tv program! The chapter explains the case of a serial killer with a genetic mutation that is supposed to made him a more agressive person. The actors did they job great and the story was well written and for first time in all the series Delko and not Horatio is the one that "saves" the litle girl! I was hoping for a cliffhanger and it hasn't one because the Jake and Calleigh's kiss and a heartbroken Eric watching the scene it isn't a cliffhanger!! I want to see what happens next season with this 2!
    I will definetly watch next season! But I agree that this season finale it's quite disappointing!
  • Good episode, but not season finale material.

    It was a great episode for the CSI Miami feature, but for a season finale I really felt like I was left with nothing to tie off the season.

    Really all they did was take a used idea and regurgitate it into a season finale. In my opinion, it should have been used earlier in the season. Even the triplet episode would have been a better season finale for me.

    So, good episode, great acting by David Caruso, and as far as season finales go, a real disappointment. It doesnt deserve anything more than an 8.5.

    Hopefully season 6 will get me back into it ;)
  • This was too painful to watch

    When a show airs a season finale, the writers have to in so much words, "up the ante." I did not see that in this episode. This would be at best, an above average episode if it aired during mid-season. But this was a season finale? Last year's season finale at least had Marisol dying and Horatio and Eric going to Brazil to track down the leader of the "La Noche" gang, but this generally was an episode about whether a person with the extra "Y" chromosone can be more violent. Huh?? The "love" triangle between Calleigh, Eric, and Jake is piping cold. I think the best part of the episode was the difficulty Ryan had in being reinstated. And the writers left that out in the air as well. When there is an issue of $6,400 dollars hitting a beat cop's bank account, you better have a good reason why. It just really made it seem like Ryan was/is a corrupt cop. And I wouldn't be surprised if it is not addressed next season. Finally, I did not want to spend the last five minutes of the show watching Horatio atop a tall building. So in short, a disapointing season finale to cap a disapointing season.
  • The team has to catch a killer with a XYY syndrome...

    Great episode! woho! so sweet of Natalia to help Ryan in the end, he really needs it, I hope he comes back soon.
    and I always liked scene when H stands on the top of buildings, LOL, its cool.
    But damnit Calleigh and Jake... grrr. I hate Jake, Calleigh should date Eric, not Jake=(
    anyway, great season finally, cant wait for the next season.
    loved it=D=D=D
  • Ouch

    I would have to agree with the other unoriginal comment. CSI's (Thurs) season finale had a woman killer who's 1st victim was...you guessed it her sister. Pushed out of a tree, pushed down the stairs, who's copying who. I know that not every finale has to have a cliffhanger but yawn. I love this show so i'm usually in defense of it even though horatio's posing for the camera bit is a little cheezy at times. And when you have 2+minutes of music and nice shots through the city and oh lets get several of H on the building, that says to me..."filler". On the season finale you can't even write a script the fills the whole time slot so you "fill" it with that crap. Not impressed.
  • weeeeeeeeellllll....

    iiiiii don't know. i didn't think that the whole serial killer thing was that great. and i hate the fact that callighie's (spl??) off with that.....guy....from work when her and eric OBVIOUSLY like each other!!!! it was so SAD when she like made out with him right infront of eric. and he's like looking with his big lower lip hanging open like he does and he looked like a sad little puppy dog. and then she gets into the elevator, sees that he had seen and then sortof....looks away. like "what". and i was like WHAT??? and the ending was wierd. with horatio on the roof looking around. I am studying poems in school right now and my friend was wrighting a haiku and we came up with He stands on the roof Arms at his side So clever his mind

    hahaha we are still laughing over it.
  • Season finale with a serial killer from Boston.

    This just wasn't what I expected from a CSI show. I haven't been impressed with what they've done with Ryan so far this season, and TPTB have done nothing to make it better. I expected more from the show, and this finale (I thought) was disappointing. Vegas had more build-up, and NY packed a punch. Miami was just lackluster. There's nothing there that makes me think "Hmm...I wonder what they'll do next season" like both Vegas (with the Sara cliffie) and NY (with the hostage situation and lab explosion) did. Miami was always high on my list for must see shows, but it's slipping b/c of bad storylines and lackluster episodes. Hopefully season 5 will be redeeming.
  • Original ending and over the top in the tradition of CSI Miami and the Great "H"

    I give some credit to the writers for trying to do something a little different with the season ending. Yes, David C. and his character H. are over the top but we all know that, and that's a built in design of the show. The building that H was standing on is the Bank of America Tower, one of the tallest in Miami. It was designed by I.M. Pei and is world famous. Music videos have been filmed in that same spot on top of the building. It's not a helipad but simply the top of the building. What I took from the episode is that like most people, the team members are filled with their own frustrations and challenges, including getting the killer in the end but not before two more people were dead in Miami. Hence the quick flash of the blonde victim alive as her friend last saw her as H is standing on the top of the most famous building in downtown Miami, pondering his role in protecting the city. The choice of music "Something to Believe In" seems to reflect the team's needs to have something to believe in as they go about their lives and of course our need to believe in law enforcement, specifically in this case, the Great "H", to protect us. Like I stated, over the top as to almost be laughable, but the over the top "Miami way" is why a lot of people watch the show and so I do give some credit to the writers to try to play off that for the final minutes of this season in an artsy way. Different than somebody taking a bullet and falling down as the screen fades to black.
  • This is typical CSI, catching the bad guy.

    This episode could have been better. The case was intriguing, but the behind the scenes issues with Eric and Calleigh and Jonathan Togo's character, could have been written better. There should have been a shock for Horatio at the end, something life altering like the return of Ray's daughter or a kid or new sibling or spiced it up another way by Rick, the idiot I.A. guy and former flame of Ray's ex-wife, getting arrested. He is a pompous idiot. It was totally uneventful with him on the roof of a building. If anyone was looking for more with this episode they were disappointed just as I was at this point. Do a better job next year, please folks.
  • Argh!

    I must say that this episode was not only sub par but it also really fell short of a decent season finale. There are two things a show can do with a season finale. Either give the viewers what they want in terms of character development or leave them with a cliffhanger. While I shout at the tv whenever I'm left hanging, the technique works well to grab the interest of the fan, of myself. This episode was neither. It felt like a regular episode and this supposed blooming romance between Eric and Caleigh is lukewarm. It feels forced and I'd like it to die out over the summer. In my opinion, they probably should have done the Eric shooting or the beach bombs now because they were engaging episodes. As for this, I'm not really interested in the next season. Having said this, I did like the XYY discussion. While I continue to be annoyed by Natalia and think the descriptive dialogue is unnecessary, I was temporarily interested.
  • Meh.

    The flashbacks, from the killer's perspective I suppose, were annoying and pointless... the strange ending montage had more of a feel of a series finale than anything else. It felt like they had a 30 minute plot line and had to fill it in with as much useless video as possible.

    What on earth was the point on Horatio standing on the building at the end? That was just confusing and ended the show wierd. And I don't get the point of the shot of the cop Frank looking upset at his desk. A 5 second shot of him, and that was it during the montage.

    The murder mystery wasn't too bad. Pretty obvious it was a copy cat killer who was trying to get the real guy off by killing a women while he was in jail. And they caught the real guy pretty quick I thought, although I have to say the escape was exciting to watch, the rest kinda sucked.

    Delko looked like he was pissed off all episode, his character has changed since his miraculous recovery from a brain injury. I really do not like his characters since the producers kept him on after being shot. Ryan wasn't a fav of mine either. What used to keep me glued to this series ... I dont remember anymore. I liked this series more than my friends who liked CSI. But this season has been one long huge dissapointment. Boring, stale, regurgitated, obvious plot lines and mysteries... I still like Horatio, but one guy isn't enough to keep me watching if the writing sucks.
  • I've officially given up on this show.

    My feelings toward CSI:Miami are quite ambivalent. I enjoy the CSI franchise, but this series has ambled so far from the style, panache and creativity of the other two, I've officially given up on it. Watching the last two seasons of this show is like the scene of a gruesome car accident - you know what horrors await, yet you can't help but peek. I've written countless negative and condescending reviews of this show, yet week after week, I sit down with a glass of wine hoping for an episode that will blow my socks off... alas, my socks remained firmly attached to my feet all season long.

    This episode was no different. I won't go on about the plot (or lack thereof), let's just say that it had the feel of mid-season filler rather than a season finale. In fact, the subplot held more interest to me than the main storyline. "Rio" should have been a good indication of what was in store for season five of this once respectable program.

    The last scene very much had the feeling of a series finale rather than a mere season finale, and for me, I'll take it as my official CSI:Miami series finale, as this was the last episode I will spend my time watching. Unless, of course, I hear news about the entire writing crew being sacked and replaced with veterans from the original.
  • Much adu about nothing, really. The episode failed to live up to the exciting promo.

    The most boring episode of the season. The serial killer storyline started out with plenty of promise-a young woman is found murdered by a killer who's signature is a Y cut on her skin. Just when Horatio finds a very promising suspect, another murder is committed, leaving Horatio to question whether the right man is in custody.

    The last thirty minutes were just painful to watch. It appeared as though the writer's couldn't wait to start their vacation and forgot to fully develope the story. Rick Stetler and Ryan Wolfe had the best scenes. Unfortunately, the writer's didn't tell us where the $6,400 that was deposited in Ryan's bank acount from his days on Patrol came from. It made Ryan look like a very dirty cop. The ending had no real cliff hanger. Calleigh likes Eric, Eric likes Calleigh, Jake likes Calleigh. Calleigh likes Jake. Who will she choose? I really don't care. I assume that the writer's have given Horatio a new superpower-The power to scale tall buildings. I guess the writer's want us to believe that he looks just as good atop a really tall building as he does when he's wearing his Raybans.
  • Usually a season finale involves some sort of cliff hanger...

    Man, TPB really fooled everyone with the commercials leading up to the season finale....making everyone believe that something was going to happen to Callie. Delko clearly has feelings for Callie, then the ex-boyfriend kisses her in front of him. Could be interesting next season. All in all, I was disappointed. The storyline had some clear potential, with the extra Y chromosone, the sister killing to protect her brother, both were murderers, but CSI Miami didn't cash in on it.
  • Does Horatio make a habit of climbing up on random buildings?

    Good episode... but not so good season finale. If this had been an ordinary episode, I would of rated it pretty high. There were a number of twists that really kept the tension. They caught the killer early on in the episode which is unusual for this show. But for a season finale, it just wasn't satisfying.

    I liked the ending scene that showed all the characters, it was a nice way to end the season, but what was with Horatio standing on that roof? Does he make a habit of climbing onto random roof tops? And will someone PLEASE step on his sunglasses!

    Where did that big sum of money Ryan deposited into his account just before leaving patrol come from? They never did clear that up. What does it matter anyways, they have no way of prooving it had anything to do with his work, so what gives them the right to inquire about it? And why is Stetler taking such interest in ruining Ryan's career? When Eric went toothing in public and his badge was stolen and used in a murder nothing happened! He was interviewed by Stetler once, and all of his co-workers were helpfull and understanding. So why does everyone get so pissed with Ryan?Give the poor kid a break! He's had it pretty rough in the last 2 seasons. He makes mistakes, but he tries hard to do his part. It was nice to finally see someone come and help him instead of just getting pissed off. Good for Natalia. I seriously hope that season 6 will go into some detail about Ryan's character outside of CSI. We know he has had some issues with gambling, but everyone has their faults, and I think they've been putting to much of a spotlight on Ryan's. I think we're overdue to learn about his childhood or some positive issue with him. I enjoyed this episode overall, and I hope season 6 will clear up a few questions. It'll also be interesting to see what happens between Calleigh and Eric and possibly Ryan adn Natalia.
  • Uhh...what?

    Okay, this is a case of false advertising -slash- messed up teaser-ing. That's SO not fair!

    I just keep getting disappointed by this show. Yay for CSI and all that, but really, Miami keeps failing to live up to the standard. Especially this week, what with the bad teaser from last week and everything. Please tell me that I wasn't the only one who expected a Callie-fixated serial murderer? And as much as I love Callie, I was looking forward to a storyline that was more focused on her.

    And I don't like Jake What's-His-Name either. Just thought I'd mention it.
  • I cannot believe this was a season finale.

    I'm giving this a 7 because i feel that as an episode, it was okay, But as a season finale?! Are you kidding me? It was just like a normal episode, nothing about it screams 'finale' to me. Where's my EC gone? What happened to the plane crash?

    The story had potential to be developed into something more dramatic, but it seems as though TPTB got bored half way through. And that montage at the end (even though the song was awesome) was just taking up time, replaying bits of the episode we'd already seen, when we could have been having a plane crash cliff hanger or a cute EC moment! And what was with Horatio standing on that roof at the end? What roof is that? That better have some significance, because if it was was... Horatio standing on a random roof then I'm disappointed. Sorely disappointed. I'm judging this harshly because it was the finale. If it was a regular episode, it would have been fine. But it wasn't. I was hoping for a good finale because the season was picking up after a disappointing start, but it didn't happen.
  • Not that good nor that bad just average.

    Not that good nor that bad just an average finale
    But I have seen a lot worse and a lot better
    Though I will admit, that I am one of the few
    Really that likes Jake. Really I do. But not as
    Much as I love E/C to get together very badly. Well
    Not so soon I hope! Maybe when the show ends. Which
    I hope ain't too soon yet.
  • serial killler, kiddnapping, the return of Jake Berkeley... all in a days work

    Honestly, this episode didn't live up to my expectations. The previews made it seem really great, like ohh serial killer! Oh wow looks like he may go after Caligh, oh no! But then when you watched it, it seemed very dull and normal episode-y. You couldn't even tell it was the finale, except for the weird music/flash to where ever character currently is scene. The only thing that made this one worth watching was the long awaited return of my favorite cop (other than Wolfe) Jake Berkeley!!! He's so hot! I totally think Caligh should be with him, I mean, the writers never do much with inter-CSI relationships, so Eric/Caligh (soory I don't know the ship's name, if there is one?) thing wouldn't have gone anywhere really. Co-worker relationships always end up messy.
  • The season finale hype turns out only to be a typical mundane episode of CSI Miami. Average storyline and boring main characters.

    The only part of this script that caught me off guard was when it
    turned out that the blonde was the intended target, not the brunette
    who got on the motorcycle. At the end of the show, the killer is
    caught by the typically unbelievable method of using the child's baby
    monitor with a range of 150 feet, that is attached to her shoe!
    Picture this... a squad of police cars racing down the street, with
    Delko holding this baby monitor, hoping to pick up a signal! Besides
    the serial killer storyline, the interpersonal issues within the
    department just distracting to the show in general. Calleigh initially
    flirts with Delko, but pushes him away when he tries to reciprocate.
    What's with that? Now Natalia is attracted to Ryan, the brooding cop
    who tries to look like Al Pacino, and has made nothing but mistake
    after mistake in his life? The panoramic shot of Horatio on top of the
    building at the end of the show takes the cake! What is he, the king
    of Miami with his usual pose, overlooking his kingdom? The only only
    reason I watch this show now is to see how ridiculous it can get.
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