CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 24

Born To Kill

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • CSI Miami by some fluke is still being made... how I don't know and this episode fails to provide any answers to that question... *spoilers*

    So the finale for Season 5 (Yes it's really been that many) of CSI Miami isn't even good for it. I have given up comparing Miami to any other shows on TV in terms of quality I simply compare it within it's own parameters and even for them this is seriously a let down. The plot- so there's a serial killer going around and marking his victims by putting a Y on their chest which is all well and good and even slightly exciting for the audience... except for the fact they catch him in the first 10 minutes of the show. By finding him at apparently the only place in Miami where anyone fishes... now I haven't been to Miami but I find this VERY hard to swallow. So after the show has failed to build up suspense the suspect is interviewed etc and another murder is committed which everyone dismisses as a copycat murder. And here's my favourite part of the episode that goes something like this:

    Tripp: Only the boy saw and he's not talking to anyone
    Horatio: He'll talk *puts on sunnies + pause* to me
    *outside now* Horatio: Tell me what happened
    Boy: well... blah blah... What I love about this is they have given up even giving him any encouraging dialogue Horatio's mere presense can turn silent witnesses into chatterbox's... *sigh* anyway the "plot" progresses and everyone knows the guy they have did it.. a bikie helps him so does his sister- drama ensues and then suddenly it's found that his sister killed someone which apparently makes it easier to kill a second time even though the first time was an accident that happened like 20 years ago... *again logic- escapes me*

    And an interesting sidebar suddenly Wolfe who was fired and then got in trouble from Calleigh for the fact his cases would have to be reviewed is now reviewing his own cases... cause clearly if you're fired that totally qualifies you to review the cases that you got in trouble for... To top it off Horatio gets air lifted (We have to assume) to the top of a building and onto a helipad... hopefully to get hit by a helicopter before season 6... the writers on CSI have clearly been on strike for longer than we'd imagined...