CSI: Miami

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2002 on CBS

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  • A horrific crime at a children's funplex makes Horatio and his team more determined than ever to find the guilty party.

    Certainly the most depressing episode of the season. However that does not mean it's bad. Unsettling to watch maybe, but not bad at all. As is the case with all of the "CSI" shows, it's always good to see the team work on a case. Up to this early point in the season, I have never felt more strongly in that opinion than I do here. The scenes at the funplex were especially good. They did not seem formulaic or drawn out. I did like seeing how the team dealt with some pain in the ass customers who were asking to leave. Horatio and Megan's investigation of the scene of the actual crime was terrific. I found myself very focused and caring as to how things would end up. This episode scores point with the effective performance of the guilty party. He certainly reached my emotions so much that I wanted to strangle him myself. "CSI: Miami" continued to get better with each episode this season. "Broken" is a great example of that.
  • Dark.

    This one was dark and disturbing even more than usual. The crimes about kids are probably the most memorable and sad episodes of all CSI's. I hate the guys who can hurt little people. In this episode, I really want to shoot and kill that psycho. We all know this kind crimes are devastating and stealer of hope for a better world. They are out there, the sick ones, we know that, and we always want to protect our children. Unfortunately, we don't know how we can do it. No matter what we don't allow sociopaths to terrify us.
    This is a effective dramatic episode. After watching, it feels so mad, bad and sad.
  • When I first read that this episode was going to be based around child molesting, I was a bit worried...

    When I first read that this episode was going to be based around child molesting, I was a bit worried as it can be very disturbing. However I think CSI Miami portrayed it very well and Broken is one the best episodes of the first season. I loved the way you got to see how it affected Alexx and Horatio, and loved the scene with Alexx and her children. I also loved how they caught him eventhough he covered his tracks well and even when as far as to cut off his fingerprints. Overall despite my initial concerns it was a great episode and I loved how they showed criminals that no matter how hard you try to cover your tracks you will always be caught in the end.
  • Broken

    A little girl is taken from a ball pin. She was found by an employee in a bathroom. The ambulance pronounced her dead. Ruthy was her name. He cut her hair adn put on boys clothes and he didn't plan to kill her there. He used the clothes of his last victim. The killer made a suit and that's how she trusted him. The killer took her underwear. He gave her a seditive with her candy. She was convulsing. She went into shock. Guy is a registered sex offender. He was playing pocket pool before the alarms went off. the killer cut off his fingerprints and reattached them. Stuart Otis was his name.
  • A child molester/killer and some very disturbing stuff. It's painful to watch but for all the right reasons.

    A young girl disappears in a kiddie emporium right in front of her mother, who is distracted for just a moment. She's then found murdered in the bathroom of the place. Since it was packed with parents and children at the time, everyone has to be a suspect.

    Child molesters and child killers are an obvious choice for a perpetrator that EVERYONE will want caught and punished. There are no half and half motives here, no 'well I had a good reason for doing what I did even though it was wrong'. This is purely wrong - there can be no rational reason.

    I think this is why the episode works so well. You're already up in arms by the nature of the crime - as the rest of the horror unfolds, it's almost unbearable to think about what someone could do to children, how... why...? This guy is not just someone who is sexually attracted to children either (bad enough) but he kills them, buries them, keeps their bodies in his 'play' space. There was a time when this kind of subject would be 18 (R) rated, not even a suitable plot for a mainstream, prime time TV show. It need to be there though, both as a wake up call to the evil of some people, and to how quickly normality can change. The parent looks away for a few seconds and the child is gone (I think a couple more seconds would have been more realistic actually to show that there would have been time and for no-one to realise anything wrong was going on - but I think the message is clear: you can't afford to look away)

    The culprit is, however, a great character - disgusting yes, but in terms of a hell of a good story, perfectly written.

    The fingerprint 'Frankensteining' was incredibly difficult to watch - again these scenes are so well done and have made new ground in terms of what TV will show.

    Great, horrible, intriguing, disturbing episode.
  • Hunt them down

    This episode was very upsetting and therefor a jewel. I think that i share the feelings of most parents when a child is in danger. This episode shows a dark side of some people and how they do get hunted down.
    It is upsetting because this episode tells us that the danger to our children can be anywhere, and the fact that the best tools to safeguard iour children at times is not enough. The way that the CSI team hunts down every clue is compellingly written and the way that the man is found in the end seems to be extremely believable.

    The episode is a disturbing eye opener to every parent, and even though we should never expect this, not thinking of these dangers is even more unacceptable.
  • Best. Episode. Ever.

    I have no doubt that this is the best episode of CSI: Miami... and maybe of any of the series. Child molesters disgust me, and to see this little girl was heartbreaking. I hardly ever get emotional about CSI, but this episode was different. Probably because I can kind of relate to this "Zany World" which was pretty similar to Chuck E. Cheese. I know why my mom always kept an eye on me now. I wa grossed out by the guy rearranging his fingerprints. I cringed at that. This episode is just great beyond words. It beats my previous favorite (Slaughterhouse)
  • this was a good and sad ep

    in this ep of csi miami it startes ou were the team is investgating a murder of a little girl and they think she was taking into the bathroom were they found her dead. and they did some investigation work and found out that her hair was being cut to make her look like a boy and put cloths on to be a boy . the learned that who ever did this was trying to discuiser her to get her out of there. and they do more digging and find that they have a suspect and they go for it and arest him and caine questions him and says that you were tring to play with that girl but when you druged her she died right away and the guy was mad because he did not get to play with her. which was sad this was a good ep though
  • Makes you think, "What if that was my child?"

    This one will definitely keep you tuned in! When a mother loses her child in the ball-pit of a seemingly "safe" play area, you'll think that this was an episode of "Close To Home." You think, "What would I do if that was my child?" It kinda gives a bad name to the local Chuck'E'Cheese, eh? You can only hope that no child molester/killer lives in your area. Be informed! If you want to check, check out Google and search for a list of registered sex offenders in your area. And BEWARE of those cute, little home-cotton-candy-business men. They can cause unwanted trouble!
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