CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 6

By The Book

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on CBS

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  • Creepy Halloween episode


    Interesting murder case tonight. It brings back that question of - does life imitate art or art imitates life? The episode tonight is a case in point. One of the ghost writers murdered a fellow ghost writer according to how the book described the murder. I also question whether tv reflects how sick the society has become or these stories are simply a product of the writer's creativity to entertain us.. i hope for the latter.

    Tonight's episode is ok. We see a little action from Calleigh. One funny part is when the vampire threatened to sue Horatio after he bit Calleigh. Crazy.. what's next? The warewolf? haha..

  • Perfect forHalloween!!!!!!!!!!


    aHalloween night with a spooky murder, loved the idea of the blood sucking part although I'm not a fan of vampire movies :)

    the idea of more than one ghost rider is a nice one, also loved when Calleigh kept saying "I hate Halloween". also Frank was suddenly interested in the books, love this guy very much.

    but I want to ask a question if anybody can answer me; what is up with Eric and Calleigh are they still a couple or not??? Ilove them both and I want something to do with them, and is Eva La Rue gonna leave the show because she wasn't present a lot lately?

  • Perfect for Halloween!


    I would have loved to see more of the guy who thought he was a vampire, but other than that it was a great episode!

    A little bit of action with Calleigh getting bit by a vampire, (let's hope she doesn't turn into one, hehe). Who would have thought Frank would be so interested in reading vampire books? You have got to love that man.

    And Tom was his usual funny-weird-self, especially when Ryan and Walter are also present.

    A lot of twists in this episode which was good. I like it when the writers try to surprise you. I was suspecting the gardner to be second killer and not that Millner woman.

    And what a joy to see Orlando Jones in a CSI Miami episode, great actor and he played a great charachter, even if he was a killer.

    So to sum it all up, it was a perfect episode to have at Halloween times, what could be more fitting than vampires?