CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2011 on CBS

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  • Another Escaped Prisoner Is Causing Havoc All Over Miami And The Team Continues Their Full Scale Manhunt To Find Him.

    Following "About Face", "Caged" sees the team continuing their manhunt for the escaped prisoners. This is easily the best episode so far of this season. The writers succeeded in making this episode very suspenseful mainly because dark music was played in the background. I also liked the twists, they prevented the episode from being predictable. It was great to see how Dante was an extreme threat to the team, as he is a trained fighter. Ryan wasn't badly hurt. The conclusion was something I didn't see coming. Great episode. We have only one more prisoner to catch. The season finale will concentrate on him. See you there.
  • 9x19

    OMG!, I haven´t seen an episode as good and intense as this episode in years, I have no doubt this is the best episode for the season so far and I can´t bealieve why it is getting bad scores, it got me stuck the entire hour waiting what was going to happen in the arena, absolutely brilliant.

    at this point, I´m very interested about how the prisioner scapees plot is goint to end because if "9x22 mayday" is going to be as interesting as this one was, it will be awesome.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • An episode full of suspense!

    I loved how the suspense and action in this episode was just enough. Instead of having one scene with one long action "piece", there was several scenes with suspense. Poor Ryan though, getting knocked down by someone like Dante isn't easy, but glad to see he wasn't seriously injured.

    I also think that the writers did a good job at fooling the viewers (or at least fooling me). I was sure that the brother was in on Dante's escape or that his wife was part of it. However, I was quickly proven wrong.

    So that's one more escaped convict caught after the prison break. Only one left if I'm not mistaken. Hope the Miami writers have written the coming episode was good as this one!
  • martial arts heist

    The story line is good, unexpected turn of events. Everyone was led to believe that the fugitive was going to kill the martial artist, but instead was blackmailed to throw in the fight to save the wife. One thing that I didn't like in the directing, though, is when the camera runs with the cast either in a chase scene (i.e. in the beginning when Ryan was running after someone) or in a fight scene (i.e. in the rink). I guess this is to give some variety and realism but it can also give the audience a mild headache. More steady shots would be appreciated.