CSI: Miami

Season 6 Episode 7

Chain Reaction

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • Are they going more down they already did? Just to know, nothing else, because the impression is exactly this one.

    I have to admit it, I'm watching Miami by now (or probably I always did), because it makes me laugh. But the problem is that it shouldn't cause such a reaction, being supposed to be a drama. But I watch an episode like this one and I laugh because:
    1) once again, everything is tight to Horation's son. How many people live in Miami? I'm Italian, I don't know it and I'm curious, but it's a really big city, isn't it? So how is it possible that in almost every case there is a person who knows somebody who knows somebody else who could put Horatio's life in danger?
    2) that big .... something, that sort of huge computer with which they "throw" photos into the atmosphere or wherever it is: does anything of this kind really exist? Is it really so relevant if the main characters are always playing with it?
    3) why Horatio NEVER looks another person in his eyes? Not even when he's dying, like that poor man who was supposed to watch over his son. He was not dead yet and he was already standing, looking in the camera and saying: I know you did whatever you could. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, he drives me crazy!!!!!
    4) I don't want to talk about the other characters, the only one I like is the Cuban guy, Eric, the only normal person in the whole team!
  • "Rebecca, the boy is my son."

    I think the story was quite well written. The personal plot was presented throughout the episode and the murder of a blonde model linked to it too. There were no gripping moments but we don't need to have them all the time (if everything was gripping, nothing would be, would it?) though I did not feel bored for a second. I may not be too much of a family girl and I usually get bored by quotes like "Rebecca, the boy is my son", but Horatio is so classy in his super-important-wise-man-like-quotes and it sounded convincing to me. I like to see him being a father to a minor criminal cause that's what Kyle is, let's don't hide it, haha. He's trying hard and it's a new thing for him. He's a bit like me--good at what he's doing and being put in a new situation he does his best to just do well as always.
    I liked too the way Natalia talked to the FBI guy. She needed those tapes but she still didn't want to lose a favor the guy owed her. Genious.
  • the most un-original of the CSi franchise

    Is it me or the H tirades in the trailer are starting to get on my nerves ??? on the other half, there are still some nice aspect to csi miami: the music is always good, even great. Some characters are good: Ryan, Alex. I like some of the actors too, even if i like them in other part: emily procter to name one !!
    but i get bored really easily while watching it, something that never happens with CSI and CSi NY !
    Too bad cause the setting in Miami is great ! maybe the show just run its course, maybe we're ready to move them to another city !! why not abroad ??!!
    Aniway, the episode was average, some good things but not exciting and i really have to say it again but horatio gets on my nerve ! David Caruso is overplaying him !
  • A model death leads CSI to a familiar name, Joe LeBrock. Bodyguard assigned by Horatio for his son's protection murdered, but evidences leads to... Who killed the model? and the bodyguard? How will Horatio handle the situation... when FBI intrudes.

    A bit surprising opening... and then a suprising revelation of connection between the murder and... Horatio's current enemy. Then, Kyle's become the suspect of a murder... Evidence puts him as a murder of Oscar, his assigned bodyguard... Horatio still stays cool and do his best... result? watch it! ^^ Though I'd say that I hoped they would kill Joe... So troublesome... creating all the problems now... esp with Kyle so close to him... gosh... i feel a bit of fresh bit in this episode, may be coz of the way certain things be done beyond expectation. Well, looking foward for another episode...
  • Somewhat exciting but no great improvement.

    I rated this show an 8, which is due to the fact that I didn't fall asleep. The story was somewhat predictable but I found it intersting to learn that herion can be transported in clothing. Score one for creative thinking.

    A beautiful model (aren't they all) is electrcuted during a fashion show and it's discovered that she was the wife of Horatio's nemisis, Joe LaBrock. As the story unfolds, Horatio fears for Kyles life when the man Horatio asked to look out for Kyle gets killed during a bomb blast. Kyle is then accused of setting off the bomb and as luck would have it, the phone is planted in Kyle's bunk. The one aspect of the show I did like were seeing Horatio and Kyle together. He's a good kid that has made some bad choices and I hope the writer's don't forget that. I liked how Horatio blackmailed Joe into saying that he didn't know who Kyle Harmon is. I found it hard to believe that Horatio could bring a hardened criminal like Joe to his knees but Horatio did him a favor by keeping his son's pedohphilia a secret. I can only see Joe being nice to Kyle out of fear that Horation will spill his son's secret to the wrong inmate. The one postive aspect of the show was that no romance was involved and the case seemed to be all that mattered.
  • Typical CSI: Miami.

    How is it typical? For starters, apparently only beautiful women that are either models or beach-goers live in Miami. How about a regular Joe being murdered? And another thing: it's always about drugs.

    Also, I highly doubt Horatio Caine can stand in a courtroom and make a highly-dangerous convicted felon practically pee his pants just by standing in the back of the room. That's not realistic. Hardcore criminals like Joe Lebrock would not be intimidated by the hard stare of a cop. Ludicrous.

    Overall, decent plotline. But, they really need to spice things up a little bit. Change up the storyline. Every week the plot is the same: hot woman/attractive man gets killed because he/she was involved in drugs. Boooorrring.

    And another thing: Get rid of Kyle. This storyline sucks.
  • Hard to watch

    This episode was hard to watch because I really want Horatio and crew to be a success, but, the plots are so thin this season. The whole Missing Son thing is very lame. I'm sure when they talked about this plot it sounded great on paper, and maybe could have been. The way Horatio revealed to his son the news, it was like asking to pass the butter! There was no drama what soever, so it doesn't make sense when the whole episode is how poor Kyle is in danger, we have no connection to him. And the innocent goody two shoe model who is married to the most dangerous man in Florida! Please!! I wish they would get back to the basics and let the CSI's do there job. Stop trying to have the great understory, it isn't working!!
  • A model is murdered during a fashion show.

    CSI: Miami has gone off the rails this season. This episode is evidence of the coma in which this seasons seems to have slipped. I guess the writers of CSI: Miami were already on strike when they wrote this one. How else can you explain how a show with amazing characters (except Wolfe)is able troll out awful episodes like this one? Horatio's "insta-son" plot is a zero. Who is Kyle again and where did he come from? Do I care? Kyle is just plain weird and the whole prison plot is a complete distraction that goes nowhere. The current episode's plot was bad to the point of insulting. What kind of idiot would commit a crime like this? Could the suspect list be smaller? The killer should have saved us all the trouble and just left a post-it note! This show demonstrates the importance of good writers. Bad writing has devastated this formerly great series. I hope after the strike ends, they will restore CSI: Miami to the excellence of past seasons.
  • During an elaborate fashion show, a runway model is electrocuted. The investigation into her death leads Horatio to an old enemy who is serving time in the same prison as Horatio's son Kyle. Horatio begins to fear for his son's safety.

    This episode wasn't one of the best I have ever seen, but it does have it's good points. The opening of the fashion show was very clever. It was actually neat to watch and worked very well. Another high point is the number of twists the story took (For example who the model's murderer is). I think this particular plot element was not overused and therefore worked well in the story. It's also a relief to finally see Horatio's son played in a rather positive light instead of looking like a villan. I do hope that continues in future episodes.
  • Good Script - Not what I expected.

    Looking at the previews it wasn't what I expected. It was actually a really solid script and plot. The case of the murdered model getting linked to Horatio's son Kyle and LeBrock was actually had merit. The whole case is based on drugs and getting revenge on Horatio was believable. I liked the subtle link with Natalia and the FBI. The woman's got some pull and knows some secrets. Which could come in handy. Kyle playing both sides of the fence? Could Horatio's faith be misplaced, we'll have to see. Ryan being treated like a rookie again, a little payback?