CSI: Miami

Season 6 Episode 7

Chain Reaction

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • "Rebecca, the boy is my son."

    I think the story was quite well written. The personal plot was presented throughout the episode and the murder of a blonde model linked to it too. There were no gripping moments but we don't need to have them all the time (if everything was gripping, nothing would be, would it?) though I did not feel bored for a second. I may not be too much of a family girl and I usually get bored by quotes like "Rebecca, the boy is my son", but Horatio is so classy in his super-important-wise-man-like-quotes and it sounded convincing to me. I like to see him being a father to a minor criminal cause that's what Kyle is, let's don't hide it, haha. He's trying hard and it's a new thing for him. He's a bit like me--good at what he's doing and being put in a new situation he does his best to just do well as always.
    I liked too the way Natalia talked to the FBI guy. She needed those tapes but she still didn't want to lose a favor the guy owed her. Genious.