CSI: Miami

Season 6 Episode 7

Chain Reaction

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • Are they going more down they already did? Just to know, nothing else, because the impression is exactly this one.

    I have to admit it, I'm watching Miami by now (or probably I always did), because it makes me laugh. But the problem is that it shouldn't cause such a reaction, being supposed to be a drama. But I watch an episode like this one and I laugh because:
    1) once again, everything is tight to Horation's son. How many people live in Miami? I'm Italian, I don't know it and I'm curious, but it's a really big city, isn't it? So how is it possible that in almost every case there is a person who knows somebody who knows somebody else who could put Horatio's life in danger?
    2) that big .... something, that sort of huge computer with which they "throw" photos into the atmosphere or wherever it is: does anything of this kind really exist? Is it really so relevant if the main characters are always playing with it?
    3) why Horatio NEVER looks another person in his eyes? Not even when he's dying, like that poor man who was supposed to watch over his son. He was not dead yet and he was already standing, looking in the camera and saying: I know you did whatever you could. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, he drives me crazy!!!!!
    4) I don't want to talk about the other characters, the only one I like is the Cuban guy, Eric, the only normal person in the whole team!
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