CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 10

Come As You Are

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • Hollywood Realism....was I the only one sympathetic to the "bad guys"?

    I am a retired military officer who served in SW Asia in the 1990s and I found the episode quite interesting.

    There is always a lot of discussion about how realistically “Hollywood” portrays the military and the intelligence worlds. It certainly makes it look “grander, bigger, and darker” than it really is. After all, we would not be interesting in participating in an hour of fantasy unless it had something a bit outrageous or a little bigger than life. The writers, directors, photographers, and cast only have to get enough “realism” to hook us and then reel us into their fantasy world. In this episode, there were some areas that some observers felt were farfetched.

    The quote by the character Brad Hoffman (played by Robert Hoffman) “Isn’t Iraq a little out of your jurisdiction?” was perhaps the most pivotal on whether the episode was realistic. The real truth is maybe not.

    As a general rule, the military tries to avoid assuming jurisdiction in what are considered to be purely criminal cases normally tried in civilian courts, and prefers to concentrate on crimes that are more purely military, such as unauthorized absence or failure to obey lawful orders. In this case, the crimes were possible murder at the beginning, and probable manslaughter toward the end. In foreign countries, the military has what are known as Status of Forces agreements with many countries with more “civilized” legal systems. Essentially, once we have validated the accusations have some validity, we will turn over military personnel to those countries for trial. We only resist in cases where the actual or perceived illegal activity arises out of the individuals performing official duties. Such examples include when national passions become enraged over what is an accidental act, such as Canadians killed by American friendly fire in Afghanistan, or aviators severing a gondola cable in Italy while on a training mission.

    In this episode, even though the event occurred in Iraq, evidence turned up in Florida, involving what were apparently residents of Florida, despite the Iraqi venue. We don’t have a Status of Forces agreement with Iraq. Besides, the case involved a contractor, who would not be subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) anyway. As a result, it would be quite conceivable that Florida law enforcement would assume jurisdiction.

    If the recruiter had been receiving two to three notifications per week that his recruits had been killed in Iraq, then if one does the math, this recruiter is responsible for about a third of the deaths in Iraq, which is a little unrealistic. However, despite the Hollywood exaggeration, the plain truth is that there have been recruiters have suffered a lot of trauma over finding out that one or two of their recruits have died out of hundreds over a two year period. So, on this point, they are portraying a human reaction that really has happened.

    As for the “tough guy” reputation that marines, special forces, and covert operatives get, the real truth is that they are flesh and blood human beings. Moreover, the “tough guys” include “tough girls”, as we now have women increasingly integrated into frontline fighting units, including fighter pilots. I once saw a Navy Seal (I think that they meet the "tough guy" threshold) step off the edge of a sidewalk, lose his balance, and break his foot. So the scene with the marine falling and hitting his head was déjà vu for me.

    The most difficult image for me to swallow was the Terrorism Watch List. The parents of Matt Batra (played by Michael Trevino) were supposedly on it. You don’t get on that list just because you are born in Iran. There are many US citizens of Iranian birth serving in many important capacities within the US government. Moreover, they are obviously naturalized US Citizens. The few US citizens on it are generally people who have gone overseas and are now believed to be working for terrorist organizations.

    Moreover, if Matt’s parents were Iranian, there is good chance that Matt either would speak or understand Farsi. He could pass as an Iranian. Instead of being rejected, he would be very much in demand by the military and intel community.

    However, what I think the directors and writers were trying to do was paint an image of what could happen when otherwise enthusiastic young people get caught up in intensely unfortunate circumstances and start going down a slippery slope of bad decisions as a result. In Matt’s case, it was frustration over escaping from the negative image of a heritage that was pressing down on his career choices. In Brad’s case, he panicked in a fire fight, normal for young soldier, even more so for someone with no military training. I guess that I was more sympathetic toward the bad guys than everyone else. I am sure that they can be charged with perjury, obstruction of justice, larceny (in the case of Matt) , which are the things they did after going down the slippery slope, but I am not sure that manslaughter would hold up.
  • It needs more Horatio work.

    Maybe it’s ‘cause I’m Canadian that the war in Iraq doesn’t affect me quite as much as it does the Americans, but I found this episode to be rather lacking. Using the war as the plot, wasn’t a bad idea, actually it scores top points for originality, and being able to solve a crime from overseas was pretty cool, and the fact that they brought Nick back to flirt with Valera and make Boa Vista suffer in silence was mean but I think the way it was played out was what made it bad. The producers really need to give Horatio better lines. These episodes are becoming way too obvious. Horatio’s there in the beginning and only shows up when they’re interrogating a suspect. Although, that changed a little for this episode. I think it was only because this had to do with the fact the vic was a Marine and that’s about it. What happened to the Horatio we all knew who helped process the evidence with his team? Nowadays, he’s just being shown putting his glasses on, intimidating suspects and posing with his hands on his hips.

    Bring the old H back!!
  • Another average episode.

    OK. This is just another average episode. A Marine recruiter is found dead on a civilian shooting range with various bullet holes in him, but there is no blood at the scene. The killer in this episode is the dumbest killer in this series. If you want to fake a crime scene, you must have blood at the crime scene. Stupid.

    The investigation of the dead man leads Horatio to another marine who just came back from Iraq, and he must investigate whether he did killed his brother in Iraq to clear his name from the charge against him. Good episode. This episode might have the dumbest killer, but it has one of the best plot in this season.
  • A real shocker

    I liked this episode but I didn't love it. The director is going to have to stop putting Horatio in these weird positions the first time he comes on screen. I almost missed the opening liner as I was laughing that much. They seem to get more ridiculous as the seasons go by, although Horatio wouldn't be Horatio without them. I liked how self centred Natalia seemed to be over her ex husband when he was talking to Valera and she thought it was about her. Hopefully the episode next week will make up for the episode this week and will be a 10.
  • Not bad but not back to normal SPOILERS

    The plot for this episode was based around a marine recruiter being killed. So far that's pretty normal and the plot that comes off this is normal. Two guys want to get their Marine applications back after having second thoughts. It's the subplot that annoys me a bit. A story about a Marine being killed in a war zone by a stray bullet. I don't understand why CSI Miami always has to have a big subplot and a bigger picture. Why not just back to normal crimes?

    The first part is reminiscent of NCIS, a Marine recruiter and all that so it is odd that CSI has this case and not JAG but I'm willing to let that one slide.

    The plot about the soldier being killed is a bit silly because it happened thousands of miles away and has nothing to do with Horatio. A Marine's brother is killed after he encourages him to join the Marines. During a gun fight a US civilian doing supplies pulls out a gun and accidentally shoots through his own door and hits the Marine. That is a very big accident and nothing more so trying to catch him on murder was unrealistic.

    I'm still looking for an episode of CSI Miami without an enourmous bigger picture segment. The show doesn't need it and it ruins the crime investigating part.
  • it opens as the two "wannabes" of the military go into a live shooting range. as scene one ends, a marine recriuter comes out from nowehere dead, and the two wannabes think they shot him. the bad guy is apprehended by the impressive staff.

    GREAT installment-- me being a marine-- this one hit home.-- and did anyone else notice the pinstripes on Horatio\\\'s Suit? this is the first time that pinstripes have ever been featured on his wardrobe-- it was a great episode and i hope to see more just like it. anyway-- it was a very good piece in the opening scene where we didnt exactly know what was going on-- so we had to keep on watching-- and it was s o o o o o pivitol as the body came out from nowhere! exactly why i watch!
  • The war may be staged, but the murder is real...

    One dead marine this time, and one more sacrificial death story on the Iraq war.Played out more emotional stunts than your other episodes, but solemn. "Marines are lokking for poele to stop the killing, not covering up," never sounded more disbeliving, the only way to stop is to get out of there. On this note, we have to realize not everyone from Middle East is a terrorist, though it's convenient, it cuases more misunderstanding later. When are we ending all these crap, and live in peace again? Watch out when you leave your DNA in envelope unintentionally but licking it, CSIs sure aren't gonna let that slide.
  • Much too painful to watch

    Good that they showed the miltary the respect they deserve. But too hard to watch a Marine suspected in killing his own brother. The recuiter getting killed by a parking space stop was hard to take. Something that stupid killing a Marine? I find that very very hard to believe.
  • brothers in arms.....a murder on the battlefield

    This episode which obviously feels a little like a NCIS story was a very well scripted and acted story-line involving two brothers serving in Iraq...only one of them coming back.

    What starts out as a murder of a US Marine recruiter in Miami quickly becomes a story on war. Patrick Kerby was killed in Iraq, but as Horatio and his team eventually find out not by enemy fire, nor by his brother Kevin but by cowardly contractor. IMHO, the story was a balanced and respectful look at the military and young people serving - with all the problems involved. It was not as flashy as CSI:Miami episodes normally are, which is good for this episode. The Johnny Cash song in the end was well chosen. Kevin:......and the whole world went sideways.....
  • I just simply love this show.....the story line was brillant. I have always been a huge CSI fan, but look out, CSI Miami is moving up.

    I really enjoyed this episode for various reasons. I, like Callie, was sure that Sgt. Hicks' wife had something to do with his death. A break-in with no police report? Come on. What a twist to have a seemingly innocent would-be recruit as the true killer? I knew all along that Kevin didn't kill his brother. What a twist to have a government contractor, who is friends with both brothers, as the real killer? War definitely separates the men from the boys. A cowardly act takes the life of a Marine in a hostile gun fight with Iraqi insurgents. What are the chances? CSI Miami......Keep up the great work!!

    Although it wasn't my favorite episode, it was, however a good one. Selfishness was key in this episode. The murders of 2 outstanding heroes could've been prevented. Horatio and his team did a really good job in solving these crimes. I am pretty sure that we all understand the security measures our government is trying to take when recruiting new soldiers, trust & honor!! As a marine, you are trained to become one of the best, a trained killer, to serve & protect this country.
    Please God, watch over all of our troops, bless them this holiday season for they are without their loved ones.
    Support our troops... Til They ALL Come HOME!!
  • One found dead in Miami and the other in a war in Iraq.

    This episode shows a lot of different emotions. The Sergeant who was killed in Miami. He was so stressed till he had to take ketamine. And the other mariner who died, Patrick. His brother, Kevin kept on blaming himself for his brother's death. And i realised that both the murderers of the cases have something in common. They both unintentionally killed the victims but left them to die just to save their own skin. Initially, both of the vics would be alive if the murderers wouldn't have to be so selfish and only be concerned bout themselves. They never even consider the emotions going through by the victim's famiy. I was truly saddened by this.
  • Consequences of Iraq War!

    This episode showed cases of 2 dead mariners. One died in Miami while another one died in Iraq battle. Even though, the ways they solved the cases in this episode could not impress some audiences like me much but they were very well in presenting several emotional pains of the soldiers and their families as the results of the Iraq War. (Hopefully, the war will be over soon!) Eventually, it looked too handy for the team to solve the murder in Iraq via the video clips that they used as their clues (it was like the recorder kept documenting only this 2 marine brothers). It should be more difficult to solve the dead in Iraq! Anyway, it was a bit better that the show presented some complications to solve the case of the marine recruiter.
  • Marine murder linked by Iraq

    Great show as I love this show much more better
    Than Las Vegas and NYC. As a US Marine recruiter
    Is shot to death with bunches of bulletholes but here is
    The kicker as he has no blood on him as this maybe
    Linked to Iraq. Meanwhile, Natalia is shocked to learn that
    Nick has asked Valera out on a date. Great show led
    By the great David Caruso!