CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2011 on CBS

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  • CSI Miami

    I don't think the show is losing its touch its the fact that the cbs ppl canceled it so soon that they didn't have a lot of time to finshish and take time on all the episodes that's why there is only 19 instead of around 25
  • CSI:Miami reaches a new low, as the show is running out of likeable characters.


    I've disliked some of the CSIs (or their actions) before, but after this episode there is no person left I like on the show and I definitely won't watch it again. In addition to a ridiculous plotline, I think absolutely every character did something so profoundly stupid and acted insufferable I might just call this the worst show/episode on television. In case you don't believe me, here are some examples:

    [Horatio] He has just been shot and jumpes into the ocean to save Natalia (which was nice but still ridiculously unbelievable) and then he walks right out the hospital 5 seconds after being admitted (for a frickin' GUNSHOT WOUND!!!). On the plus side he had visions of Marisol (...)

    [Marisol] The actress is beautiful, but after not being on CSI she should have just watched the episodes she was in to get a feel for the character again. Being pretty just isn't enough. Basically she was a Marisol-look-alike with a totally different character.

    [Natalia] Don't even get me started. Almost drowns and then takes her wounded and bleeding boss out of the hospital. Smashes a suspects face into a table during an interrogation (which seems pretty normal in the CSI Miami universe 'cause all the CSIs and cops do it). On the plus side she did have a cute conversation with Wolfe.

    [Ryan] Useless waste of screentime. He's not doing much these days. "Train coming up fast" really? So what do they do? Sit around doing nothing. Awesome job guys...

    [Eric] So 2 seconds before the train gets in their way he realizes that they should do something about it. The writers must be so sick and tired of "thinking" they just stopped doing it a few seasons ago. And what does Eric do afterward? Blame the guy they sent in. This is just so dumb.

    [Frank] I never liked Tripp from the first time I saw him on CSI: Miami. He just likes being an ass, smacking around suspects, and I don't like people like that. If he was the only obnoxious character on the show it might be a different story, differentiating him from the rest, but the way it is now he's just another one of those unappealing people running around.

    [Walter] Wasn't he working the night-shift before? I don't know why he's in the show anyway. He is some sort of wanna-be badass, especially when he's around Frank Tripp. Reminds me of high school where the IQ of (male) students drops proportional to the number of pupils around.

    [Calleigh] Oh wait, there was a normal likeable person around. Unfortunately it's the one with the annoying voice but that's not something I can hold against her. She saved the show from getting a "1" rating.

    I'm not even gonna start on the rest of the cast. Funny fact: The most likeable characters of the episode (besides Calleigh) were the guy they had in custody (forgot his name already) and the serial killer. Now that's just sad.

  • show dying out


    The show lost its spark a few seasons back. I hated it how Horatio got aggressive during the 9th season. And what is that with mentioning and showing Marisol again and again and again? She is dead!!! So let her go. It is becoming boring.

    The new writers should see the first 3 seasons because apparently they didnt see them and they have no idea that something was going on between Horatio and Yelina and they just cut off Yelina a few seasons back and there hasnt been any mention of her since that time. In the first seasons Horatio cared for his relatives very much, he showed his deep feelings for them and his character has changed in the last seasons entirely. We dont know anything about Kyle, his son, either. Last time he appeared on the show was 2 seasons back. There was also this Suzie who had slept with Horatio´s brother Raymond and they had a child together (Madison) and Horatio had deep feelings for the girls, bought them an appartment, etc. And we havent heard about them since the 3rd (!) season. We havent heard about Ray Jr. for quite a long time, too.

    Horatio is becoming an old aggressive man with nothing to live for anymore, emotionless, burnt-out, still thinking about his late wife, occationally seeing her...oh,come on... the show is dying out.. it is becoming more and more absurd as some reviewers have already written here (e.g. horatio who has just been shot is rescuing natalia from a trunk of a car underwater holding his breath for ages, etc.).. it is impossible that the viewers believe what they see anymore.. the show is becoming stupid.

    I am still hoping that they will bring Yelina back one day and maybe also Kyle, Ray Jr. or some other CSIs´relatives.In the first seasons relatives of the CSI team were part of the show and now we no longer learn anything about their private lifes..

  • 10x01


    It was not an exellent one, but it was not that bad either, I have to say that I really enojyed this episode, actually, I like this episode more than the previous one which in my opinion lacked of interest and had a lot of mistakes in its development, however, this episodes has a lot of flaws and that´s reason why I´m not giving a teen

    something I liked here was to see horatio´svulnerability in this episode, finally we discover that he is a human after all and that he is not untouchable like previous seasons try to show us, howevere something I really hated about his one, is too see how horatio and natalia did not care about their states deciding to leave the hospital to catch the bad guy, in real life, that is something that never could happen.

    I´m not a big fan of persecution scenes, but I liked how they tried to cath the killer in this one because it was not boring at all and I cauth my attention a lot of times, that is a very good point for episodes like these, maybe that is the reason why I´m giving it a good score

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes

  • I can't believe I hung on the edge of my seat all summer for this seasons premier. It seems this show is losing its' touch. Do they really expect us to believe Haratio didn't die when he went into the water? Not sure if I will be wanting to keep watching.


    This episode was so "Sure you're right" Seriously? Both of them, especially Horatio should have keeled over long before the end of the show. He was so weak, yet he jumped into the water, stayed down forever, yanked on the trunk, opened the door, jerked the seat and pulled her out all while holding his breath. Give me a break!

  • The tenth season begins with Horatio and Natalia barely escaping with their lives. Despite their injuries the two press on with the rest of the team to bring Jack Toller and his accomplices to justice.


    I am for the most part in agreement with other reviews of "Countermeasures" which say the episode is good, but not great. One thing I did like was it's very clever opening sequence. What I also think was a great idea was the scene switching back between Horatio's dream and reality. Like other reviews I had some trouble buying the fact that Horatio and Natalia could just get up and walk out of the hospital without any treatment (Though you clearly see the strain Horatio's injury has put on him.) and get back on Toller's trail. In the end, the episode is an entertaining one, but not particularly memorable.

  • Wow, nice entrance from the CSI: Miami team!!


    This has to be one of the best season starters CSI: Miami has ever had. What got me most was that for the first time, we can officially call Horatio a true victim. It was hard seeing him struggle through the episode and even harder to watch him tackle the bad guy at the end while he was in so much pain.

  • Great episode but not as great as I had thought it would be


    I had expected more; more time in the hospital for Horatio and Natalia and maybe someone from the team at least trying to convince them to stay. But no, before the intro they managed to get saved, go to the hospital and check themselves out and catch Randy North. That was just way too fast.

    However, I do like that it took more than one try to catch Toller and that it was hard for Horatio to do it. I like that they really showed how much pain he was in and that he probably shouldn't have left the hospital.

    I would have liked to see something with Kyle, his dad was shot after all; a phone call maybe. Just something to let us know that Kyle knew what had happened and was concerned.

    Overall, the episode would have been much better if it had been a bit more realistic; Natalia and Horatio in the hospital, maybe Horatio actually having to fight to live considering he lost quite a bit of blood. The team should have mentioned something about what happened.

    So although in some aspects the writers did a bad job, they did still manage to keep it exciting and I liek the scene in the locker room with Ryan and Natalia and I like that Toller wasn't caught as easily as Randy.

  • Good but not great.


    It was a good episode but it lacked something. At some moments the action was very slow - maybe because of the repeated Horatio/Marisol scene. It was definitely touching to see that H still misses her so much though.

    Natalia somehow disappeared halfway through the episode. She seems to be struggling and I'm curious how this plot will be continued in next episodes. I liked it that Callie had finally more screentime and Walter had his moments too. Unfortunately I felt like Ryan was nonexistent this time - his conversation with Natalia is the only scene on my memory.

    The biggest problem for me was Horatio's condition. He was clearly unwell but no one seemed to really care. Honestly, he shouldn't have left the hospital in the first place. Or someone should just send him back there immediately when they noticed that he is so weak and bleeding. I'm a little tired of insuperable H who has to save the world by himself.

    All in all - good but not excellent.

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