CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on CBS

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  • The CSIs Investigate A Mother's Death At A Child Beauty Contest. Could The Killer Be Another Contestant's Mother?

    After watching this episode and reading all the reviews here, I have to write a review about it. I agree with other people here that this episode shows the pathetic and disturbing world of pageant shows. Ryan said: "Let children be children". I couldn't agree more. Because of this I found the plot interesting and the characters too. The person who killed Suzanne was a good twist and I did not see it coming. However, it did not leave me happy as I felt that the conclusion was nog up to show's standards. Once again, Horatio's actions has caused controversy among audiences. I agree, Horatio should have done the right thing but I think he did not take it too far here. He seems to be more aggressive with suspects nowadays. That may be because has been shot twice ("Going Ballistic and "Mayday"). Nevertheless, a great episode!
  • Predictable

    First: It was easy to figure out that the child killed or at least felt responsible for the death of her mother.

    Why? Well, as soon i saw those pillows under the blankets i knew it was the kid, simply because only a child would think that that would cover up the fact that her mother was lying dead on the floor next to the bed, neither an adult nor a teenager would have such innocent thought.

    Second: I sometimes agree that Horatio takes it too far, but this time shore the hell was not one of those. I only feel sorry that the writers didn't putted a broom were he felled so that he would had been rape by it before he died
  • this episode

    this episode was pretty good. i do like how it shows how pathetic these pageant shows are i mean really. they said spending thousands for a college fund that you could have paid yourself with the price of what the stuff costs.

    i use to love how horatio use to bend the rules sometimes but now he is just over doing it. i mean he could have tried to save the dudes life. the prisoners would have made him their bitch anyway.
  • At a children's beauty pageant, the mother of one of the contestants is found dead in her hotel room....by her six year-old daughter. Horatio and the team begin their investigation into a world that is scary enough as it is.


    Forget Friday the 13th or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you want to see something truly frightening, check out children's beauty pageants. This episode does a good job looking into this scary and pathetic world. What I also liked about the episode was its well written script. It took some clever turns especially with the story focusing on the death of the pageant mother. My problem with this episode is the same problem hakone1 and other reviewers have stated. I was bothered by the fact that Horatio let the kidnapper fall to his death. Horatio stated his reason for doing so when the kidnapper said he would change and Horatio said he did not believe him. However, despite the fact that I agree with Horatio's opinion, Horatio should have put his duty and obligation as a police officer ahead of his personal opinions.

  • The case was interesting but I really hated Horatio in this episode.


    I don't like what writers are doing to Horatio this season. He is advising a father, whose son was murdered, to take revenge but not get caught. He is taking justice in his own hands and beating up a cop murderer - with a little help from Tripp. Finally, he lets a man fall to his death. He commits a crime in almost every episode. It was exciting at first but now it's disgusting for me. How can he still rebuke criminals and send them behind bars when he is a criminal himself?! I can't give this episode better score when main "crime fighter" doesn't care about the law.

    The case itself was pretty interesting although those beauty pageants are creepy for me. Poor girls don't even look like kids anymore and obviously they suffer a lot.

    All in all, not the best episode of CSI:Miami.

  • Interesting


    Let's start with the case, i ha an interresting twist to it. Leading from a death to the kidapping of a child. I thought for sure that someone in the family was responsible for killing the victim, but I didn't think it would be Melrose. Of course,the case did have a happy ending since it turned out to be an accident.

    Although, I must say that it might have been a better episode if someone had actually gone around murdering the mothers; it would have felt likea bigger case instead of two "smaller" cases.

    Or maybe I'm just used to Miami ony having case per episode.

    Now on to the most annoying things; Horatio has done it again. I said before that seeing Horatio turn to a vigilante was entertaining, but he crossed the line of entertainment a long time ago. Now it's just annying and quite frankly it worries me.

    What would his team say if they knew he just let a man fall to his death? This is not the Horatio people love. Sure, he's gone through a lot over the seasons, but this is just taking it too far. It has got to stop!

    So pleade Miami writers, make Horatio nice again.

  • sad truth...


    I totally agree with the writers... 6 years old should remain 6 years old. Making them look like they're in their 20s is pathetic. Making the kids feel like their only value is to look pretty is sad. I do wish parents let their kids dream something bigger than just winning a beauty pageant. Secondly, I totally agree -- let the pedophiles fall to their own death. I think it's the most horrendous act of all -- hurting children who cannot defend themselves.