CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 6

Curse Of The Coffin

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2006 on CBS

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  • All time favourite

    I absolutley loved this episode. I guess I'm a little biast because the only reason I enjoyed this episode was due to the fact that Ryan is in it a lot. I love Ryan so much that I find no matter what the synopsis the episode is fantastic. Although honestly I would have given this a 10 anyway cos the actual plot was unique in comparison to any other shows and episodes. I thought that the most hilarious thing that happened during this episode was Horatio walking away from the car saying "Burn baby burn" while it was blowing up. he is so corny.
  • Wow!! That was ... ridiculously STUPID!

    I read all about the stupidity of this episode, but what I really saw was unimaginable!! It was horrible! I felt almost disoriented watching the many events and jumbled characters ... it was completely messed up. The dialogue was non-existent, the plot was overstuffed and the acting was ... "Miami style" ... speaks for itself.

    God I hate Caruso. Can't believe I used to like him a while back!! I mean seriously; "Burn baby burn"??!! Come on, what's up with the writers? If this represents a sample of what's coming next this season I might as well save myself some time and go study or something.

    This show is going downhill fast, why I still watch it ... God only knows!!
  • One of the best episode in this series.

    I don't believe in voodoo, but I do like this episode. This episode is awesome. I don't expect this episode to be good because CSI: Miami gives me many disappointing episode, including the episodes "Rio", "Death Pool 100" and more. But this episode is totally different, this episode is great, exciting, and a little creepy. I love this episode so much! Ryan Wolfe started to believe in voodoo when he saw a dead body wakes up in the morgue. That is creative. I love it. Congratulations to Sunil Nayar and Krystal Houghton, for such an excellent episode for CSI: Miami viewers.
  • Poor Ryan lol

    This was an exciting episode, filled with suspense and lame clichés. The goat's head was a little gross. I mean, how do you miss that? The smell would definitely get to me faster than the bugs buzzin' about. I loved how Ryan was trying to be manly and trying to get Calleigh to believe he wasn't scared. I think the best part about this episode was how the writers were able to tie all the strange phenomenons back to scientic reasons. Like, Ryan's hands going numb, Boa Vista's face getting all bloody, although that wasn't really science, more like accident. But then that's how strange things happen, right?

    I think the only stickler I had was David Caruso's acting or lack there of. Before Caruso fans get on my @$$ for saying that, I want to remind y'all I'm entitled to my opinion, so hear me out. The whole "burn baby, burn," thing was really lame. And when the suspect said, "golfing isn't illegal," Caruso says, "but murder is," was way over used. I think the writers need to upgrade Caruso's character.
  • Voodoo and curses and coffins oh my!!

    This episode started out with a dead girl and a small coffin beside her. Eric fills us in on the Santaria curses and won't touch anything in the room. Wolfe ends up bagging the coffin and then the fun begins. I loved how they crushed every curse theory with science almost immediatley. As Calleigh says early on " I belive in Scince" There were some humerous moments which is good to see with this team. Speedle used to add comedy with his wisecracks, but there aren't many lately. There was the part with Horatio bravely driving the car off the lab property to dispose of the bomb, but come on writers give us some credit, we watched him drive, live for 4 minutes, on a highway, to the beach, couldn't you have written that part better. The only thing that wasn't explained in this show was the small coffin. Where did it come from? And how it get there? Which brings me to the perfect ending, the one small piece of evidence unexplained, goes missing and ends up under the criminal's chair. Perfect!! Leave that one trace of "maybe there is a curse" left for us to mill over.
  • it was good and It was unoriginal.

    It was unoriginal and very good.
    It was quit.
    I liked it very match, think it was a very, very good and i liked the part wen Ryan could not move he's hands because of the poison, Ryan really started to believe that the cress existed.
    to and this nicely i will write what i really think about this episode.
    I think that it was good, funny and creative (that is it, no moor).

    need to know:
    they still need to fined her, convict her and then she will go to jail.

    really need to know:
    the reason i write so match stupid thins is that i will get a 100 words at least.
  • This is one of those episodes that I'm not sure if I liked or not. SPOILERS

    This episode is about a case where they find a small coffin by the body in amongst some other voodoo stuff. Delko immediately says he won't touch it giving a big clue as to what will happen in the episode - curses.

    The idea is sound and it's a fair way of making this case different from the rest to quash the criticisms over each episode being the same. The problem I have with it is that it isn't really executed very well. The curses don't really seem to affect the lab that much. The major one being the glass table exploding but then that was caused be Delko so it isn't really the work of a curse. It's more that the team are so paranoid now.

    The case itself suffers because they spent too much time with the curses.

    That's why I'm unsure about this episode, I like that they tried to inject some excitement and made it a bit different but in the end the episode wasn't hugely ground breaking.

    The ending was quite good, it's good to see them finally fail to catch someone and the coffin at the end was a nice touch.
  • Now I know this series is daft, but this episode is just plain silly. In fact it is close to jumping the shark....

    Now I love CSI:Miami for its gorgeous trashiness, but this episode leaves me speechless. Characters start acting out of character, - why should Ryan be spooked? He has consistently been amongst the most rational characters. And how come Delko gets off working a crime scene because it's sacriligious? What ever happened to rational science and following the evidence? The plot was frankly daft, - I've seen more realistic scenes in a cemetary in Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a start - but the team did no checking of who anyone was until it was almost too late. A simple background check would have found the killer in the first 20 minutes. And don't get me started on the bomb. The guys think there's a bomb in a car. Do they call the bomb squad? No, they open it up themselves. And then, having found & disturbed it Horation calmly drives a bomb with 4 minutes left to explode through the middle of Miami & out on to a beach. And taking time to remove your sun glasses before getting out of the car is ridiculous even by Horatio's standards. The shining beacon as ever was Emily Proctor. Just check out the scene in which she reads out the hate e-mail to the suspect. Classic.
  • Halloween...Coffin...Ryan is Freaking out...

    This episode is one of the BEST episodes i have seen...Ryan and Eric are soo freaked out in the graveyard... CarWash Moment even tho i am a hip huggers fan it was still cute...

    ending was awesome i loved it the coffin ended up under the killer...awesome.

    Somebody dies twice in one day talk about... it freaks ryan out... poor RYAN he is soo freaked out during the whole episode... when eric and ryan are walking through the graveyard ryan freaks out about a sound and eric says take it easy delko... and later delko freaks out about a lizard or w.e it was and then ryan laughs and says take it easy delko so funny...
  • LOL one of the best episodes i've seen so far! ryan and eric in the graveayrd, so cute!!!xox

    an amazing, freaky-deaky, hilarious episode! i thought that is was so cute how ryan and eric were freaked out by the case and they believed in the "curse".It was especially funny when they were in the cemetary! "take it easy ryan" "take it easy delko"lol. Hope more of these kinds of episodes come! oo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
  • Not a bad episode but not so good,too!

    In the beginning this episode really impressed me but in the end I was disapointed. I liked the plot but it ended really stupid - they were just sitting there and seemed not to care about the coffin had been stolen. And Danielle drank her drink on the beach.
    I was ready to give about five for this episode but there was a really good CaRWash moment in it so it recieves 7.5... It was in the cemetery when Calleigh touched Ryan's shoulder and told him that it's not so bad in the daytime(or something like that). It was so cute. I am really addicted to them. I also like the scene where they were going to take the laptop and it burns. But actually I didn't see an explanation why the computer burns(or maybe I missed it?). And the breaking of the table was... really stupid and unnecessary. Who is the idiot who decide to put a glass tables in a crime lab, that what I can't understand?!
  • A woman is killed with a golf club. Under her arm lies a small coffin. When the coffin is at the lab, all these strange events occur...

    Oh God, HILARIOUS! Seriously. Amazing. It was so incredibly funny. CSI Miami is always so serious, but this was so great! The whole superstition thing is just realistic. I loved it when the paint went all over Natalia. So funny. And Ryan being scared at the grave yard. Though it was kinda icky seeing that guy lying there with an axe in his stomach. Ryan was the one who was sceptic about Santeria, but he really believed it after a while. Well who wouldn't if when you're in the morgue, a guy comes to life, and after that a computer just burns, your hand paralyzes for a few minutes,... Genious. I liked Calleigh reactions to Ryan's fear too. That was so adorable! CaRWash people! The end was perfect by the way.Where did the coffin end up? That's the question.
  • The episode focussed on the belief of a coffin being cursed and weird happenings occuring round the lab, the team begin to develop their own theories on why things are happening with amusing results.

    Ok i thought this episode was a bit adventurous, but made me laugh mostly. bit of a strange episode overall, not one of the best but still good enough to watch again!! paticularly liked the end where Calleigh, Ryan and Eric are talking, glad to see the team talking like this again!! Ryans face when he realises that the coffin is missing is priceless and loved Calleigh\'s \'I believe that would be bad karma.\' line.!!
  • Going downhill fast!

    What has happened to the writing on this show?? This week's episode was one of the worst episodes ever! Voodoo curses, a whodunnit so poorly put together that Swiss cheese has fewer holes in it, and actors who seem to be increasingly walking through the script. Even they appeared boored by the whole mess. What's even sadder is that the Las Vegas CSI is still looking fresh and is interesting to watch, which makes Miami look even more pathetic to watch? That's it for me - I'm off to NBC and Studio 60, a show which seems to have at least employed some decent writers!
  • The team once again manage to deal with a case in less than two days. There;s witchcraft, sub plot of a bomb set for 10 minutes exploding a day late, a body rises from the dead and everyone wears the same clothes for two straight days

    Rubbish. I mean when the entire cast are dressed in the same clothes over two days (even the baddies) its gotta be rubbish. Was it laundry day with the added twist of just wear what you had on the day before?

    and i saw that dude set the bomb to go off in 10 minutes the day before it actually went off. Super Cool Horatio managed to drive from the lab onto a freeway driving at great lengths to get to a beach to park the car to take his time to get out and be clear
  • The CSI team meets santeria styled murder

    This was a great fun halloween episode - halloween episodes are supposed to be light and entertaining and this sure was. I watch CSI-Miami b/c it is a fun and creative show - not b/c it has some great artistic value and this episode delivers. A woman is killed with a golf club and a little coffin is found next to her body - investigation ensues and a goat head among other things shows that she was into santeria. Her ex-husband who previously stole a load of gold bricks with a friend and now has it buried in their burial plots (which they just happen to be fighting over, a new boyfriend, and a disgruntled co-worker are suspects. The actual forensic part of this episode was lacking and so was the ending - you could easily start to piece together the crime but I think the focus of this episode was supposed to be the humor and spooky storyline. Delko and eventually the rest of the team start to get freaked out when odd things start happening to them and the ending is cute- the coffin evidence is missing . . . and shows up under the fleeing murders beach chair. . .
  • Creepy and funny Halloween episode.

    This was a great episode of CSI: Miami, especially for Halloween week. The writing was pitch-perfect and alternated between creating a creepy Halloween mood and giving us some good comic relief. I love how Wolfe gave Delko a hard time about being scared by Santeria and then *he* freaked out later in the episode. A great unexpected ending perfectly summed up by Calleigh when she says that she doesn't believe in curses, but she does believe in Karma.
  • Santeria, gold and ghosts.

    I think I have to stop watching CSI:Miami. I like the show just fine, but I am getting increasingly annoyed whenever Horatio Caine shows his face. His ridiculous poses, the cliches that come out of his mouth, all of that is just getting to be too much for me. It gets to the point where I look away whenever he is on screen. Has anyone else noticed that he doesn't actually do any labwork? None at all? He never collects evidence, he yaps orders at Frank, he stands around with his back to the person he's talking to, twirling his sunglasses and he doesn't bat an eyelash when a car he was just in is blown up. Really. If I had any say at all, Horatio Caine either has to get a brain tumor to alter his ridiculous personality completely, or next time, he should just stay in the car with the bomb.
  • Ridiculous Episode, bad year so far.

    This episode was ridiculous and it reflects how this show is really losing it compared to the Las Vegas and NYC ones. Everything is getting really predictable, the first episode in Rio was a bad sign of how the year was going to be and so far nothing has been done to make things better. The caracters are really boring now, Delko appears to show only 2 types of expressions, mad or happy, but nothing in between.
    I wonder what can be done to try to salvage something from this dead end and upcoming disaster. Maybe they could try to steal some writers from the other two cities.
  • Santeria, blowfish dust, missing gold bars, and "My hands...they're numb!!!"

    So. I've been reading some CSI:Miami forums and there are a lot of people that are disappointed with this episode. You gotta be kidding me....this was a Halloween episode...it was supposed to be taken lightly. It was supposed to be FUN./

    The episode starts out with a girl running to a car and it appears she is running from someone. She starts the car and starts to drive away until the car stops. She tries to start it again but it won't and then the doors lock. Seconds later, there are 2 guys with guns at both front windows. Turns out she took a bait car. When she started the car, it triggered some camera and then it stops running and the doors lock giving the cops time to get to the scene and arrest the car thief./

    Ryan and Eric arrive at a house with a dead girl on the floor (glad to see Lauralee Bell in a role other than Christine "Cricket" Blair!). They notice a tiny coffin next to the body and Eric tell Ryan it's Santeria. A buzzing noice leads them to an armoire which they open and they see a goat's head (with maggots galore...ew) and Eric quickly tells Ryan he won't bag the evidence because he's a Catholic who respects Santeria. Of course Ryan thinks he's nuts and although it's not shown, he bags everything./

    Ryan is walking thru the morgue when he hears a sound. He turns around to see a body sit up and of course he freaks (how cute!) and runs off. Alexx shows him the body and that there was no way the body could have sat up because he is dead. Ryan says that the guy he saw was not that one...he was a blond. As he's looking thru the folder he has in his hands, he drops everything on the floor and tells Alexx his hands are numb and he can't feel them. Spooky./

    The scene where the glass table breaks all over Natalia was the best part of the show! You hear her scream and then you see her bloody face...then they come back from a comercial and she's got a little band-aid on her big forehead. So, all that blood all over her face for a little itty bitty scratch? Puh-leeze!/

    In the end, the best friend killed the girl and she ran off with the gold bars. Final scene shows her on the beach, (could it have been in Brasil since the guy was speaking in Portugese) with the little coffin under her seat. So while everyone else thinks she got away with murder, does the coffin mean that we'll see her get hers in a future episode?? I hope so./

    Everything was easily explained by science. The dead body that wasn't dead and Ryan's numb hands thanks to blowfish powder....etc. It was funny to see Ryan scared sh*tless after not believing what Eric was saying at the beginning. Even though I didn't take this episode seriously, I was worried yet again that Ryan was inching closer and closer to leaving the show....
  • A little coffin next to a victim starts a series of mysterious events that spook the CSI:M team

    This is a classical love it or hate it episode. If you take the episode as a tongue-in cheek story, which is what the writers clearly intended, then you will enjoy it. It is hilarious but it is not what you would expect from an ordinary crime show.
    There is a goat-head, a dead guy who is not really dead, a spontaneously combusting laptop - I could go on.

    But what I really liked is that altough it is a comedy episode it is very much a character development story. I have rarely seen as much interaction between the CSI's (especially Ryan and Erik but also Calleigh and Alexx) as in this episode. They play off each other extremely well. The look on Calleigh's face when she realizes that there was a camera filming the spooked Ryan and Erik at the cemetary is just priceless. I will not comment too much on the bomb thing, that seems to have irritated the other reviewers so much. I felt it was a bit over the top, but again, if seen in a comedic context it was great.
  • Not bad but not the greatest

    The voodoo thing was interesting. I didn't think this episode was as bad as the other reviews. Yes it was cheesy. Come on he drives a car, with a bomb about to go off, to the beach in less than 4 minutes?! What about traffic? The woman getting away with murder at the end was a huge letdown.
  • Pure comedic genius. Or plain old, laughably awful writing and acting...You decide!

    Much as I try to restrain myself from commenting on terrible shows I don't watch often, I just can't remain silent after seeing this episode. David Caruso playing Horatio Caine is officially the most eminently mockable actor, and character, on television today. I don't know if the writers insist on the ceasless, unintentionally hilarious "bad@ss" posturing or if Caruso has an unmatched ego that requires it. In either case, the result is 100% ridiculous.

    The sequence in this episode depicting 'H' calmly driving an SUV that's armed with a bomb out to a sparsely populated area to detonate it is an ideal case in point.

    First, is it wise to assume the timer is absolutely correct and that nothing could trigger the device unexpectedly, say, in traffic with dozens of innocent people around? Did he know he wouldn't be stopped by a light, or a traffic jam, keeping him from making his planned destination in time?

    Second, the manner in which he exits the vehicle without a seeming care in the world, walking slooooowly away, then placing his ubiquitous sunglasses over his eyes while uttering aloud, to himself, "Burn baby burn..." was so over the top craptacularly awful I nearly choked on my dinner. Right, aside from the silly posturing, 'H' is so omnicient that he must have calculated the wind speed, position of the planets along with the potential trajectories of every fragment of the vehicle. He apparently wasn't at all concerned about the strong probability of being peppered with fast moving chunks of glass, steel and composites. Nevermind the blast concussion.

    Overall, the plotting and dialogue in this episode (like every episode of this show to be honest) felt as though they were picked randomly out of a raffle bin full of discarded 80's action movie scripts. Shredded 80's action movie scripts...

    How anyone can watch this show and take it seriously I cannot fathom. It doesn't have one ounce of credibility, technically or dramatically. I can imagine someone watching this the same way one might watch TJ Hooker or A Team reruns. Seen that way, the yawning plot holes, cartoonish acting, Knievelesque leaps of logic and instances of deus ex machina could definitely serve as entertainment. But taken seriously? That's a joke. A bad joke. "We Won't Be Fooled Again" should be a mantra for it's viewers.

    By the way, I gave the episode a 1 rather than a zero because all the credits seemed to be spelled correctly and the images and audio seemed to be in synch. It's kind of like getting credit for remembering to write your name on the SAT.
  • well frank we seem to have a swiss cheese plot

    i have complained about the cinematografy before and will do so again, weird cuts, frames in frames and a colorscheme that reminds me of a 70's hotel room distract from the show

    this week we have a case with so many branches it does not need an editor but a gardener

    woman is murdered, we see her "best friend" run and climb into a police lure car, first the husband is the suspect, than his best friend. He however appears to be dead.

    A sprinkle of santeria is added, sending wolfe into a bout of paranoia, he guess what the best friend is not dead he used blowfish poison to help him look dead (with the help of the husband) pity that alexx did not carve him up (subplot 1)

    You see the 2 of them stole 4 mils of gold (subplot 2)

    when the team find out that during the divorce the husband was willing to give up on almost anything to get their burial plots they think, hey that is a good place to bury some gold.

    when they arrive the gold is gone and so is the best friend, well not actualy he has a pickaxe in his belly, so he is dead.

    by know i was hoping somebody would kill the writers as now the victims boyfriend is caught through dna on the axe, a microphone near the grave (idiot subplot) picks up sounds of a second person

    they find out that is the victims "best friend" who is btw also the one that killed her (and wiped of all her prints before telling the police that she found her hello are the cops that stupid in miami?) she returned the gold to the guy it was stolen from in exchange for 1 million dollar reward, nice. The last thing we see is her on some beach, crime does pay sometimes

    oh yeh, we forgot the horratio moment, the lure car (you remember from the beginning, there is a bomb in it, soms gu put in there to revenge his brother, send to jail after getting caught) why he set the timer to a day or more, i don't know, but as always horatio knows with 4 minutes to spare, drives to the beach and cooly walks away as the car blows, burn baby burn indeed

    in a final moment of lets stuff the script natalia gets injured because the glass labtable explodes (delko droped the pickaxe on it and oh who cares, what lab would allow a dangerous glass table to be used?)
  • Unoriginal but in a good kind of way!

    A rare in this show as the show is very
    Funny as heck as it shows H trying to imitate
    Clint Eastwood saying "Burn Baby Burn!" Not just once but twice
    As Ryan is scared as heck as Halloween is approaching the
    Lab. Very funny to see him all scared like he turns
    White as a ghost indeed! While everybody tries to calm him down.
  • Only one word can best describe this episode.

    and that word is \"STUPID\" Stu-pid S-t-u-p-i-d stupid. Miami can be dumb sometimes anyways, but this one is one of the worst. At first I was all \"ok lets see where they take this idea\" then I didn\'t know how much more I could take of it. They SO could have done better. I\'ll admit Ryan being freaked was pretty funny and Eric all \"I\'m not touching it.\" hilarious. but the most of it was stupid.
  • a curse against the lab, wolfe scared as hell hilarious.

    This episode was complete, it was about occult but everythings that happened were explained with a scientic fact: the dead guy, the paralysis of wolfe\'s hands, the injuries of boa vista but please i like CSI Miami but we\'re not dumb he has only 4 min left and he took the car drive it in all Miami goes to the beach get out of the car just like he doing it every single day i mean come on !! i put a ten on this episode because of ryan wolfe he is so good and full of confidence and everything but when a little coffin appears in the case he got scared like a little girl. I loved the scene when the dead guy wake up the way he ran out of the place i think i\'ll do the same thing if i see a dad guy wake up in front of me, I also like the scene in the cemetery delko and him was so nervous and the way he fall so funny !!!

    I don\'t like the fact that they can\'t arrest that girl, i guess that thing really protect her. I have to say the story was well written and even if the all car thing on the beach was a bit to much i loved when H said \"Burn baby Burn\" it\'s a classic i can help it i love him.
  • This episode and the whole season might as well be classified as a comedy show instead of a serious crime scene investigation. What with Caruso\\\\\\\'s pathetic attempts of immitating Clint Eastwood, not that it was the right thing to do also.

    Is David Caruso being a comic here? Is he trying to copy Clint Eastwood\'s way of acting. Viewers would really find this episode and Caruso\'s acting funny. The way he constantly looks down, looks straight without blinking or faces backwards when talking, while trying to be serious and animated as well is a poor and in fact funny immitation of Clint Eastwood. Hahaha! I was laughing instead of holding my breath as the investigation unfolds. I specially liked and was tickled by the way Caruso turns around or walks away, like i was watching a ballet dancer or someone tiptoeing to avoid waking up somebody. Unfortunately, viewers will surely not fall asleep but instead laugh their hearts out. One hilarious scene was when Caruso was leaving the SUV as it explodes. Seems like a poor imitation of one of Mel Gibson\'s action movies or Cat Woman\'s scene where she walks away just as a building blows up.
    While we want to make our viewers enjoy every episodes of CSI: MIAMI, it should not be at the expense of making or turning a serious show into a comedy. If Caruso continues to act the way he does, he might as well join a comedy show.
  • Curse Of The Coffin

    Everything around this murder is going crazy! A lap top they were retrieving all of a sudden went up in flames. A fake lipstick camera in the car, the boy touched proving he was there. Ed faked his death to get his ex wife's burrial to get the gold. the lab woman got injured. Horatio found the bomb on the car and is driving it to dispose it. Danielle helped everything down. Danielle took the curse box with her and that is what is protecting her. Emily Proctor states she does't believe in Curses, although she does believe in Karma.