CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • Mot my favorite storyline

    This was not one of the front - runner episodes. It was a little moronic. I think they could have done better. The camera and the still frame shots at the end and those flashing lights were giving me a headache and making me sick to my stomach. This ws not one of CSI best storyline and I hope next week is better. I hope they don't do anymore Natalia story lines whith her sister and her husband I think by im not sure they are doing one next week I think this time its about her ex husband. They need to get back to real cases. And show more Alex.
  • Life imitating art

    Life imitating art as Eva La Rue's sister who also
    Has a part in the episode is about a murder
    And a kidnapping taking place as the team takes this case
    Very, very personal. Horatio says to the suspect in his custody that although he was acquitted of rape, that doesn't mean that he is not guilty. Great show and it is sad that women were treated so badly!
  • On a note that is given at a toll station, is written: He's going to kill me and there is blood on it. The case gets personal when the blood is from Natalia's sister, Anya!

    I'm kinda sick of the whole Natalia I-am-new-give-me-a-storyline-thing. She has had more personal affairs in the whole series than everyone except Horatio. I said it in my review on 'If looks could kill' too: just because she's in it, doesn't mean she has to become the leading character now. I mean, she's the last one in the credits, then I expect that she's the last one that deserves that much attention. That bothers me a lot. I mean regular characters like Calleigh and Eric don't get that much attention. Off course Eric was important at the end of S4 with Marisol, but that was all tied to Horatio again and even then Natalia became this important person. hello! She's the mole! I would like to know something more about other characters, I mean what do we know about Ryan? He gambled once and has/had a girlfriend who is btw a very annoying journalist. I loved the way Calleigh just kicked her butt; verbally then! I was like rewind, rewind and play again! It was totally Calleigh, with the southern accent and the friendlyness and the beautiful smile when she walked of. I mean, who can hate that girl? She's so smart; she prevented Natalia from saying even more stupid things, since she gets way too emotional in every case. I mean, okay it's her sister but she's lucky that Calleigh's always around to save her! And this was not the first time. Calleigh has always been extremely nice to her although the woman has a horrible sense of fashion. God, what was she wearing?! The story was just weird, but it was good that they let people know that this still happens; that's really important. That Jill girl was really unbelievable btw, you'll see! Average episode, yet it was a very thrilling/exciting episode! You should see it, if alone for the action and thriller-factor, really!
  • Killer posing as a photographer

    The plot was good but could have been much better. I'm getting very tired of the blond news chick. Would someone please shoot her already? Why is Natalia suddenly the new star of the show? Kind of getting sick of the episodes revolving around her and her issues. First there was the new lab, pregnacy scare, mole in the lab, crazy ex-husband, and now her little sister. Enough already.
  • Not the most exciting thing I've ever seen.

    Wow, there are some days where I wish I wasn't proven right and this was one of them. I never particularly like Boa Vista and when I read the episode summary, I was thinknig, "Oh, that does not sound interesting at all." With my faith in the producers, I was hoping for a little bam, a wham, and a ker-splat.

    None of which I got, really.

    Frankly, I was only really watching because of Ryan. He's like the equivelant of Greg Sanders from CSI, only he didn't come from the lab. Although, I have to admit that that guy from the unholstery shop looked creepy enough to be a suspect, and he even seemed almost suspicious with the way he had that pile of papers out. Erika Sikes is one annoying b***h that I love seeing every episode she's on. She brings out the anger in Ryan that most suspects just can't quite do. lol, I like it. When Calleigh was talking with that vic from the boat, I at first thought she succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome, but watching further dismissed that thought. They really did make me think she might have been an accomplice wit the killer, until she started babbling about who he thought she was special. When she said he made her watch, I got the feeling she's not going to ever want to hit the sheets for a very long time.

    I guess this episode was alright, but it could use a little more improvement. Though, I am glad Boa Vista's ex didn't show up. I hate that guy, he's creepy.
  • This is one of the best episodes of late SPOILERS

    This episode is about missing women and it centres roughly around Anya, Natalia's sister. It starts off with a tip off about a missing woman and then moves on to find more and more missing women.

    The main thing to say about this episode is that it is original for CSI Miami and it's fairly good at story telling. The bad parts are Natalia Boa Vista's acting which isn't great this time. The other thing is that it is a bit confusing. Why have the countless other missing women not been reported?

    Another quip about this episode is that it doesn't explore the villain very well, usually with CSI they make a good job of getting to know the killer, this time he appeared on screen for under 3 minutes.

    The story is good and the characters are great in the episode so it's a pretty good episode all together!
  • Amazing

    Oh my god could CSI MIAMI get any better? This episode was so amazing I wish I could watch it over and over again. I was shocked when I read the trivia for this episode that it was based on real life events that coincidentally affected Eva La Rue just like this episode affected Natalia Boa Vista. I have never been a huge Natalia fan but I found this episode nice because we get to learn more about the character with a gripping storyline to help out. Loved seeing Ryan (I always do) in this episode. This episode was definitely CSI MIAMI at it's best.
  • Great episode, I just wanted to give props to Natalie Morales!

    The girl who played Anya Boa Vista was so great, her name is Natalie Morales and shes orignally from miami,Fl but currently lives in L.A pursuing her passion and frankly shes doing an amazing job. I hope we see her again on another episode soon. She added a real and exciting aspect to the episode. My favorite part was when she was in the car and she cut her finger. Her facial expressions were right on and not to mention the fact that shes beautiful. She should be brought into the show regularly it would add some good family touches between her and her sister. Great Job Nat!
  • art imitates life - based on a scary story involving an incident with ELR\'s real life sister

    As it was said in the end of this episode....this story is based in part on the real life sister of Eva La Rue. This makes this episode, which otherwise would be a good episode definitely a very special episode. The story on the kidnapped girls was nicely paced, not boring at all. Again the entire team worked essentially on one case, which usually means that there is enough time to really show some forensic and investigation work....very good. I wanted to smack Erica in her smiling.......face, I wished that Calleigh had done it for me (which she seemed to be going for anyway). Definitely one of the better shows this season. Keep it up, guys!

    Special note: the call out for information on several missing women in the L.A. area done at the end of the episode - this makes us viewers remember that there are real crimes out there, and all the bad things (and probably worse things) happen to real people.....
    this snaps you right back to reality within one millisecond, and rightfully so!
  • they did great again

    very good story based on the real life experience of actress eva larue's sister nika who played a reporter in this episode, they did great doing this episode its just remind us how creepy people can be and how careful young girls have to be. H was more involved in this episode the scene between erica sikes and calleigh was phenomenal it was almost like the were fighting for an other thing that her exclusive reportage (I smelled a carwash) I know i'm getting lost in my imagination.

    Anyway i have to admit that i almost liked boa vista but it was just in this case because for me she's still a mole. The end make me cried when they showed the pictures of the real missing girls I was very sad for their families but i was also mad at that bradford guy he's going to rot in hell for what he did to these girls !!!!!

  • Based on a True Story that was very outstanding.

    This episode of CSI Miami is a very specail episode because it was based on a real story that happened over twenty years ago. This episode was about a women being kidnapped by a phitographer and whats really scary about it is that the women who is kidnapped is Natlias sister who hands a toll both a bloody five dollar bill. The CSI team goes out looks for her and ends up saving her.