CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • On a note that is given at a toll station, is written: He's going to kill me and there is blood on it. The case gets personal when the blood is from Natalia's sister, Anya!

    I'm kinda sick of the whole Natalia I-am-new-give-me-a-storyline-thing. She has had more personal affairs in the whole series than everyone except Horatio. I said it in my review on 'If looks could kill' too: just because she's in it, doesn't mean she has to become the leading character now. I mean, she's the last one in the credits, then I expect that she's the last one that deserves that much attention. That bothers me a lot. I mean regular characters like Calleigh and Eric don't get that much attention. Off course Eric was important at the end of S4 with Marisol, but that was all tied to Horatio again and even then Natalia became this important person. hello! She's the mole! I would like to know something more about other characters, I mean what do we know about Ryan? He gambled once and has/had a girlfriend who is btw a very annoying journalist. I loved the way Calleigh just kicked her butt; verbally then! I was like rewind, rewind and play again! It was totally Calleigh, with the southern accent and the friendlyness and the beautiful smile when she walked of. I mean, who can hate that girl? She's so smart; she prevented Natalia from saying even more stupid things, since she gets way too emotional in every case. I mean, okay it's her sister but she's lucky that Calleigh's always around to save her! And this was not the first time. Calleigh has always been extremely nice to her although the woman has a horrible sense of fashion. God, what was she wearing?! The story was just weird, but it was good that they let people know that this still happens; that's really important. That Jill girl was really unbelievable btw, you'll see! Average episode, yet it was a very thrilling/exciting episode! You should see it, if alone for the action and thriller-factor, really!