CSI: Miami

Season 2 Episode 4

Death Grip

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2003 on CBS

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  • Season 2 Episode 4

    The episode starts off with a scene where two girls are shown sleeping in their beds, and it appears that someone breaks into their room. In the next scene, the younger of the girls is shown hiding in the room, and tells the CSIs her sister was taken by a monster. This prompts a state-wide search for the girl, who is a budding young tennis player. Turns out, she had just run off with her boyfriend who had climbed in through her bedroom window. However, it is discovered that her boyfriend, also her tennis instructor, had previously killed several of his young players, and he is taken away, yadda yadda yadda. Not one of CSI Miamis best episodes, but ok nonetheless. Gotta love Horatio at the end though when he puts the reporter in his place.
  • Death Grip

    A teen comes up missing. A man comes in at night and gets the girl while she sleeps. The girls arm is found on the ground. An alligator tooth is found in the remaining arm. Purple fibers are being found in a lot of places. The woman's arm was not Dana's they had consentual sex she says. The man thought that she was 18 years of age, but in reality she is 16 years old. She was a hispanic girl that the croc ate. The man was her tutor. He had a relationship wit her too, but then killed her.
  • I chose revealing because you learn more about crocodiles and alligators than you do about much else - except the stupidity of a certain tennis pro.

    A young girl is kidnapped from her bedroom in the middle of the night and all stops are pulled out to find her. There's some initial interest in a local sex offender, but actually the truth is more complex. She was a tennis student - the next Venus or Serena as her parents put it - but her relationship with her tennis pro teacher is a little more than teacher/student.

    Virginia Madsen - a deeply underrated/underused actress - is great as the distraught mother and the story pans out quite well. When an arm is discovered having been chomped on by an alligator in comes real life expert Jeff Corwin to explain that it's actually been eaten by a crocodile.

    There are a few too many lectures in this episode for my taste. Jeff Corwin gets to let us know about the endangered species and we are told at great length about the difference in approach to the investigation of the disappearance of white, middle class girls and hispanic ones. All very important issues, but they could have been slightly more cleverly placed. They appear a bit clunky here.

    I wasn't wholly convinced by the culprit - what exactly what his motive? He wasn't actually committing a crime by seducing the girls, even though they were young. His motives for killing Consuela didn't really come across - it seems like his prime motivation was seduction not murder and he could have got away with it a lot longer.

    I do like the scene with Delko & Calleigh where he says to get any police involvement you have to be blonde and blue-eyed. No offence. None taken, says Calleigh, my eyes are green. It's unfortunate that given her pony tails and the lighting it's not actually obvious she's even really blonde!