CSI: Miami

Season 2 Episode 4

Death Grip

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2003 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When the mom tosses her rose into the water there is one already there. But when Horatio tosses in his rose, there is only one rose already in the water, there should be two, the mother's and the father's.

    • Delko attended the University of Miami.

    • Goof: There are at least three rackets in the sequence. The racket given to the dead girl might not be one in the sequence but it gave them the idea to check every one of his students for gift rackets as well as his own personal rackets.

    • Goof: In this episode, it is stated for the first half hour that the missing young girl is 14, and then the CSI crew find out she's 16 after she is found in the Motel room. But in the show's first 5 minutes, when Horatio takes the Missing photo, and info printout out of the computer, it CLEARLY STATES her date of birth as August 15th, 1987 thus making her 16.

    • Goof: The investigators link the missing girl (Consuela) to the tennis pro by showing that the string which bound her foot matched the string on her tennis racket (given by the killer) to the spool of string in his bag. Like so: foot matches the racket matches the spool. However, this would mean that first string off the spool was for the foot - (the girl being bound or dead), then the next string off the spool would be for the racket (which he gave her as a gift). An impossible sequence.

  • Quotes

    • (while examining the crocodile's stomach contents)
      Jeff: Nothing unusual... some fish... some crab... some... a foot.

    • Speed: (to Calleigh, while watching a sex tape recovered as evidence) Now that's different...
      Calleigh: Someone's been doing yoga!

    • Jake Grant: (Journalist with the Sun Times doing a story on CSI)
      It's a list of names…
      Horatio: Yes. In the last 12 months, Jake, 7 Hispanic girls and 5 black girls disappeared right here in Miami and not one of them made it to the front page.
      Jake Grant: What's your point?
      Horatio: What's my point? Make it your next story!

    • (While, strictly for business, Calleigh and Speedle are watching a "hot" video tape)
      A colleague: You guys have a stapler?
      Calleigh: No, but you are the third one to ask in the last 10 minutes. Do you want us to burn you a copy?

    • Calleigh: So I guess the kidnapper was driving a red sports car. It's not exactly subtle…
      Speed: Neither is murder.

    • Eric: If you want any real attention in this world, you've got to have blonde hair and blue eyes... no offence.
      Calleigh: None taken, my eyes are green.

    • Horatio: I'm the fibre king.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Germany: Stück für Stück (Bit by Bit)
      Brazil: Jogo Mortal (Deadly Game)
      Czech Republic: Smrtící stisk (Deadly Grip)

    • Sara Paxton (Lana Walker) also appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, in the second season episode Burden of Proof.

    • Featured Music:
      Baxter by Gonna Make It There
      Gabriel by Lamb
      I Am Loco by Ill Nino

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