CSI: Miami

Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

A man is being chased in a park by other men. They catch him, and the chasing men continue to punch and kick him. The team arrives at the scene. The man is a known child molester, Philip Gordon. Alexx, who lives in the neighborhood, finds wounds all over the body, and also a stab wound. As the body is wheeled away, Eric finds round blood spots on his shoe, which means he was stabbed before he ran. Eric follows the blood trail to the playground where he finds a kid's cell phone. Tracing the calls speed-dialed by the cell, Horatio visits the father, Victor Terraza. The girl, Isabel, had screamed for help when Philip tried to pull her down. Victor says he rushed his daughter home and didn't know who the man was, nor the men who chased him. The girl has holes in her tights and blood on her dress so Horatio needs to process her. Alexx processes the body with Calleigh. Philip died from running; the fatty tissue had sealed the stab wound but running made him bleed under the fat. Calleigh notices a shoeprint on his face. There is green fertilizer in his hair and in his clothes, which was sprayed in the park that morning. The suspect would have the green stuff. The shoe belongs to Victor Terraza. He had chased Philip and kicked him in the face, but no stabbing. He knew who Philip was, not from the websites but from posters all over the neighborhood. Eric and Ryan look around the neighborhood and find remains of posters on the trees. They find one crumpled poster. The prints on the poster belong to Alexx. When the team finds out about Alexx posting the posters, Horatio soon confronts her, but she said she was only protecting her children. After the confrontation with Horatio she still isn't out of the woods; her boss, Dr. Gary Halliwell, seems to also want to have a word with her. He compliments her ability to do her job well, but however thinks Horatio and his team are clouding her judgement as a doctor; he seems to have gotten wind of her perscribing Ryan Wolfe with medication. So he wants her to switch to the night shift, so her rep will be good enough for a promotion. We then are again left with the realization that there IS in fact a "mole" in the lab. She then asks Ryan whom he had told about her giving him the perscriptions for the antibiotics to help with his eye. He replies that he hadn't told anyone about that situation. We then hear a conversation with Ryan and Horatio where Ryan says very seriously, "I don't know how long I can keep this up, H" then Horatio replies to trust him, "This will not fall on you." We suspect that this is about the mole and they are trying to lear him/her out.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Calleigh have a little of an argument over the case. Ryan suggests that it was wrong for Alexx to have put up the posters, being in the field she is in, he thinks she should have known better. Calleigh then comes out with, "Would you have rather it been a little girl on Alexx's table?" and Ryan then tells her he would rather it not be anyone. Calleigh then suggests that isn't always possible in the real world, and Ryan says he knows all about the real world from his job in patrol. This subject looked a little too close to home for Ryan Wolfe...but then the tension is broken when Eric walks into the room asking if he had just broken up a rumble. He then fills them in on the case and before leaving says "Take it easy on each other will ya!" Later on when Ryan is asked about his "HUGE" fight with Calleigh by Aaron, he says it isn't his business, and goes about his work.

After the team pursue (i) Ned Ostroff, a former sex offender who had mailed a porn bomb to Philip but was later threatened by a masked man (the gun left a bruise on Ned which matches the gun owned by Victor Terraza), (ii) former victims of Philip, one whose mother only reported a break-in and not the sexual assault, (iii) Hailey Gordon, the wife of brother of Philip, who had lied about her whereabouts that morning, and (iv) Victor who had threatened Ned and also carried a knife (but the blade is not a match to the wound), it is revealed that the person who killed the child molester was none other than his brother, Robert Gordon, who had let Philip stay with him and his wife "until he got on his feet." Which wasn't easy, having people vandalise his home and throw rocks through the windows; couldn't have been easy for anyone, especially the man's wife. She was pregnant after three years of trying but due to the stress of her husband's brother, so she says, lost the baby. Her husband finally confronted his brother at the playground (which he wasn't suppose to be within a hundred feet of) and he knew he will never change, so he stabbed him.

Alexx refuses to switch to the night shift; she says that she likes working with Horatio and his team. She says they are the best and she deserves the best. She says she wouldn't leave them, they are her "family", just for a couple of extra bucks a week. So Alexx will stay on the day shift where she belongs.

Upon the arrest of the brother, Ryan says he hopes the judge takes it easy on him, cause he feels bad for him. Calleigh standing beside him replies
"A killer is a killer."
"Do you really believe that?" Ryan asks.
"Personally, no. Professionally, yes, and I am still on the clock. You wanna ask me again in about an hour over a beer?" she says.
"Oh, you're not mad at me? Cos I heard we got into a really big fight today." he jokes.
"Don't believe everything you hear." she replies.

So yes guys she does ask him out! If it escalates, not sure. BUT we can always hope!
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