CSI: Miami

Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • The guy gets stabbed by his brother and still he goes to the playground to play with the kids and get chased by an angry mob.

    The major plot flaw was that the guy gets stabbed by his brother and still he goes to the playground to play with the little girl. He gets a large knife slash on his back and a fatal knife stab. No need to call 911 or a doctor or go home for a band aid. It's quite a stretch to the plot just make the twist come at the end.

    In this episode, Alexx gets more air time. She is a good character, even though she calls her corpses, "baby". She helps her friends and stands for what she believes. Her boss seems like a jerk.
  • One of the worst episode in CSI: Miami.

    CSI: Miami is getting worse and worse. And this is a very good episode that warns me: stop wasting your time to watch CSI: Miami. Something is terriblely wrong with CSI: Miami, this is the worst episode in CSI: Miami I had ever watch. Alexx is found guilty when her fingerprints are found in a poster. Oh great, another character in the show has been framed, just like Eric in the previous episode, when he is framed using drugs. Can the writers be more creative? Others than framing the characters, killing the characters? What the hell is wrong with the writers? CSI: Vegas and CSI: NY is great, but CSI: Miami, is the worst.
  • Deviant

    A convicted child molester is found dead in Alexx's neighborhood. 4 father of the children who were child molested beat the crap out of the child molester. The child molester was stabbed before he ran. A cell phone for children was found right before the blood drops were found. The father admits to beating the crap out of the molester. Alexx put up the posters of the child molester. Ned sent child pornography to the vic's computer. A victim threw the rock into the window. Phillip was killed with his own knife. The brother killed him. Alexx turns down a promotion to stay with the team.
  • Alex takes a stand!

    I think Alex, who I really love the most, doesn't get enough airtime and wished that she did get some
    Airtime in. But this episode, she really did as she
    Thought that she would be held responsible for trying to get rid of a child molester.
    Hey I wouldn't want a child molester near my children.
    She almost lost her job all because of it.
    Glad that she didn't though!
  • While not the greatest example of this incredible series, any viewer, fan or not, would appreciate this episode as a good one.

    Maybe it's just me, but this show seems to be getting a little more drama than Crime Scene Investigating. Not that it is a letdown or anything, I have just always appreciated the scrime solving aspect of the show, and Alexx and her possibility of leaving the show, as well as some other drama in this episode seemed to leave my attention drifting.

    Me giving this a 9.2 shows that even a decent episode of CSI: Miami is a great episode overall.
  • A very good episode with a difficult storyline.

    I think CSI did a good job with this episode. THis not unlike a lot of other stories done on television crime shows, because we here about Pedophiles moving into neighborhoods all the time. I am glad to see that Alex choice loyalty to the team over a cushy promotion. I also think Caine and Wolfe suspect who the mole is and are trying to flush him/her out. Next weeks previews look pretty good. I cant wait.
  • Knock Knock CSI Writers

    OK basically since "Nailed," this season of CSI: Miami has been irritating me, and I've even gone as far as calling it my new favorite comedy. However this episode has brought Miami back up to the CSI bar set by it's founder CSI (Las Vegas). Perhaps the Miami writers got some advice and hints from the Las Vegas. This episode is exciting from the opening sequences to the ending where for the first time in a long time (for any CSI series) the killer turns out to be the Not Obvious Suspect. There's even a moment when you have to wonder if one of the CSI main characters is the killer and that is always a fun storyline. This episode reminded me of why I watch this show every week. The remaining question at the end of this episode is of course, "What is Wolfe up to?" and man, I can't wait to find out.
  • When the team investigates the murder of a child molester in Alexx's neighborhood it is soon known that she put posters up about him. After her confrontation with both her boss, and Horatio, she is left to choose between a job promotion or the loyalty to

    I was happy to see Alexx get some more screen time. She did a very great job with keeping her head after her confrontations with her boss and Horatio. Also, I was espesially pleased to see the Ryan and Calleigh interactions. Her asking him out was a great start to a budding relationship!
  • I got scared when I thought Alex was going to leave the show.

    This episode gave me a chill a half and hour into the show when I thought Alex was going to have to do the nightshift after posting pictures of a sexual prediture in her nieberhood. The episode though kind of pissed me off; you know the CSI's chasing down a sexual peditues murder but I guess thats life.
  • Alexx finally got more screen time

    I'm very interested in knowing who the mole is. I'm curious what the exchange between Caine and Ryan meant. I'm glad Delko is no longer dating that one woman. I knew the brother had to be the killer. The wife looked too weak to manage anything. I hated how they made Alexx look weak in the episode.