CSI: Miami

Season 4 Episode 18

Double Jeopardy

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • Over the top

    While I really liked this episode, I thought it was a bit over-the-top. I mean, come on, in one episode we have a case of double jeopardy, copycat murder, hate crime, not one but three murderers, and tons of bizarre evidence. Each of these makes sense on its own, but a combination of all of these in one crime?

    And frankly, some of these didn't really make sense together. If this was a hate crime (the husband hated the discovery that his wife was half-black), why did the husband "practice" by killing a random white woman? Wouldn't a real black-hater kill blacks, not whites? How come was he so comfortable killing a random white person, but couldn't go through with killing the black wife he hated?

    Moreover, there were too much "convenient" evidence, which altogether seem very unlikely. The first victim was conveniently tied with an airplane-specific chain that leave distinctive marks. How convenient... And the third victim was redressed with pantihose which only people from Connecticut would use (?!) and conveniently had the murderer's nail fall on it...If she was redressed with ordinary pants, they wouldn't have even suspected the mistress?

    So altogether, not a very realistic episode, but a very enjoyable one.
  • Double Jeopardy

    Melissa's body has never been found. The husband was having an affair. The defendant (husband) was found not guilty. A fisherman fuond Mellissa's body. Her fingers were cut off. Possitive match. The weight bells were found were mellissa's body was. The husband was a white supremacist. The wife was half black. They're was antoher vic. Debera was killed by Mr. Massey. Teresa may have been his practice. There was some blood at the girlfriends house. Steven's calling card was in the apt. of the dead girl. Found Teresa's body in a land fill that was atop a drained river. The helper was Allison.
  • Very Interesting

    I like the part where Eric kid of tells that nosy reporter that he is not going to talk to her about the case and then walks away. He is hot... So is lieutenant Caine (for an older guy) and so is Ryan.Ryan.Ryan.The only upsetting part was where they find the guy who murdered his wife but cant do anything because of the Double Jeopardy law. But thats the way it is in reality as well. You cant get charged for the same crime twice. so if you committed a crime and was either charged or not guilty you can not be tried for the same crime.
  • Awesome eppy.

    The episode was amazing. When I first saw it on television, two words; KA-BAAM! Megan could have been good in this episode, I guess though. I'd give it an overall 10.0 (like all my reviews), there were just repeating old eppys around the week though. Their was one part I had diffuculty. I think it was happening at the end or the middle of episode. Well, anyways thanks for reading my review for the eppy. Peace out. This review is written for the television (TV for short) series ,CSI: Miami. I really need to fill this up, so yea bye! BYE!
  • Man found not guilty of murdering wife

    They have done this over and over again as the
    Husband didn't murder his wife and that the team was
    Going to find out what really happened because the man is
    Indeed guilty of murdering his wife. The acting and writing
    Really holds up the plot and that Caruso and company do it over and over again.
  • Not one of the better episodes this year, but still ok.

    I feel this episode has the resemblence of the Lacy Peterson case, with the exception of the girlfriend. Also, with this episode it is like whoever the mole is nothing happened with it. Get on with it alright, stop dragging it out. One or two episode you talk about it but then the next you dont.
  • Nothing surprising...

    I really like Csi:Miami, it's a great show to watch, but I haved to admit it's getting kind of predictable.
    2 minutes into the show, while in the courtroom to hear the verdict, I had already known that the guy wasn't innocent, but not fully to blame for this crime. I knew it was his girlfriend. She had motive and it usually always goes in that direction. A bit further into the episode I was completely convinced, and that's when I knew that the writers aren't as imaginative as they first were when I started watching the show.
    I find that it lacks the eliment of surprise.
  • Did he or didn't he... who cares

    This episode got on my last nerve. The murderer was a cocky jerk and his bimbo girlfriend deserved the needle. I felt sorry for the father of the murdered wife. Finding the test victim was interesting. I'm waiting for something to happen with the mole situation and the state's attorney lady.

    OK, I think I'm done watching this show.

    First of all:"The verdict might be in, Frank, but the jury's still out"


    What does that mean?

    Alexx doesn't need to check DNA, Horatio knows it's the victim they were looking for...it's her favorite dress! And since the designer only made the one she's wearing, it just HAS to be her, right?

    It's becoming more and more implausible. The cops-CSI (!) are doing too much of their own lab-research and Horatio is talking more and more with his back to people (doesn't look tough to me, just rude).

    Maybe if it weren't a CSI installment I wouldn't be so severe. But then again, I probably wouldn't watch it. Even the amiable Emily Proctor won't be able to keep me on this beach!

    The original CSI downplays the "hot" factor while subtly exploiting it for all it's worth. The scripts are good and intelligent, and they poke fun of the fact that "on TV, they cut it down to an hour". CSI:NY is starting to take themselves less seriously and the show has greatly improved.

    I'm sorry but CSI:Miami has gone too far