CSI: Miami

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

A group of women are pampering themselves at the Hypnotique Spa. The serenity is interrupted when a group of masked men enter and yell at them to get out of the water and down on the ground. A security guard enters and is knocked down by one of the masked men. His gun slides across the floor and Marisol reaches for it but is grabbed and thrown to the side by one of the masked men. The women are herded into the locker rooms where they are told to empty their purses and lockers. One of the women takes out pepper spray and sprays it on one of the men. Another man shoots her. The masked men run out and take off in cars stolen from the women. Horatio arrives at the scene and Tripp tells him that the men weren't armed until they took the gun off the security guard. The gun was then used to shoot Victoria Morena. The pepper spray would have left burn marks so Tripp has alerted the hospitals in case he tries to get help. Victoria is alive and is being taken care of by paramedics. Horatio asks if there were any witnesses and Tripp hesitates. He then tells Horatio that Marisol was there. She is alright, but Horatio is worried. He wants her to go to the hospital to get checked out. He promises her he will find the men who did this. The goal of the robbery was obviously the cars. The robbers took a Lamborghini, a Viper, and an Aston Martin. All three cars have GPS trackers. Delko arrives, very worried about Marisol. Horatio tells him that she is at the hospital and she is okay. Delko wants to go to the hospital to be with her but Horatio tells him he needs to stay and do his job. Horatio is on his way to see her and he will call Delko if anything changes. Delko is visibly upset and he seems bothered by Horatio being by Marisol's side and not Delko. One of the paramedics tells Delko and Calleigh that Victoria had blood sprays around her mouth. This happened through CPR but it was already there when the paramedics came. Whoever gave her CPR saved her life. Delko notices blood spray on one of the massage therapists and goes to talk to him. His name is Peter Nealy. He confirms that he gave her CPR but he didn't want to say anything since he might get sued if she dies. Calleigh goes inside and finds the bullet. She also finds a peep hole. She goes out to Delko, who is asking Nealy how come no one saw him pass through the women's pool area when he went to help Victoria. Calleigh says he came from the closet where he was watching the women. He says he had nothing to do with the robbery but Delko doesn't believe him. He has him brougth in. Billy Robinson, the man sprayed with pepper spray, tries to check himself into a hospital but is brought in to the police station instead. Horatio, who was there with Marisol, comes with him. Billy claims he got stung by a bee but neither Horatio nor Tripp are buying it. They found the Aston Martin parked by the hospital. He admits to having been at the spa and tied up the guard, but he didn't shoot Victoria. He refuses to tell them who the other two men were. Cooper tracks the Viper to the pier, Wolfe suspects the robbers are planning on shipping it overseas. They find the GPS unit but not the car. Delko finds the Lamborghini and talks to the driver, Hayden Cruise. Hayden says he just bought the car and had nothing to do with the robbery. He got the car from his car guy, Joe. Delko impounds the car and Hayden worries about the money he spent on it. Delko is clearly annoyed by his arrogance, knowing that his sister could have been the one shot. The point is that Marisol did not even get shot, so Delko needs to stop thinking negative. Dumb Delko does not even ask Hayden if he would be able to describe the thief's face to a sketch artist. Back at the lab Wolfe and Calleigh examine the GPS unit. It was removed with a torch and the heat forced whoever did it to use a vice grip. It has left marks which tells them it's an older tool. They head down to the garage to look at some chopped cars to see if they can find a match. When they do they are lead to an auto theft ringleader, Carvell Watson. He is out on bail but that's about to change. Calleigh goes over to the auto body shop and pretends to be a woman who smashed her Viper door and needs it fixed before her husband finds out. The man at the counter gets the owner, Watson, who tells her they got some Viper doors in that day. Calleigh flashes her badge and takes him in. Victoria has just died and Alexx is about to do an autopsy. Victoria died of cardiac arrest, her heart gave up after the trauma. Horatio notes that the case has been upgraded from robbery to murder and tells Alexx to have Delko examine her head. One of the robbers gave her a kick there. Meanwhile Watson is being questioned by Calleigh and claims he was set up. He didn't know the Viper doors were stolen. Calleigh doesn't believe him since they also found the purses stolen at the spa. Delko is processing Victoria's body and obviously having a hard time with it. He can't forget that it could have been Marisol. He finds traces in her hair. Victoria's husband shows up and Delko sympathises with him but he needs him to leave. Delko gives the traces he found to Aaron who determines that it's sucros and potassium carbonate, the latter being wood ash. There is a sugar mill that's recently burned in Miami, and Delko guesses it's now a chop shop. Horatio and Wolfe arrive at the sugar mill with a SWAT team. The Viper is being stripped. They storm in and throw the thieves down on the ground. Another man, Joe Tanner, bursts into the room with a shot gun. Wolfe has a clear shot but freezes and Horatio ends up being the one who shoots Tanner. Wolfe is visibly shaken by what just happened. Horatio tells him that he did not have a clear shot, that must be the official story. Rick Stetler interviews Wolfe who goes with Horatio's story even though he knows it's a lie. Delko finds pepper spray on Tanner, which makes him one of the three robbers. However he is not the shooter, since the shooter was standing too far away to get any pepper spray on him. One robber is still at large and the situation gets worse when Delko checks the stolen purses and finds that the IDs have been taken. The shooter now has the adresses and the keys to the women at the spa and will probably be attempting home invasion. A police car is sent to every house that might be invaded. One of the women, Cynthia Gilmore, is found gagged and tied up in her house. She tells Horatio that the man who tied her up he wore a mask so she didn't see his face. He took her Blackberry and told her he was going after her rich friends. Too many women are now targeted for them to be able to keep a policeman watching every house. Delko and Wolfe process the scene and Wolfe notes that Watson is off the hook since he was in custody when the house was robbed. They don't find any prints but they take the rope used to tie Cynthia, hoping that there might be some DNA on it. Delko is surprised when he learns that the DNA belongs to Javier Morena, Victoria's husband. Delko is stunned and brings him in for questioning. Javier says he wasn't at the spa and he didn't tie Cynthia up today. However he has tied her up before, they were having an affair and were into S&M. He has pictures to prove it. This gives Calleigh an idea. She thinks Nealey might have taken pictures of the women he spied on at the spa, and perhaps even of the robbery. Wolfe finds a pen among Nealey's belongings, a pen which has a camera. He takes it to Cooper who gets the pictures into the computer. The robbery is in fact on the photos but the shooter is not Javier. He sports a tattoo which doesn't help them much at the moment, but if they make an arrest they will be able to tell if they've got the right guy. Cooper can't pass up the opportunity to tease Wolfe about what happened at the chop shop. This touches a nerve. Cooper didn't mean any offense but Wolfe is angry and repeats Horatio's claim that he didn't have a clean shot. Horatio is met up by a very worried Delko who wants to know where Marisol is. Horatio says she's still at the hospital but Delko is still worried. She's not answering her cell phone and the alarm went off at her house. They hurry over there and find the shooter from the spa lying dead on the floor, shot with his own gun. Delko recognises him, he worked at Watson's shop. He is no longer a threat, but they need to find out who killed him. Horatio meets up with Marisol and tells her to go to his place instead of home. He wants her to stay with him until they catch whoever killed the man in her house. She hesitates, not wanting to be a bother, but he doesn't mind having her at his house. The shooter from the spa is now with Alexx and Calleigh, the latter upset that she met him at the car shop but let him go. Alexx tells her not to beat herself up about it and hands her the bullet. Calleigh notes that it appears he was shot with his own gun. Alexx finds signs of struggle, including a mark on his arm. He seems to have been grabbed by someone wearing gloves. Calleigh proceeds to find the gloves used and Delko recognises the pattern. It's driving gloves. The same gloves worn by Hayden, the guy Delko pulled over earlier in the day. They bring Hayden in. He is amused that they think they can convict him on this, it seems too random for a jury to buy it and his father is an important man. This doesn't impress Delko and Horatio. They manage to get Hayden to admit he followed the shooter to a house and had an argument with him. Hayden was upset that he had been sold a stolen car and wanted his money back, but it was clear he was not going to get it. They argued and Hayden turned the gun on its owner and shot him. It is Delko's stupid fault for not asking Hayden to talk to a sketch artist. Wolfe is heading home and runs into Calleigh in the locker room. She asks if he froze because of his eye and Wolfe says he wished it did but he just lost his nerve. Calleigh points out that he's been in the lab for a long time, the change of suddenly being back in the field might have thrown him off. He isn't convinced, but thanks her for the effort. Horatio goes home to Marisol. She is clearly preoccupied. She has been so busy trying to stay alive that she has forgotten to live. There are so many things in life she hasn't done yet. Most importantly she has never had a baby. Horatio tells her it's not too late. Marisol is surprised. The two of them are dating, if she had a baby she would be having it with him. Clearly that doesn't scare Horatio. They share a look and it's clear that having a baby together is something they are both interested in.

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