CSI: Miami

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on CBS

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  • Three masked men rob a group of wealthy women (among them Delko's ailing sister Marisol) at a day spa. One woman sprays one the robbers with pepper spray and is shot and killed. Horatio and his team soon realize there is more to the robbery.


    I enjoyed this episode from start to finish (especially the scenes of the ladies at the spa YEAH BABY!) but I did have a problem with it. When Horatio, Ryan and SWAT raid the chop shop a man, who is one of the robbers, runs out with a shotgun, loads it and then just stands there with a look on his face like his underwear is too tight for almost ten seconds. Ryan for some reason has the man in his sights but freezes up. Horatio finally shoots the man dead. Why didn't the man fire? A good, but flawed episode.

  • Good episode.

    This episode is written by Ildy Modrovich and direted by Eagle Egilsson. After a group of wealthy women are robbed at a luxury day spa, evidence leads the CSIs to believe that this is a part of a much larger car chopping scam and each of these women are being targeted for a home robbery. Matters become worse when Horatio discovers that Marisol was also at the spa during robbery and he must now protect her when her life is threatened. Meanwhile, Ryan must deal with the fallout after he freezes during a shootout. Good episode. I love it. The only thing I don't get it is why Ryan freezes during the shootout? He didn't tell us the reason, is it because of his eyes??
  • More focus on the characters that the crime - murder in a health spa and theft of luxury cars.

    The plot of this episode was secondary to what was what going on with the characters this week but none of it was particularly well done and though I hate dissing this show the writers of this episode didn't do a very good job...My list of gripes are as follows- Horatio and Marisol are apparantly dating - yet he hadn't known she was spending the day at the spa? Neither, it seemed, did Eric who is supposed to be so close to his sister. Horatio, normally so caring and understanding, won't let Eric go to the hospital with Marisol but insists he stays at the crime scene (this was the cue for Eric to act out the rest of the episode with a rather annoying "worried frown" on his face)
    Eric and Natalia had obviously had a falling out which was later edited out of the episode - therefore the reference they make to this incident later should have been removed too - it was just confusing.
    I thought Ryan's problem was with his eyes - now he's losing confidence in an armed situation too? Loved the part where Horatio lets him know he'll cover for him by saying he didn't have a clear shot, but thought in reality Horatio, as his boss, would have wanted to talk it through with Ryan afterwards - this didn't happen.
    One minute, we're led to believe Horatio and Marisol have an intimate relationship, the next they're acting like strangers as though lots of different writers are involved and they never speak to each other to reach a common goal.
    Finally, Horatio tells Marisol it's not too late to have a baby, and this scene convinced me that he does this for her because it's what he always does - helping people in distress - he has lost the real love of his life - Yelena - so he'll give Marisol what she wants in whatever time she has left - if this is not the case, then the directors have no idea how to deal with a love scene - Horatio's love for Yelena was always plain to see - with Marisol you are never sure whether he is in love with her, or just feels protective of her.
    Basically this episode should have had someone on the production side calling a meeting with directors and writers and demanding some consistency and a return to all the things that make Csi Miami so good.
    The actors do their best and are an excellent cast, but at times during this they seemed a bit weary with the silliness of it all.
  • The storyline doesn't make sense.

    This episode suffered from a major inconsistency... The timeline is completely off.

    Early in the episode Delko tracks down one of the stolen cars and questions the driver. Later on the shooter from the spa gets shot and shows signs of struggle. They compair the marks on his arm with the gloves from the guy Delko talked to earlier (Hayden I think his name was) and find that they are a match. The problem is that the only way they could have compared the glove was if they had it, which Delko says they did. He took it from Hayden when he pulled him over. But then how could Hayden have worn it when he shot the other guy, since that happened hours after he got pulled over? It just doesn't make sense.

    And something else that didn't make sense, at least not to me. Boa Vista appeared in one scene, in which she was mad at Delko over something and said that she was "only worried about Marisol". Huh? Why is she mad at him? There was no earlier scene to explain this, unless the episode was re-edited before it aired abroad.

    Oh, and one more thing that confused me. I don't really get how serious the relationship between Horatio and Marisol is. It seems to be very inconsistent. When he tells her to stay with him for a few days she reacts as if it's some huge favour he is doing her and she seems very surprised that he would want her to stay with him. Yet she obviously has the key to his place since he doesn't give her one when she gets in the car to be taken there. If she has the key she's obviously stayed there before. Plus, if she wants to have his baby and actually dares to tell him that, wouldn't they be committed enough that they would be spending the night at each other's place all the time?

    Too many things that didn't make sense in this episode... Not one of my favorites!
  • In a luxurious spa, all the women are robbed. One woman, Victoria protests by using pepperspray against a carjacker. She gets shot. Ryan freezes when he has to do a routine job.

    I really liked this episode. It had more emotions and personal stuff in it than usually. I liked that. They don't that very often, they actually do it seldom, but then again that's one of the reasons why I keep watching CSI Miami. I liked the fact that there were conversations between Marisol and Horatio, but I want more. It's was not very clear if there something more going, until Horatio said that it wasn't to late to have a baby. I loved that! Although I loved the scene between Calleigh and Ryan, I again thought that the meaning of it was not very clear. But since they showed the scene, it was clear that it meant something, otherwise they don't show that kind of scenes. I really really liked it, but I always have the feeling that calleigh has to take the lead. Is that just me? I mean, she's the one that asked Ryan to go out for a drink and she was the one that flashed him such a beautiful smile. And with the episode today, it was the same thing. She looked right thrue him, she just knew that it wasn't his sight. God I am happy that Horatio said to Wolfe what he had to do. When he said thanks (that was so silent, I almost thought he didn't want to say it) and she said "you would've done the same thing for me", it was like he didn't agree with her. He is always so hesitant, I mean man, she obviously cares about you! I almost doubted if he liked her! I know that's really bad, but hey cut me some slack, his behavious was strange. She was very clear, but Ryan... I'm not so sure anymore. BTW, I loved it when he went all mad at Cooper!!! That was fun!
  • The crime is not the important part of this episode, it's the relationship between the characters.

    This is one of those episodes that makes me irritated with this show! The writers had started to do better again and were doing well trying to reach that high bar set by the original CSI, but then they just sizzled out. There were some great moments during the mundane though. The mole storyline is getting increasingly more tense, and the writers seem desperate to make us, the audience, believe Cooper is the mole. I, personally, hope it’s not him, since it’s becoming too obvious if he turns out to be the mole. Ryan has officially become my favorite character this season, because his storyline is now the best on the show. I’m a bit put off by the potential relationship between Ryan and Calleigh that the writers seem to be hinting at. Eric needs a more believable storyline, and Calleigh frankly just needs a storyline. I don’t want to give anything anyway, but the relationship and the ending with H is just too unbelievable to me. Ok, enough about the characters and their personal storylines, on to the actual crime. It was a decent crime, but a tad bit boring. The best scenes this week were all Ryan’s: the one in the Chop Shop, the face off with Cooper, and the (cheesy but well-done) bit with Calleigh in the locker room. And is it just me or is Jonathan Togo getting hotter every episode?
  • Not that exciting

    The episode was ok but not the best. The guys robbing the spa was original though. The husband having an affair was not necessary to add to the plot but I guess you need at least one red herring. Ryan freezing up was stupid. I don't see that really happening.
  • This was a good episode & I liked the cars.

    I really liked this episode too bad the cars werent shown more. The plot was good and well acted. I felt bad for Marisol, she just cant seem to get a break. Hopefully her cancer will go into remission and the producers will keep her around. I think she is good for Horatio & I agree with the other writer he should have shown some more emotion towards her at the end. Also, what was the deal with Ryan. Was this all part of the plan to find out who the mole in the lab is or did he just not see the guy or what?
  • Nearly naked women and hot cars, what more could a criminal want?

    This week's episode is another one-crime for the whole gang event.

    The criminals in question, hold-up the women's bath area of a posh spa, binding the security guard, stealing his weapon, shooting one of the women, and taking car keys and purses. In this weeks twists, Marisol, Delko's sister, was among the spa patrons and Ryan freezes in the middle of an armed stand-off.

    This episode, doesn't stand out from any of the others I've seen. The show cuts to and from the lab in a manner suggesting that the case was put together in a ping-pong fashion, rather than a linear process, though I guess that's what happens when so many people are running with the different elements of a case.

    The ending felt forced to me, I'm not sure where they're trying to take H's relationship with Marisol, but a baby could really backfire.
  • Horatio needs to loosen up.

    The episode was good, good storyline, good plot and almost a good ending to it BUT Horatio ruins it by being too posy. Yes his posing is getting worse by each episode and although I love watching the scenery of Miami that's shown the only actors that really play their characters well are Calleigh (Her smile can be a little too fake sometimes) and Eric. For the few minutes that Alexx has screen time I thank the director and producers of the show for showing her briefly.
    In this particular episode Brendan Fehr (Dan Cooper) has quite a lot of screen time which was great, he's a cool actor and well the small part he has on the show doesn't really do him justice although I keep waiting for the rest of the cast of Roswell to jump into CSI Miami now that 2 of the actors are in this show (Adam Rodriguez and Brendan Fehr)
    All in all if only Horatio would have acted out on his emotions towards the end, maybe held Marisol in his arms... anything that would show that man is not made of stone... Oh and Ryan Wolfe... yawn. He is just so dull.
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