CSI: Miami

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on CBS

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  • More focus on the characters that the crime - murder in a health spa and theft of luxury cars.

    The plot of this episode was secondary to what was what going on with the characters this week but none of it was particularly well done and though I hate dissing this show the writers of this episode didn't do a very good job...My list of gripes are as follows- Horatio and Marisol are apparantly dating - yet he hadn't known she was spending the day at the spa? Neither, it seemed, did Eric who is supposed to be so close to his sister. Horatio, normally so caring and understanding, won't let Eric go to the hospital with Marisol but insists he stays at the crime scene (this was the cue for Eric to act out the rest of the episode with a rather annoying "worried frown" on his face)
    Eric and Natalia had obviously had a falling out which was later edited out of the episode - therefore the reference they make to this incident later should have been removed too - it was just confusing.
    I thought Ryan's problem was with his eyes - now he's losing confidence in an armed situation too? Loved the part where Horatio lets him know he'll cover for him by saying he didn't have a clear shot, but thought in reality Horatio, as his boss, would have wanted to talk it through with Ryan afterwards - this didn't happen.
    One minute, we're led to believe Horatio and Marisol have an intimate relationship, the next they're acting like strangers as though lots of different writers are involved and they never speak to each other to reach a common goal.
    Finally, Horatio tells Marisol it's not too late to have a baby, and this scene convinced me that he does this for her because it's what he always does - helping people in distress - he has lost the real love of his life - Yelena - so he'll give Marisol what she wants in whatever time she has left - if this is not the case, then the directors have no idea how to deal with a love scene - Horatio's love for Yelena was always plain to see - with Marisol you are never sure whether he is in love with her, or just feels protective of her.
    Basically this episode should have had someone on the production side calling a meeting with directors and writers and demanding some consistency and a return to all the things that make Csi Miami so good.
    The actors do their best and are an excellent cast, but at times during this they seemed a bit weary with the silliness of it all.
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