CSI: Miami

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on CBS



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    • (Calleigh is in the locker room, Ryan enters) Calleigh: Hey, we got our guy. Good job with the viper. Ryan: Thanks. You, uh, you're headed out? Calleigh: Yeah. (pause) Hey Ryan, I promise I'm only gonna ask you this once, but the... shooting had nothing to do with your eye, did it? Ryan: I wish it did. Calleigh: You know, when I first started patrol, I was on nights and then they moved me to days and after about a year they put me back on nights. Ryan: I don't follow. Calleigh: Well in all that time on days I had lost my night eyes. And I never said anything to anyone about it, cause I was scared. I couldn't see. Ryan: You know, that was broad daylight this afternoon. Calleigh: (moving closer) What I'm saying is that sometimes, change can throw you off. You were on patrol, you went into the lab. It's easy to forget how to be in the field. Ryan: (downhearted) Did you ever freeze? Calleigh: Not yet. But it could happen to any of us at any time.

    • (Going over the body of Greg Everest)
      Calleigh: I can't believe I let this guy go.
      Alexx: At the car place? Don't beat yourself up, Calleigh. The boy looks like Charlie Brown.

    • Cooper: Speaking of...what happened at the chop shop, dude? Heard you pulled a Statue of Liberty.
      Ryan: Who told you that?
      Cooper: Just thinking it was funny because you told me to hang back at the dock.
      Ryan: I told you, you didn't have a weapon.
      Cooper: And I would have used one if I had one.
      Ryan: (angry) You got one damn case, you think you're Serpico? I didn't have a clean shot. Okay? That's it.

    • Billy: It's better to be in jail than dead!
      Horatio: Then jail it is.

    • Marisol: I've never had a baby.
      Horatio: It's not too late.
      Marisol: What did you say?
      Horatio: I said it's not too late.
      Marisol: When you say that... I believe you.

    • (Watching the pictures the voyeur took at the spa)
      Cooper: Not that I'm not enjoying this, but this guy's gross!

    • Hayden Cruise: I couldn't let him get away with that! A street punk like him pulling a gun on someone with my background?
      Horatio: Well, now, Hayden, you can add "killer" to your resume!

    • Carvell Watson: I told you I'm being messed with…
      Calleigh: You know, I feel exactly the same way. Book him!

    • Ryan: H, I don't know what happened.
      Horatio: Mr. Wolfe you didn't have the shot.
      Ryan: I just froze.
      Horatio: Mr. Wolfe you didn't have the shot, do you understand?
      Ryan: Yes, sir.

    • Hayden Cruise: But I gave him like an hundred grand cash. That's a big chunk of my trust fund.
      Eric: Well that big chunk is about to be impounded, Hayden.

    • Eric: You got an excuse for going 150 miles per hour?
      Hayden Cruise: Too much caffeine?

    • Ryan: Great! Let's divide and conquer.

    • Tripp: Well I guess that clears up the car thing... since you've got the keys!

    • Ryan: Okay the thing with the towel on it....
      Cooper: Nice okay... it's called a coat rack by the way.

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  • Allusions

    • When Hayden Cruise is pulled over in one of the cars stolen from the spa (which he was driving at 150 MPH) Delko asks him "So where'd you get the Lamborghini, Andretti?" Delko is referring to legendary racing champion Mario Andretti.

    • After Dan teases Ryan about freezing during the shootout, and claims he'd have done better, Ryan darts back, "you go on one case, you think you're Serpico?" Serpico, based on a true story, is a 1973 Al Pacino movie about a tough NYC cop who blew the whistle on departmental corruption.