CSI: Miami

Season 1 Episode 12

Entrance Wound

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2003 on CBS

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  • The team investigates the murder of a prostitute and an apparrent carjacking gone wrong.

    I enjoyed this episode very much. The main reason being the excellent cast. As usual David Caruso is at the top of his game. This episode also benefits from a well written script. With the story concerning the murder of the prostitute, I was a little put off by the fact that the story used on old plot device. It could not have been more obvious that the person originally arrested for the murder, a pre-"24" DB Woodside, was innocent. However the rest of the story made up for that. The story seemed plausible and kept my interest until the end. The story concerning the botched carjacking was not as good, but I still liked it. There wasn't any suspense to it in the sense that it was clear to see that the crime had been premeditated and it was not a carjacking at all. Despite the flaws I still think this is a very good and entertaining episode of this series.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of csi miami the team is called to go investgate a muder of a dead hooker who had been stabe 23 times. and the other half of the team is called to go investgate the supposivly car robbery and the death of german torist. as they investgate both situations they realize that the germany man was murder it was hit on him by his wife . and the wife is arested. and so is the person that killed the husband and the murder abou the hooke as they invstgate it tursn out it was a man that was married that ended up killing her. he did not want to live with the fact he was with a hooker.
  • Two different deaths - one a hooker and one a tourist from Germany. Both eventually lead to a bleak look at marriage.

    Yet another one of those episodes that lets you now that if you're staying in a hotel room anywhere, you should be hermatically sealed from touching anything, since the maid on this occasion failed to notice the naked dead body under the bed. Real thorough cleaning!

    The dead body turns out to be a prostitute and all the evidence points to one person - a family man who has no alibi for the time and a previous rap sheet for stabbing a woman. As usual, though, with these things nothing is quite as straightforward as it seems and it looks like our main suspect has been cleverly framed.

    In the second story two German tourists are carjacked and the husband killed. It is quite amusing to hear Calleigh note that the European press will have a field day. I can still remember a few years ago how our English media were all over the actually very small spate of opportunistic tourist killings in Miami. They did try to show the city as so unsafe, simply hiring a car there was likely to be tantamount to buying a coffin.

    Again, of course, nothing is quite as it seems and it looks like this may have been a hit rather than a random shooting. But how, why and who?

    The endings to both stories are all rather downers. The idea that someone could stab a woman dozens of times because he felt dead inside and wanted to feel alive again, because of a dull marriage is so awful. Though it's an evil act, it's almost pedestrian in its thinking.
  • Two murders yet again!

    One body winds up naked in a beach as they
    Try to find out who murdered this person while on
    The other murder, one German tourist is murdered and a couple is shot.
    Only difference is that the wife is alive and well but may be the suspect in killing both her husband and the tourist!