CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2010 on CBS

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  • The season finale was intense, not so much here, but still enjoyable. (And I don't even like CSI: Miami!)

    This episode starts off with a double sided blade; it's anti-climatic that all the lab personnel wake up immediately after Horatio shoots out the glass, but it was surprising to see one of the CSI: Miami regulars not wake up: Jesse Cardoza (Eddie Cibrian). Now, I'll just say that I am no fan of CSI: Miami. But with last season's finale, I was thoroughly pleased with the very strong and captivating episode. This episode seemed to lack that very intensity the finale carried, but still contained some strong drama. Firstly, Horatio, who I've never been a fan of, seems to have lightened up just a tad with his...you know...self. And have we ever heard him swear before this episode?! He said "ass"! This is a big deal! What was also interesting, and rarely seen on CSI: NY, was actual work being done by actual people and not computers. The scene that comes to mind was Ryan Wolfe and Eric Delko actually doing some fairly complicated math without the help of a computer! We'll never see that in NY; the computers will magically have some sort of algorithm programmed just for that very occasion. (It's starting to get ridiculous on that show.) Anyway, seeing the team actually use their own brains is a welcome relief. I'm not saying I'm going to start watching Miami now, but compared to some of the other lame Miami episodes which are aplenty (the space one....ugh...), I was pleasantly surprised with this two parter.
  • Plot: Okay Acting: Horrible Details: Nonexistent

    So, the server is down, and what do they do? Hey, look at all these Mayan books we have laying around the lab. How about going to the nearest hotspot to do research, that would have been more believable.

    Horatio is such an expert lab technician that he doesn't wear gloves at any crime scene.

    "I need a piece of clear tempered glass" "How about this one?" "Well, let's put it under the microscope... umm, no it's not tempered, oh, and hey it's bright green."

    This show has gone from bad to worse. How can people still give it 9's and keep it's ratings so high??
  • Fallen

    What a disappointing start! Predictable from the beginning, did they really believe that this Blonde was telling the truth? I did not expect it to be good, but that bad ... You would think that the actors are getting better at some point, but they are all just terrible. Instead of throwing something through the window to get fresh air in, Eric waits for "H" to show up, nods to him and the savior gets to shot the window, all the (very) sudden they are awake, except of one. The computers are down and they have to "go old school" and find in a pile of books about hieroglyphs within a few minutes the meaning of the pics, written in invisible ink. They don't understand it, but one of the guys happens to be "English" and knows his Byron and tells them that's a poem, he has not a clue what it means though. And here again, Red, the savior, figures it out within seconds. After the computers are up and running again Walter gets the tech guy to restore the deleted pictures of the memory card Jesse last worked on, and finds the vital clue about the partner of the psychopath. Oh, come on, really?

    And in the end:
    Walter: "How did you know I was gonna be here H?"
    H: "Where else would you be, Walter?"
    Ryan: "That's right, we are always here for each other."

    How cheesy is that?

    And H puts his jacket on the ground, throws the basket ball and really gets it in with the words: "This is for Jesse."

    Oh, dear, one can really hope that the scripts and dialogues improve.
  • The ninth season begins with the team recovering from the gas attack on the lab which killed Detective Jesse Cardoza. Horatio sets forth determined to get justice for his fallen comrade.

    This episode was a good way to start the season, though it was not the best season opener of the series. The investigation was well done and I was certainly hooked all the way though, but the main problem for me was the vallian in this murder case. As I have felt so often in recent years, the character of the killer seemed way too much of a contrivance for me to take seriously. Despite that this episode is worth seeing. The final scenes of the team playing a basketball game in tribute to Detective Cardoza was a fitting end.
  • What a waste

    Although it was not a surprise that Jesse Cardoza didn't survive the attack on the lab, it's still sad that he's gone. When I first heard that Adam Rodriguez who played Eric would be leaving the show after 7 seasons; I feared that the show would be jumping the shark--going downhill, because with him gone that leaves only David (Caruso) and Emily (Procter) as the only remaining original actors. And after the debacle with Megalyn Echikunwoke who replace Khandi Alexander as the M.E. so I was incredulous as to if Eddie Cibrian who played Jesse would fit in. And I was amazed at how efficient and adept a CSI he is. He records his findings which is something that I don't thinks anyone on this show or any of the others in the franchise does that with the exception of another newbie Ray on CSI. Later on in the episode Delko for the defense, when he and Calleigh and Ryan were processing the crime scene all three of them used recorders. And unlike the others I don't think he needs Horatio to watch his back. In the episode, Count me out, when he and Walter checked out a crack house; Horatio learned it could be booby trapped and treid to warn them but couldn't make contact but Jesse saw it and disabled it on his own. If anything I thought Jesse is a potential Horatio and by that I mean if Horatio wants to take a break I think Jesse would have been ok being in charge like the time Warrick was in charge on CSI episode Ellie when both Grissom and Catherine were not there. And I have always been worried if David leaves the show like William Petersen left CSI that who would be a suitable replacement and sorry to say that I don't think Calleigh, Ryan, Natalia, or even Eric if he was there would be but Jesse as I said is. It's been specualted that the reason for Eddie Cibrian's departure was because of his personal life but I feel that shouldn't be a factor. I think that with Adam Rodriguez returning full time they had to make room. But why couldn't they like put him in a coma like Eric was at the beginning of season 8 and see if Adam will be accepted by the audience. Sometimes former regulars returning to the show they left doesn't slways work out. Or they could have let Jesse get the job that Eric had--working for the State Attorney. Or they could have let him take charge of the day shift team. It's too bad.
  • I really wanted to like this more than I did

    As a pulse pounding effort, this was a really fast moving thrill episode. And that is where the good parts end. Unfortunately, the level of realism, and effort of suspending disbelief required to immerse oneself in the story made it nearly impossible to get into it. First of all, you are asked to believe that Delko is almost completely unaffected by the gas swirling through the office. He is conscious long enough to nod at Horatio, who instantly interprets the nod and shoots out one window and everyone wakes up. It is a shame, it was an intense episode, and Starling a suitably evil adversary.
  • 9x01 !SPOILERS!

    First of all, It wasn´t as good as the 8th season finally but it still was good and interesting, something I felt predictable was the fact that melissa was helping starlight in secret.

    This chapter starts being so slow and stupid but suddenly it turns in a way very interesting and intense.

    something I like was the explanation why jesse is the only one who was affected by the smoke, it was so cruel but at the same time interesting, however, I fell this episode coul be better. P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • Breathless in the first few minutes, and ending with them finding out the WHO, WHAT, and WHY.

    As for the CSI shows go, this is a favorite of mine. I enjoy watching the dynamic between the characaters. This episode had me breathless with in the first few minutes. It almost feels as though they shot the begining of this episode as they there shooting the Season Finale. Everything flowed so smoothly that I did not see one glitch. **Spolier**

    We say good-bye to the new guy, Jesse Cardoza. As he is a character I enjoyed, I will miss him everyweek. I do understand that Delko is back, so he is the odd man out, but I could have seen him and Natalia becoming a fresh new couple for the show. As usual we find out that the bad guy felt he was smarter than all those involved, with his first mistake being don't screw girlfriend. She will turn on you the first chance she gets to save her butt. And when you are dealing with someone who feels they are smarter than you, always wear a double wire. :)
  • In the Ninth Season Premiere, concequences result from the serial killer's attack on the lab from last season's finale. *Spoilers*

    This episode was not as good as "All Fall Down." In fact, it was a slight disappointment. Here's a list of things which annoyed me: The beginning was a bit slow and confusing, as I tried to seperate what we saw in the finale and what was new. Everyone started to get back up seconds after Horatio shot that window. In truth, it'd probably take some time to reach all corners of the lab. They spent little time with Cardoza and they acted like it was just a regular case- Except for the morgue scenes and the multiple mentions of his death, I wouldn't have known he was dead. The fact that Melissa was part of it was predictable for me. I had a slight fear that they'd let this killer pull a Shane Casey (if you don't watch CSI: NY, Casey was a serial killer who repeatedly escaped from custody). The end bothered me because one of their own dies and they go to comfor... Walter. I think they should have spent the rest of the episode together, to benefit all of them instead of one. Basically, one of them dies and they go play basketball.

    What I liked about this episode was the idea- it was good. The action was there for the most part. The trickery was there. I'm still giving this a 9 because the things that weren't as great are mostly small nitpicks. And as I'm going over this, I'm too lazy to change it.
  • I've seen better but this was a nice goodbye for Jesse.

    You have to love it when Horatio gets rough! I love it when h gets really angry and I could only cheer when he pushed Starling around a little. Starling is a real psychopath and I hope we never see him again... or actually, that would be quite interesting since he's such a danger to the team. I think that it was a bit lame that Ms. Walls gave Starling up, it just seems so predictable, but at least the bastard is behind bars now and Jesse can rest in peace.

    So over to Jesse, very sad. I liked him, but it's nice to have Eric back. I love the scene with Walter and Jesse in the morgue; Walter was so adorable and it really showed how deep their friendship was. Not to mention the ending when the team played basketball; that was great! And you just got to love Travers and his British-Byron-blood!