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Official Episode Discussion:"If Looks Could Kill"(5.4)

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    [21]Oct 12, 2006
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    OMG that episode was so sad especially at the end.  I will never wear lip gloss again after that
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    [22]Oct 15, 2006
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    Duds_2k wrote:
    The problem is the whole restraining order plot is false.

    In reality they work both ways. He's as legally bound to stay away from her as she is from him. In reality she wouldn't have to have left that first crime scene and if he continued to try the order would have been resinded anyway and probably him arrested for stalking.

    the storyline involving the restraining order taken out by boa vista's ex was just so frustrating, Nick would never have been allowed through the door, let alone force boa vista off a crime scene she was working. Made me want to scream. Lazy writing
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    [23]Oct 16, 2006
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    This episode was terrible!  There are blatant mistakes.

    When Natalia's ex came in on the crime scene she would NOT have had to leave!  HE would have to as she is working for the county and was actively working the crime scene HE would have had to leave.  PLUS she was there first!  He would only have claim to the scene AFTER it was finished being processed.   Then the idea that SHE would loose her job due to not being able to work because of him.  That is totally wrong also as SHE works for the County and would be doing her job at the scenes.  HE would have a problem keeping his job because he could not go to any that she was working on.

    THEN the other point is the fact that it is illegal to have a viscious dog in Miami Dade! 

    The writers are dropping the ball... is it because they have made 100 episodes? 

    What a pity.

    We won't even go into the goofy cases!

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    [24]Oct 18, 2006
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    I loved the episode especially the ending, that poisoned lip-gloss did it for me I mean everyone got what they deserved. But one thing I didn't get, what's with the man with the dog, I couldn't understand what he was talking about (some girl with cancer)

    I loved the tention btween Boa Vista and her husband, and to tell ya the truth, I'd like to see one of two:

    * Eric/Natalia relationship returns

    * Natalia tries to forgive her ex-hubby, and ends up abused again, but gets saved before any serious damage occurs (spices up the story)

    sugah66 wrote:
    As for the cases... Well, I was just confused. So, was everyone involved in this insurance scam? Was it a scam? The tiger guy and dead model #1 were partners in it, I know, but what was up with the two women? What was their deal? Did anyone understand what was going on?

    The boss of the company (wounds up shot by her partner/secretary) killed her husband once in the past and benefited from the insurance, and liked it, then once in their agency, they had a model who accidently died with heart attack, then they  (the  boss, and the partner/sec) benefited from the insurance money, and liked "it" and decided to kill their models every once and a while to get insurance money, at the end Calleigh tells the Partner/secretary that her boss had her insured for about $6 Milllion, and so she went to kill her and the boss (not knowing that she was to be killed) gave her partner a poisoned lip-gloss, and tada thats my summary of the episode

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    [25]Oct 18, 2006
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    Yeah, next time I use lip gloss, I'll make sure it's been in MY possession and no one elses. Ewwww. Guess being beautiful can kill ya...
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    [26]Jan 29, 2013
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    Hi Guys!

    Just a quick question in the eposide 'If Looks Could Kill' in the first scene were the young guy with the long hair is having sex with the woman and then the woman's husband comes in and catches them at it & he starts running to his boat, does anyone know who the young guy with the long hair is ?

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