CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 12

Friendly Fire

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • jbsilver

    It was a go show. The ending left a mind blowing gap regarding what would become of the money this man made. The last video of Matthew was thoughtful and gave a good message.

    CSI would do good to have such endings that the masses of fans should consider in our ever increasing violent society. Food for thought if you will.
  • the song

    it was Forgiveness by patty griffin
  • Ending Music

    I agree that the ending was quite interesting, and Matthew's last message was a beautiful one. Can anyone tell me which female singer was singing the song during Matthew's final video. It made for a beautiful ending.
  • Horatio does it again

    Why does Horatio get all the credit for his shooting. I thought Sam should have gotten the bank robber. That being said, I thought this was an above average episode. does anyone know the song at the end, or the artist?
  • Love the Ending

    While I agree that the episode was a bit slow, I thought the ending was truly amazing. The ending was unpredictable, the montage was lovely, and Matthew Stone's final words in his video made me a tear up! Overall, I thought it was a pretty good episode.
  • Not a fan

    I wasnt really a fan of this episode. What i did like was how the man had turned out to arrange his death on his own, i thought that was a coole twist and im glad they didnt go the predictable way and have the woman who was leading the protest group be the one who killed him.

    what i didnt like is that, aside from being slow pased the cell phone company manufacturing weapons was a rediculous idea. It just didnt make any sense and , frankly i've seen enough episodes of this show where a high power business man is secretly making weapons for one reason or another. ENOUGH ALREADY!

    I feel the other thing they over used here was the best friend being connected to the murder in some way. I wish they could have let the best friend be truly innocent. It would have made the episode a little less predictable because as soon as it came out that his only reason he woudlnt want stone dead was because of his best friend; because of the past of this show you knew he was going to have had something to do with it.

    I dont like what they are doing with samantha. I feel like she's moving along so fast. I also dont feel like she's got any chemistry with any of the characters at all and so this crush ryan has on her doesnt seem to make alot of sense.Her character seems cold and disonnected. Maybe thats the fault of the actress playing her?

    I also agree with freddy_91 in being frustrated that all we got of kyle was a 2 second flash of his face. I wish he could come back
  • A little slow

    It was a good episode, no doubt about that, but it felt a little slow sometimes. I had thought it would be just a bit more action in it. I did like that it turned out to be suicide and not murder (well, maybe depending on how you look at it). I had almost expected the girlfriend to be involved. However, it was not a big surprise to find Blackburn (or whatever his name was) involved, although he seemed very innocent at first.

    And we got to see Kyle again, although I was greatly disappointed at how we got to see him. Two seconds on Skype and nothing else. I mean the kid has been gone the entire season 9 and now he was back for two seconds. I don't expected to see Kyle in every episode but he should pop up more; it always enjoyable to watch Horatio interact with his son.

    And Samantha Owens is a detective now; I prefer if she just stayed in the lab. It's not that I don't like her, but she just doesn't fit in I think. Maybe there is another reason why she's a detective and we'll find out later.

    Overall, good episode, a bit slow though, but still worth watching.
  • A Digital Episode :)

    The episode starts by a sniper shot, it was no mystery though but the case was good, about the characters, there is less Horatio, less Calleigh more Walter, Ryan and Eric, Ryan starts to develop new feelings for the new girl who became a detective, it was her first time on the field when she endangered herself and fought with Eric, at the end Ryan asked him about her and Eric told him that he can't clear the air between each other and Ryan gave him the bracelet which he intended to gave it to her at the beginning of the episode and Eric thank him for that and then he told her that Ryan liked her and gave it to her, Typical Delko :)))

    i hope he and Calleigh realise that they can't live without each other and spare us the waiting :D