CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2011 on CBS

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  • The CSI Team May Have A Difficult Case After The Evidence At The Crime Scene Are Washed Away.

    "FTF" is a great episode. The opening scene is just epic and which you won't forget. I liked the direction of the plot because it took unpredictable twists and had me fooled many times. The scene where Frank works with the car rental service employee was just hilarious and intense. I liked the conclusion to this episode but the ending scene was just terrible. Also why I can't give it a "10" is the fact that I found the theory of one bullet killing two people a little unrealistic. The episode's storyline reminded me of one of my favorite episodes of all time: "To Kill A Predator". Wolfe looks damn funny in the picture above! Anyway, a really great episode!
  • Okay, but could have been better

    I'll start with the negitaves, just to get them out of the way.

    Firstly, why must Horatio and Eric know absolutely everything? Not only does Horatio conviently know how to stop the pipe and find the gun after Ryan effortly tried to get it. It kinda stole from his hero-work.

    This also occurs during the stakeout/set-up. Walter and Natalia were the ones to find the boy online and trick him into a meeting, so why were H & Eric the ones to get the tough-guy bit? Another lime-light grab from other team member(s).

    But how come Eric seems to know everything, random tibits of information are annoying enough, but he just so happens to the letters and mascot of a random high school. Kinda has us questioning Eric in a bad way, knowing things about teens and such he shouldn't.

    Though the episode does pick up from there, Walter and Natalia inject a nice, playful nature into the seemingly dull episode while investigating. I think I'll break down my analysis into characters.

    Horatio: From the limelight stealing and again rough-handling of suspects, Horatio annoyed me quite alot this episode.

    Calleigh: Woah! What the hell got into Calleigh?! Is the full term getting to her? (Oh wait, they didn't make her pregnant, just the actress) But damn, she was harsh to Ryan when telling him he smelled a little funky. Her tone made seemingly playful teasing sound like mean criticim.

    Eric: Other than for the annoyances I've already stated, Eric was okay this episode. The scene with him, Natalia and the thong was funny, an awkward reminder of their past fling, though both didn't mention it.

    Natalia: I loved her this episode. Her playful nature while investigating the car lightened the episode. But she was also tough when apprehending the suspect at the car rental place. Also, Natalia's superiority was shown this episode with the new trace tech mentions studying her at university and teaching her a little about checking the clothes really showed her development from eariler seasons, and smarts too.

    Ryan: Though I don't understand why Ryan remained shouting at Walter before diving for the gun, he was still great in this episode. Ryan's non-insulted reaction to Calleigh just adds to my theory that the scene was meant to be funny, or prehaps its another emotion-cover up that Ryan seems famous for. Either way, he had a nice episode with plenty of action!

    Walter: Like I said before, Walter was brilleant this episode, specially when paired with Natalia. The two seem to have a nice friendship budding and created a warm playful atmoshpere this episode dispite the dull let-downs. The two saved this episode from being a worst to a forgetable, okay episode.

    Though still a let-down from previous this season, I hope the dive into reacting season 4 (a worst) will end soon.
  • A male bystander and a passing female motorist are shot and killed almost simultaneously. The situation is made worse for Horatio and the team when the dead motorist's car strikes a fire hydrant causing the area to flood and washing away evidence.

    This is not a great episode, but it does have enough positive aspects to recommend it. The story is well written and takes some clever turns just when you think you have it figured out. The best scene in this episode is when Frank Tripp works with the rental car employee in keeping the suspect at the counter in time for police to arrive. I know that Horatio is a veteran of law enforcement, but I had some trouble buying him being able to shut off the water from the hydrant. That is a flaw in an otherwise good episode.
  • 9x11

    come on guys!!!, I don´t know why everybody considered this episode as a bad one, for me it was unique compared with the style of some other csi miami episodes, it was very interesting and the idea was one of the most amazing ideas used for the current season, the only thing I did not like here was that stupid theory about how the bullet went out from the head killing that innocent woman, it was ridiculous and that´s the reaon why I´m not giving it a 10, but in general this episode was very good, I loved the beginning scene with the hidrant leaving no evidence in the crime scene.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • too slow, too plain

    Everything seemed to go in slow-motion after the intro. The first few minutes were good and I think this was the first time CSI Miami ever had to protect a crime scene from water. Then everything just slowed down and it was so predictable. There were no twists, no suspense, nothing.
    The writers did quite a bad job with this episode actually and the only good parts, was the beginning and the end. The mother sured deserved to be yelled at by Justin.

    So to sum it up; Miami, you got to step it up after this! Because this was one of the worst episodes ever.