CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 01, 2011 on CBS

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  • A Series Of Odd Events Begin When A Man Is Killed In A Night Club But Soon The Corpse Goes Missing From The Scene. Horatio Investigates.

    I was looking forward to this episode for its high score, but I was disappointed. The plot is very similar to the episode of the original CSI called "Time Of Your Death", which is one of the most boring and worst episodes of all times (Hated it!). But "G.O" was better than it. The investigation was good and it proceeded smoothly. The episode had twists but when everything concluded, I was disappointed. The "game" was a really stupid idea. The villain characters were kinda stupid, and their acting were boring. Although I liked Neal a lot. He was fantastic. But like every episode, this is still worth seeing!
  • The Game


    Am I the only viewer to ever see The Game (starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn)?

    I figured out what was going on very early in the episode.

    It was also nice at the end of the episode where Josh Molina kept saying, "But, it's just the game."

  • Horatio and the team are on the hunt for a man wanted for an apparent murder at a posh night club. As the hunt progresses, the team soon finds things are not quite right with the case.


    "G.O." is certainly a very entertaining episode. Possibly one of the most entertaining of the season. This episode does a very good job of keeping the viewer's interest throughout. It also has a shrply written script. Unfortunately I can't give this episode a higher score because it recycles a whole plot line from a season six episode of CSI titled "Time of Your Death" which, coincidentally, is one of my favorite episodes of CSI. The similarites betwwn "G.O." and "Time of Your Death" are abundant. Despite that I think "G.O." is an episode worth seeing. It's flawed, but it works.

  • twists!

    Whew, tonight's episode is full of twists. Very interesting story line. I think the story was well crafted and very original. It is a game turned nightmare. In a way, it is unfair that the wife gets the jail time when she accidentally killed the girl that is supposed to be sleeping with her husband. I thought the guilty one will be the brother who hired the group to set the game up since he had a motive. The first half of the episode is interesting because no one knows what is happening. At first I thought the CSIs were hallucinating the crime scenes. Good episode.
  • a lot of twists in this one!

    I was desperatly trying to figure out who was the bad guy in this episode. First I thought Neil was just playing innocent and was in reality a real psychopath. Then I thought it was his wife that had set him up in the game and that the owner of the game-corporation had killed Lisa.
    An episode with so many surprises and twists is always nice to see and I really enjoyed everything that appeared to be one thing at first and ended up being another.

    I also think this episode shows how games when you trick someone to make them believe it's real can really make someone do bad stuff that end up putting them in jail, all because of a game.
    I wish I could punch Neil's brother for being so stupid, he ruined a family because he wanted his brother to losen up.

    Great episode! CSI Miami has had a really good season so far. Let's hope the season finale next week is just as good or even better than this one!
  • 9x21

    Definitively, one of my least favorite episodes at least for the current season, I have to admit that this episode was exellent the first twenty minutes of the show, the viewer did not have any idea of what really happened and everything was very confused and intriging, that´s what we are looking for in a good episode, however, when all the quenstions are answered, I think this episode became very stupid and incoherent.

    Maybe the best part of the episode was the elevator falling down, but after that, I think this episode was very unreallistic to be consider as a god one

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes