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CSI: Miami

Season 7 Episode 8

Gone Baby Gone

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A baby is taken from her mother's arms in broad daylight, and the team must race against time to find her.

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  • Mmmmmmmmmmm...

    CSI:Miami always was the worst of the three CSIs, but it managed to be watchable. In this season, nevertheless, the series is going downhill, and this episode might be the worst I ever watched of it.

    The final car chase scene is gratuitous to begin with, it has all the cliches of a car chase in an airport and the fact that the baby comes out without any harm and laughing is plainly ridiculous.

    But this flaw wasn't the only one.

    When the kidnapper calls the first time says that they have 30 minutes to deliver the ramsom. In less than these 30 minutes our heroes:

    a) have a conversation with the baby's parents.

    b) talk with the angry teen brother

    c) examine a baseball for prints.

    d) interrogate a suspect.

    e) find DNA

    f) find the photo toner in the ball

    g) search the garbage cans near the crime scene

    h) find one kidnapper murdered

    i) perform the autopsy of the kidnapper

    j) discover that the older son took the money and switched cellphones

    k) look (and find) the kid in his motorcycle and have a talk with him.

    Aparently, in Miami minutes last way longer than in the rest of the world and the CSI lab has state of the art technology that allows them to travel and do test at the speed of light.

    I hope next episodes get bettermoreless
  • One word: Amazing!

    In this episode of CSI Miami, the following happens. We open with a mother walking her baby in a car seat. We then see a man and a woman coming behind her screaming that she has stolen their baby. And in a flash everyone believes their story and they take the baby and run off. Soon a set of photos of the women with the child is found on the floor and everyone realises what has just happened. A baby has been stolen in broad daylight, and no one did a thing to stop it. We soon learn that the baby's name is Sophie. When the mother asks H if she will ever see her again, H tells her that she will. Soon a ransom call is paced to the parents. They ask for $500, 00. When they go back to the crime scene they find the baby's clothes in the trash bin. They find DNA on it and when it is run through CODIS they get a hit. The mother confirms that the man is one of the kidnappers. They head straight to his apartment only to find him there, alone and dead. We soon learn that the sim card in the phone which the kidnappers have been ringing has been switched out by their older son. They then see that the money from their safety box is all gone. They soon track him down and see that he doesn't have the money; he has already made the drop. When tests are run on Sophie's DNA they learn that her father is not her biological father. When the mother is confronted she confesses that Sophie's real father is the photographer who lives across the street. She claims that it only happened once. When they tell the real father, he claims he didn't know and even if he did he wouldn't have taken her. When the bullet is run, they find a match to a robbery which took place 3 weeks before. When they look at the picture of the only suspect, they find the women who took the baby. She claims that she doesn't have her. Although she soon admits to making the ransom call. We soon learn that the restaurant front man was in on the scam from the beginning and it was all his idea. He now has the baby. They go to his place of work and find a picture of Sophie and her mother in his locker. We soon learn that the photographer did a home DNA kit test in him and Sophie and it confirmed that Sophie is his daughter. A lawyer told him that he had no legal right to his own daughter. We son learn that the man from the restaurant who is holding Sophie plans to sell her to someone who is flying in from Cape Town. H tracks down where the couple are flying in to and heads there. He chases after the man who ahs Sophie and the car flips over with her and the man inside. He escapes and a he points his gun at H, H kills him. He then goes into the car to get Sophie. The parents turn up and we see H standing there holding the baby in his arms. He hands her over to her parents. A brilliant end to a very emotional episode.moreless
  • A child gets kidnapped and Horatio Caine is the one to save the day.

    This just so happens to be CSI: Miami's 150th episode, but trust me, if you're a fan of the show it may leave you wondering why you watched it.

    I'm a big fan of CSI: Miami, love the show, but lately (the past two episodes) it's been getting a bit droll. The crimes of the past two episode are full of twists, but usually they're very soapy. In this episode it happens to be that a married woman gave birth to a child that was not her husbands. That I can deal with, but the events that followed I cannot. The biological father was outraged that he didn't have any legal rights to see his daughter so he pays somebody to kidnap him. That's starting to get irritating. And then it turns out that the kidnapper decides to keep the baby and sell it to another family. While I can see these events happening in real life, I can't see them all connected to the same case or even the same baby. The episode culminates to a car chase in which Horatio manages to outmaneuver the suspect which causes his car to roll about five times. He then runs into the smoke which is BILLOWING out like crazy, rescues the baby, and makes it back out without any signs of smoke inhalation. Oh and the baby manages to survive that trauma (which is good, but VERY unrealistic).moreless
  • An amazingly twisted tale with an unexpected outcome.

    This was a really good episode. The story had all sorts of twists and turns and a great stunt at the end, what more could I want? LOL (I save my 10's for exceptional ep.s though, and this wasn't quite that).

    I enjoyed this episode all the more because I really wasn't expecting the outcome and I'd been suspecting someone completely different as the kidnapper most of the way through. I enjoy the CSI's far more when I can't guess who-done-it in the first 10 mins of the show. It's a pity that the 100th CSI:NY was so mediocre (for a 100th ep.) because I watched this straight afterwards and it just highlighted the mediocrity of the CSI:NY, for me, even more. There was a real sense of urgency in this episode, heightened more by the initial lack of forensic evidence. The start of the case was much more of a mental puzzle than the usual forensic jigsaw puzzle, and it made for a pleasing change. It conveyed the sense of "exploring different avenues" as they had to dismiss initial findings and look for alternative solutions. All done at a much more pacier feel than my writing can convey. Even the ultimate rescue of the baby was given a little twist to add more drama to it. I think it worked although others may say it was a bit overblown - it depends how you feel about David Caruso & his ego LOL. Personally, I don't mind I think he has worked hard enough to warrant some star treatment, others don't like his arrogance but I feel it's a justifiable arrogance, and possibly a little tongue-in-cheek.moreless
  • Haratio and the team to find a abducted baby before it's too late.

    This episode was the best of the season.i have found with recent episode they have come up with storylines that are a bit extreme or remakes of previous episodes or a copy of an episode from one of the other CSI. However this one really stood out for me as it was really well written and the ending scenes they were really goods as well, where Haratio chased some guy and then shot him. This episode also had in some way an emotianal effect and Haratio seemed to show affection towards the baby, the only thing i find a bit predictable is how it's all going to end, like in so many episodes, Haratio shoots someone then it's all over.moreless
David Caruso

David Caruso

Lieutenant Horatio Caine

Emily Procter

Emily Procter

Calleigh Duquesne

Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez

Eric Delko

Jonathan Togo

Jonathan Togo

Ryan Wolfe

Rex Linn

Rex Linn

Detective Frank Tripp

Eva LaRue

Eva LaRue

Natalia Boa Vista

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: Horatio picks up the baby soother from under the bench with no gloves on, yet Natalia later is able to gather DNA from it. Without gloves, Horatio would have compromised the evidence.

    • Featured Music:
      I'm Good, I'm Gone by Lykke Li

    • Goof: In the scene at the beginning of the show where the parents of the baby are receiving the phone call from the kidnappers their older son completely disappears from the room in the long shot when the father goes to pick up the phone. He re-appears in the close ups behind the mothers head and in the long shot as the father returns from the phone.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Ryan: Pacifier belongs to Sophie Walsh.
      Natalia: Yes and no. I'm running it again.
      Ryan: What for?
      Natalia: Because if they were right the first time, then these results change everything.
      Ryan: But the result said that the pacifier belonged to Sophie.
      Natalia: Yeah, but who does Sophie belong to?

    • Jill: (to Horatio) How can I ever thank you Lieutenant?
      Horatio: You already have.
      Horatio: (to himself) You already have.

  • NOTES (3)


    • When Eric tells Tara that he has seen Calleigh work mircales with fragments of bullets, this could be an allusion to the CSI:Miami Season 5 Episode 15 "Man Down" in which Eric was shot in the head and the majority of the bullet was lodged in Eric's temperal lobe in his brain. Calleigh had the tinist fragment to work with and still caught the guy.

    • The title is an allusion to the book Gone, Baby Gone by Dennis Lehane, which was published in 1999. In 2007, it was made into a movie, which starred: Casey Affleck and Morgan Freeman. The movie was directed by Ben Affleck. The book and movie are about a child abduction.