CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 19

Habeas Corpse

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • Dear God I miss Miami!

    I was broken hearted when Miami finally took the fatal hit. I miss Horatio. I miss Delko. I don't miss Natalia - she was annoying. I really missed the old episodes with Speedle, but the the later seasons were like a warm, cosy blanket. Far fetched story lines, fancy gadgets, awesome yellow filters, even David Caruso's puffy doe eyes. What wasn't to love, CBS?!! This episode had the nice wrapped up ending (just in case it did turn out to be the last) but I still think the show was robbed. I think the CBS big wigs should have given them either a shortened final season or a farewell telemovie instead of canceling it after the final had already been shot and shown. It was a slap in the face to all of the loyal fans who had stood by the show year after year - and lets not forget it was still bringing in close to 10,000,000 viewers in the USA on a crappy time slot with major delays to accommodate sport. A terrible way to thank a show that brought in millions and millions of dollars revenue for the network.
  • Great finale, should have been longer though

    I feel this episode should have and could have been longer. It was really exciting and although I suspected Sam was guilty it filled with suspense.

    Maybe if the story line had been in two episode Ryan could have stayed a suspect a bit longer and it could have been harder to actually find Sam in the car with Vogel.

    Even so, it was a great episode and a good season finale (hopefully not the last of the show).

    I like Vogel though and how he really pisses everyone off so I will miss him a bit; especially since he is played by the great Malcolm McDowell.

    I love the last part with the whole team, except Calleigh which was a bit bad; I would have wanted her to be there too. CSI Miami needs more team moments like that where they all just hang out and show that they really are a family. So well done Miami writers!
  • Good to go!

    Exciting, Interesting, everyone involved including 'personal' stuff. Keeps you interested. AND did not end as I expected.

    - I also look forward to seeing that crooked attorney get caught! Just hard to wait...
  • good season final

    good episode...good sesaon final...but many thing are still unsolved..so lets see what happens...no good series final!!!!!
  • big thing

    i really enjoy this episode..all of csi miami is in there. i like the camara. very good season finale. open for a new season for surprises.
  • The tenth season ends with Ryan accused of murder. He is soon exhonerated, but could the actual killer be another member of Horatio's team?

    I'm glad that the producers of "CSI: Miami" decided not to go with the cliffhanger ending they used in the previous season. That is probably because as of the writing of this review CBS has not decided whether or not to renew the show. Personally, I hope it is renewed because I don't feel "CSI: Miami" has run it's course just yet. Of course the show can't run forever but I think the show has at least one more season. Maybe two. That aside, this episode was a fitting end to the season. I like the fact that Ryan was cleared almost immediately because it was obvious he was innocent. I also liked that Malcom McDowell's character has been exposed as the dirtbag he truly is. It's about time. That could only go for so long. I also like the fact that Calleigh was allowed to adopt the two kids. Another reason why I hope "CSI: Miami" returns in the fall. I would like to see where that will go. We shall see.
  • A good season finale, an average series finale.

    First of all the plot twist was obvious, Ryan has been the arrested more time than i can remember. I didnt really like Samantha Owens anyway. I disliked the level of attention given to the calliegh and Eric part of the story, it is lovely the Calleigh adopted the North kids and it is great to know Eric is alway there for her however it is not quite what i hoped for if this episode is the series finale. For E/C relationship point of view many questions and issues need to be addressed (if there is season 11). The storyline was predictable but at least it was all wrapped up in the end. Season 10 has been very good it would be nice if CSI Miami would end after such a great season but i feel season 11 is needed to tie up a few loose ends. All in all a great season finale but if it is the series finale then it was rather weak.
  • not series finale

    great episode, have to looked online, for me not the series finale...in all this season 10 something is not out....they have to tell the personal stories..
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