CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 8

Happy Birthday

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2010 on CBS

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  • When A Pregnant Woman Is Assaulted, Horatio And The Team Fight For Her And Her Baby's Life While Tracking Down Her Attacker, On The 200th Episode Of CSI: Miami.

    CSI: Miami hits the 200th episode. First of all, THIS IS THE 200th episode, because it has been filmed as the 200th episode (in Finland MTV3 shows some episodes in the wrong order). "Happy Birthday" is one of the best episodes of the series. The episode begins with Horatio paying his respects to his late wife, Marisol. He has to change his plans, when a bystander screams for help. H steps out of the car, finds the victim and calls the ambulance. She is brought to the hospital in critical condition and it is unknown if her unborn baby will make it. The best thing about this episode is that this reminds me of the old good CSI: Miami and it has also action which is always a good thing. I don't like that Horatio has turned to an extremely aggresive person, but his behavior is understandable. I don't count it as a flaw, so this episode is flawless. A must watch episode to everyone.
  • CSI: Miami marks its 200th episode with Horatio going to pay his respects to his late wife. He is soon forced to put his plans on hold when a pregnant woman is found beaten and left for dead on the side of a highway.


    "Happy Birthday" manages to hold its own and be entertaining at least. However, there were a few problems which prevent this episode from hitting the bullseye. The biggest flaw is the resolution of the investigation. I found the speech of the guilty party to be pure cornball. His rant about how a baby turns marriage into hell on Earth just did not work for me. The whole time I kept asking myself if he does feel that way, why did he not just get a vasectomy to ensure he would not have any more children? Overall, a good milestone episode.

  • I absolutely loved this episode. For me it was one of the best to date.

    Maybe there was more drama than hard scientific work but this episode was definitely great. Usually it's easy to predict who will be a suspect - this time I was sure the son is guilty but I was surprised. It was a nice twist that the husband was behind all of this. The story was very solid and well-considered.

    That being said the best scenes were the personal ones. Both moments - when Calleigh helped Heather pray and when Horatio visited Marisol's grave - were very emotional and touching. I was close to tears.

    The only thing that concerns me is Horatio's behavior towards suspects. He was always very protective of all victims, especially women. But lately he got more aggressive. Throwing someone through a window or torturing a suspect in a car isn't normal. Is there something wrong? What demons are hunting him?

    An exceptional episode.
  • very memorable episode for sure!

    This episode will be very memorable and it was one of the best episodes so far! However, not all memorable things are good and somethings I wanna forget happened.
    I love Horatio, but I think he needs to calm down, because he's spinning out of a control. When the shows started he was a hero and not a vigilante (like he more or less have become now). He is supposed to be a hero! I get that after Marisol died things went downhill for him, but he should be able to start walking upphill again, especially after finding Kyle. So even though I like it when Horatio gets a little physical, it's starting to spin out of control and he should not be torturing suspects in the back of the hummer. So he probably needs a little help from the team to find his way back to how he used to be.

    As far as the rest of the episode they had a very good twist when it came to the suspects; I was so sure that the friend Marcy was a part of the attack, but no; she was innocent and the husband was quilty. Very tocuhing moments between Calleigh and the victim, especially her holding the baby and saying the prayer. Of course, also a very touching moment in the end with Horatio at Marisol's grave.

    Let's hope Miami can bring this good of an episode next week too! Go CSI Miami!
  • 9x08

    first of all, this is not 200th episode, this is 199th, for me,this episode is one of most desapointed things I ever have seen, it should be a great episode regarding that the creators promised that they were preparing something big for us, however it was worse than a normal bad episode, I can´t believe how stupid it was, super predictable and with a silly twist that for me did not work, I thought that after the brilliant eight season, csi miami was not going to have bad episodes again but with this one, I see I was wrong because this is the second time that this season deaspoint me a lot, first one was with the abysmal "9x04 manthunt" which I thouhgt was going to be brilliant too.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
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