CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 16

Hunting Ground

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 13, 2011 on CBS

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  • The CSIs Uncover An Exclusive Hunting Club Where The Prey Is Human.

    The first episode Adam Rodriguez directed was a solid one. He also did a great in writing it. "Hunting Ground" is definitely one of the darkest episodes of the show. The plot wasn't the most original one, but it turned out to be great, just great. It was cool to see Walter and Horatio speaking french mainly because I'm half french. From the start of this season, Horatio has turned into a very aggressive character and in this episode we see yet another moment where Horatio threatens the suspect. But the ending is very good and the case has a satisfying conclusion. Great episode. Adam Rodriguez need to write and direct another episode like this, if not even better!
  • 9x16

    very interesting case, I have no doubt Adam rodriguez did a good job writting and directing this episode, maybe the plot is not very original but the way in wich it was developed was very good.

    I know a lot of people hate the way in wich horatio is getting answer from suspects in the last episodes, sometimes it becomes so irritating, but this time, the scene at the kitchen with frying pan was very good, for a momment I could feel the afraid that the man felt when he was going to be burned by horatio.

    A very well acted episode

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • human hunting humans

    This one's a good episode. The story line and the direction by Adam Rodriguez were good. It is not the usual murder story line. The story portrays the reality of life - humans can be really cruel towards other humans. Even in the 21st century, slavery is still very present. This episode is very human. I also like seeing more humor between the casts. This shows the camaraderie of the casts, which I think is really good and refreshing. The humor lightens the work atmosphere and builds team work and lends support for each other. Congratulations Adam Rodriguez, work done very well!
  • "Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it."

    The beginning of this episode was delivered so well by the victims and the episode had my full attention from the start and it didn't disappoint. I think this was definitely helped by with the directing throughout ;) The victims played a big part in this episode and the ending was really beautiful.

    The choice of humans hunting humans as the story was brilliant and the actors really portrayed their disgust very well through their characters.

    Wolfe had a good episode, nice little bit with his misfortune with nature. His scenes of him and Natalia were a pleasure to watch. And his green t-shirt wasn't bad either ;) The teams anguish when they found out it was slavery was very believable and all the interviews/interrogations were entertaining to watch yet still realistic (Well bar one interrogation actually.)

    Now to the reason I can't give this 10. Once again we had Horatio (And Wolfey!) going a bit vigilante. I don't like this, especially didn't like it in the episode a few shows ago when Horatio closed the door behind him with the criminal inside :-/. This wasn't as bad by far as he didn't carry out anything (not really), but it really reminded of a scene out of '24'. And though '24' was amazing, this shows is about law-abiding CSI agents and these sort of scenes shouldn't be seen very often I don't think. I don't like this new dirty Horatio. He is NOT above the law no matter how many times he takes his sunglasses off/on ;).
    Although, maybe we could take these scenes in a different way? They could show us how appalled the team were that they would do anything to stop the trafficking/slavery and more importantly catch the murderers, to go as far as allow Horatio to act in this way, maybe?

    Little of Calleigh was seen but I presume this is either due to her wanting to spend most time possible with the baby or Adam didn't expect her to be back so had to just 'fit' her into the episode. Hope to see more of her soon.

    Oh and I loved the way the subtitles were done. Real emphasis on some of the words allowed it to be more intelligible. And it looked awesome too.

    All the characters bought their parts to the table, and helped with the excellent writing, this was a very good episode overall.
  • Very good episode and you could feel that everyone had stepped up their game for Adam Rodriguez too!

    First of all I love how we got to see some language skills from the charachetsr, I had no idea that Walter and Horatio spoke french, (well, I'm not sure if Horatio was fluent like Walter).
    I wish Miami had more of that; more of Eric and Calleigh speaking spanish and so on. It's always great to see that.

    As far as the story line goes; it was great and I don't think Miami has ever had humans hunting humans before. Horatio scaring Wes was just great; he didn't go too far, but almost. He did prove his point to the monster though.

    I was a bit sad to see so little of Calleigh though since Emily Procter was back from her maternity leave and I had thought that we'd finally see her without her sitting down. But maybe later.

    I think Adam Rodriguez did a great job directing and writing this episode and he should do it again; not bad for a first time!

    The humor in the episode was good too and like those flirty moments with Natalia and Ryan.

    Overall, great episode! Rodriguez should definetely direct and write again and the actors really stepped up their game in this episode for Rodriguez's sake. Good Job!
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