CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 4

If Looks Could Kill

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • the gang investigates the death of two models

    this was a very interesting episode..yes i thought it was absolutely perfect b/c it is completely what the show is all about and fits the summary of the show so perfectly..plus it shpws forensic evidence and criminal justice at its best..i just love watching all of that stuff in order..forensic evidence can be so many things now..and this case did do a wonderful job..i liked the cases of both models..it was extremely interesting b/c for one thing they were cute..but i must have been tired or something i couldnt figure out who did it and then when i found out who did i didnt see it coming
  • A good episode but not the best

    An average episode. Not good enough for me to rate this episode a "10" but I still like this episode. Natalia Boa Vista has a unwelcome visitor-her bully ex-husband, who just came out from the jail. This must have affect Natalia's job, especially when Nick is a crime scene cleaner. Two male models are found dead, the CSI found one first, hide under a boat. Another one is found dead, apparently being pushed down from a higher place. Poor guy! Alexx is right, modelling is dangerous right now. They kill each others, like what happened to the two ladies at the end of the episode.

    Good episode but not the best in this series (Season 4 "Felony Flight" is much better). Much better than the previous episode "Death Pool 100".
  • Male model gets killed, another male model gets killed and Natalia has apparently become the main character.

    This was so good! I mean, it was so original! It was maybe a little extreme since everyone died; but that was so great about it! I mean, wow! They dida great job. That male model was just obsessed; I mean; cheek implants? Dude, get a life. Well I thought he was ugly.Eat this, pompous jerk. I loved that Janet girl. She was mean! How she even managed to kill her partner after she died with that lip gloss. Brilliant. Women are just mean!Calleigh was so cool in this episode, like when she said that he would make such a great photograph to go to jail.I loved it!!! And I know Natalia is on the show now; but please! I don't find her interesting. With the whole I-have-been-abused-by-my-husband thing. I know it's serious but not everything has to be about that; and I have a feeling that this is not the last thing we have seen of that. Conclusion: Killer episode
  • The male Model slant was interesting showing a side not often explored. The plot developed with a few twist and turns and the one doing all the others in really showed a cold competative edge that was scary. Having more than one murder was over the top

    I loved the team dynamics but the plot was a bit of a stretch as more than one model was killed. But the over all story was good. I think the team needs even more interaction Horaito needs to be more humanized, sometimes it seems like he is too far removed from the others but they all try to look out for each other. While I love the show this episode seem overly stuffed with \"beautiful People\" yes it was the wonderful world of modeling but there should still be some average joes around too. The can become too smooth and glossy if not careful.
  • is this a crimeshow?

    Or is it a visual experiment?

    The csi shows were all about clever plot's strong characters, thsi season csi miami has become about colors, fades and way to much cliches

    the story start in the bedroom, cheating couple is cought, husband runs after the wife's lover (holding a gun) guy jumps in boat but it won't move (doh a body is in the propellor how likely is that) still the husband does not waste the quy

    after that is is a jumble of cheap lines leading to the 2 owners of a modeling agency and a co-model

    from there it becomes a domino effect
    one model is arrested for the murder another is pushed of a building by sideshow bob (paid for by the agency owners)
    then the one owner shoots the other before she herself dies in the csi building due to a poison lipgloss

    yes it all as believable as saying kari wurher has natural breasts
  • Now I guess I know why Boa is the way that she is!

    I am going to go out on a limb here and please don't hate me over it as despite what Boa Vista has done to the lab as well as to her reputation. I kind of feel sorry for her and the ex that she had while she was married to the creep. And how he is now out of prison. Wished that she would had punched him out but she knew better not to do that.
  • It's dead male models all around...as well as the two young ladies who launched them on their way.

    I truly think the only good thing this episode had going for it was that it didn't have tons of those scene clips darting across the screen(doesn't anyone else find those annoying). I mean, it seems that models always are dying in Miami. The big, and I sarcastically say "twist", was that, big shocker, everyone dies!!! The only somewhat interesting thing that happened was the introduction of Boa Vista's ex-jailbird, ex-husband. Is it just me, or was this handled sort of awkwardly? He just storms into the crime lab, destined to make Natalia's life a living hell by applying for a job as crime scene cleanup, gets it and issues a restaining order against his ex. THEN...she agrees to be civil to him if he drops the TRO..and all's as cool as it can get between those two? It's like a bloody soap opera!!! Argh!
  • The detectives investigate the deaths of several male models. Boa Vista's ex-husband is introduced.

    I was a little disappointed with the actual case. The opening was great. An irate ex-husband comes home to find his wife in bed with another man, and he chases him with a gun down into the marina where he jumps in a boat to get away but the propeller becomes caught in a body. The body turns out to be that of a famous model who works for JA Models which is run by two female partners. The senior partner, Janet, played by Kari Wuhrer, has a rule that they should not get involved with the talent but the junior partner was having an affair with the model. Alexx indicates that the model was already dead when the propeller hit him and determines that his injuries indicate that he was hit by a car. She pulls a piece of electrical wiring from his body and they are able to track down the type of car that hit him. Later in the episode another male model is killed and the detectives discover that he had a sizable life insurance policy payable to JA Models and Janet's DNA on his privates. There's a nice twist between the partners at the end.

    The intriguing story in this episode was the introduction of Boa Vista’s ex-husband, Nick Townsend played by Rob Estes. From the get-go, he implies that the situation between them is not so one-sided. He has apparently been in prison for her assault, though for some reason she was not notified of his release and her restraining order against him had expired, all of which I found a bit strange. He approaches Natalia at a crime scene and provokes her into pushing him away from her, then he applies for a restraining order against her, dragging Eric into the fray since he was a witness at the crime scene when Natalia pushed Nick. Nick had tried to apply for a job with the lab but later gets a job (rather quick for an ex-con) with a private company that contracts with the city for crime scene cleanup. He shows up at the second model’s crime scene and informs Natalia that she has to leave since he has a restraining order against her. Horatio, who doesn’t have much of a role in this episode, vows to support Boa Vista and not let her ex ruin everything for her again. Natalia calls Nick at the end and tries to make peace saying that they should just stay out of each other’s way which really burned me.
  • This was the best epie to date. I mean this had everything that I want in a series and then some. I seriously thought Boa would punch out her ex-husband. Personally I would have, after what he did to her. I'm glad Boa can turn to Horatio, Calleigh, Eric.

    Wow! Where do I start. I mean this is a prime example of what abusive ex-husbands do. Anyone could see that he was completely stalking her. I felt sorry for Eric when Boa's ex draged him into the whole thing. Claiming that Boa was the one stalking him and that she did it all the time just to get what she wants. That she was just using Eric! Pulease! It's was plain as day that he was just trying to mess with her mind. He wants Boa to loose her job with the crime lab. I was hoping that last night that Eric would at least pop him one.
  • Some models die and Natalia's ex-husband shows up. Big whoop.

    Is it me, or does this season seriously disappoint? I have yet to be impressed with any of the episodes. Maybe it's just me.

    Tonight's episode. Dead models. Yeah. So... I was confused. Everyone was involved in this insurance scam? Lawsuits and countersuits... I didn't get any of it. But to me, the motives for the murders seem to be getting weaker each week. During the one guy's confession, I was just like, "Are you serious?" Are people really this stupid?

    Natalia's ex-husband makes an appearance. First of all, you would think that Natalia, being as worried about her ex as she is, would know that her TRO had expired. You also think she would have been notified that he had been released from jail. And how did he find her? I thought the purpose of the group she was in was to make sure that the battered women couldn't be found by their exes.

    Also, what kind of security do they have at crime scenes, that random people can just crawl under the police tape? I saw a patrol officer there. As soon as Rob Estes crossed the tape, he should have been over there telling him what's what. You just can't crawl under the crime scene tape.

    And I want to know how he got a job so fast. What, it took him, like, a day? And don't these places do a criminal background check? I know he didn't kill anyone, but he was in jail.

    I don't know. I guess after last season, I had higher expectations for this show. But so far, it hasn't lived up to them.
  • Holy crap an episode that doesn\'t have Horatio in every scene!

    No offense to Horatio Fans but I was kind of shocked to see Horatio wasn\'t shown much in this episode, which is nice so other characters can have some of the spotlight. Motive for killing Steve was a little pathetic, but, then again, people have died for less. Even though I was never a fan of Boa Vista, I felt really sorry for her when her ex-hubbie shows up and starts screwing things around. I laughed when Janet said Ryan style was so last season. I wish Horatio would call Ryan, \'Ryan\' instead of \'Mr. Wolfe.\' I know Ryan filled in for Speed, but seriously, that was three years ago (Sorry, I\'m a big fan of Ryan)!

    I suppose this episode wasn\'t given a high score because it wasn\'t totally original. Sure there was a lot of intake on the characters but the plot left a lot to be desired. And at the end when Alexx was putting the bodies in the freezer, I swear I saw the wall cut off and the back was revealed so you could see the support beams holding it up. That might have been my imagination, I don\'t know.
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