CSI: Miami

Season 2 Episode 24


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 24, 2004 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Alexx is cleaning the deceased Ashley Anders' face, her lips move.

    • Goof: When they ask Kyle Preston what's happened to his finger, he says that he cannot fold his finger, since he was hurt during a basketball game. But previously during the interrogation, we see Kyle having all his fingers folded.

    • Goof: They state that wisdom teeth erupt at eighteen years and use this to judge the age of the porn star. However, this would not be an accurate way to determine age, because some people grow in their wisdom teeth as early as fourteen, other people as late at thirty.

    • Goof: Alexx states that the victim's molars are "five centimeters below the gum surface." She means five millimeters. For her wisdom teeth to be five centimeters down, they would be hanging in space below her jaw.

  • Quotes

    • Kyle: Real girls don't turn me on anymore.
      Delko: Fortunately for you, where you're going that won't be a problem.

    • IAB Stetler: Congratulations, you bagged the porn king, his lawyer and the killer, it's not a bad week's work
      Horatio: I guess it's not good for you Rick, unless you've arrested any Police Officers.
      IAB Stetler: It isn't my job to be liked.
      Horatio: Mission accomplished.

    • Suspect Lawyer: Don't you just hate it when the truth doesn't suit you?
      Horatio: Not yet it doesn't... Not yet.

    • (Calleigh and Speed go through a pornstar's apartment)
      Speed: She's got to have her own aisle at the video store.
      Calleigh: You know, Valera said she's famous.
      Speed: Well, Valera would know.

    • (Horatio interrogates an adult film company owner)
      Owner's Lawyer: My client is a prominent businessman with strong ties to the community, he has a family and 3 little girls.
      Horatio: Will they be appearing in your films Mr. Jeffers, when they grow up? Just out of curiosity.

    • Det. Salas: Ashley attended your party at this very office last night, she had champagne, ate caviar... And got strangled.

    • Eric: Thing is, a lot of people knew Ashley Anders, she had one of the top selling DVD's of the adult market (Alexx gives Eric a look)... I've heard

    • (Horatio notices too many Police men at the scene)
      Horatio: We have a VIP situation right here.
      Patrol Officer: Actually, she's an actress Lieutenant.
      Horatio: What's her name?
      Patrol Officer: Ashley Anders, she does pay-per-view, DVD's, responding officer recognized her from her films.
      Horatio: Adult films.
      Patrol Officer: Yeah, she's a pornstar.
      Horatio: She is also someone's daughter... And it's what we'll focus on.

    • Valera: Have you seen Ashley Anders's (a pornstar) movies?
      Calleigh: Me? Where do I see them?
      Valera: Oh, clubs, parties... You know, out.
      Calleigh: No, I don't think you and I are going to the same places Valera.
      Valera: Porn's the new Martini, no one's hiding their vices anymore.

    • Speedle: (to men harrasing Cookie Devine) Hey why don't you guys take a walk
      1st Guy: What are you, her boyfriend? Lucky man.
      2nd Guy: Yeh buddy hey hey. How about you let us tap some of that... ha ha ha
      Speedle: I'm serious. Get out o' here.
      1st Guy: Why don't I kick your ass instead?
      Speedle: (showing his gun and badge) How about I arrest you? For harrasing this young lady. And interfering with a murder investigation. How about that?
      1st Guy: No Problem. We didn't mean anything. Sir.
      2nd Guy: Sorry officer.
      Speedle: Get lost.
      Cookie Devine: Can I have your job? I got into the wrong business.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • 28 Lays Later

      While Calleigh and Speedle go through Ashley Anders's apartment, they see a poster for an adult film titled "28 Lays Later", it alludes the title of the British film, "28 Days Later", about a biological outbreak.



    • Underage porn star:
      Murdered porn star was underage and her documents were tampered. This situation is almost identical to the case of Traci Lords, a famous porn star from the 80's. She presented video company a fake ID at the age of fifteen and eventually became a famous porn star. When her scam was revealed, many people ended up being charged with production and distribution of underage porn.