CSI: Miami

Season 1 Episode 4

Just One Kiss

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2002 on CBS

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  • A complex case involving a murdered young man, a beaten, possibly raped girl, a 15 year old case that haunted H and a very well-connected family.

    A good one that keeps you guessing, about the ultimate denouement if not the actual perpetrators. When a dead young guy turns up on a beach with his throat slit and his face burned, original suspicion falls on the boyfriend of a young woman who has been found a little way away, beaten, possibly raped and left to die. But his presence at a party held at the house of a very prominent Miami family starts to point fingers in some very difficult directions.

    The family is headed by a guy Horatio had had a previous run in with in a case that could not be prosecuted because of a lack of evidence - and because the guy had lawyers. Now that his son might be somehow involved, the lawyers start coming out of the woodwork again.

    It's a good episode overall, with the usual mix of forensic explanation and discovery and characters doing themselves and each other no favours. The ending is satisfactory for once, though I did think that once the 'perps' had been identified and caught, the explanation of H's old case that he tells to Megan was a little superflous. It would have been stronger done earlier, so that we knew exactly why H was so personally involved.

    It's also interesting to see H actually doing some scientific investigation himself, which in later episodes and series he doesn't really do. He's usually the one giving the instructions or standing over the people with the microscopes.

    Definitely worth a look.