CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 23

Kill Switch

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 07, 2007 on CBS
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After the murder of a suspected carjacker the team discovers that he may have been involved with a formidable drug lord and was suspected of drug running off Miami’s shores.

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  • Not bad. Good dramatic episode I thought, but still sooooooooooooooo sick of the multi frame, seizure causing bits.

    I think we hit an all new record with this episode. I counted at least 9 separate frames, on the screen at once! The writers, or producers seem to think that more frames will make a show better, or more exciting. It just gets more and more and more irritating.

    Personally, I wasn't always a huge fan of the Ryan Wolfe character, so if he doesn't come back after this season, I wont be too upset. Maybe if he came back as a beat cop again I wouldn't mind.

    I'm not a big fan of Eric either since his head injury... sorry BRAIN injury, which he miraculously recovered from in a very short amount of time. Blegh.

    Anyway. This episode wasn't too bad. I hope the season finale is good.moreless
  • Ryan, what were you thinking?

    After being fired by Rick Stettler in last weeks episode, I didn't think that Ryan had a prayer in the world of getting back on the team. Even Horatio wasn't willing to take him back. H told Ryan in an earlier episode that he wasn't always going to be able to protect him, and this was definately one of those moments. I'm glad Horatio gave Ryan the chance to hit rock bottom emotionally in order for him to find out what is truly important in life. Ryan taking a job as a crime analyst made perfect sense as he loves being in the spotlight. When he was on the opposite side of the fence, things became different.I was glad that Ryan had the opportunity to see just what a thin line the media walks on in terms of the public's right to know vs.the rights of the victims and criminals. I think that he will be more tight lipped when being questioned by members of the media.

    In the end, Ryan managed to swallow whatever pride he had left and asked for his job back. I think that Ryan has learned a valuable lesson and will make every effort to be a more responsible member of the team. Welcome back, Ryan.moreless
  • Jumping the shark

    Ok these people's personal lives are getting more complicated than the cases they solve. This show is supposed to be about the cases not the people solving them. Hello the show is called CSI. Ryan is getting on my last nerve. I liked him when he first came on but they have written him badly lately.
  • Turn your back one day in the fold the next?

    I must admit that this episode was a bit better than last weeks' as, in the words of one of the shows' stars, Emily Proctor puts it, "it's the fantasy show." I was a little confused at how one week Ryan was ousted from the CSI team and in that short period of time (tv time maybe) he has landed an on air consulting job. While he is certainly disappointed to have been away from the true love of his work life, he is now providing compromising and simply too much inside information to the general public. His former colleagues are none to happy about this development but by the end of the episode most is forgiven. As is expected H gives a 'classic' line and the impression is that he's on his way back into the fold. Given how serious his offenses were last week and the fact that it resulted in him losing his job (where was H then?), I was surprised that things are now on their way to being 'cool.' Was H simply teaching Ryan a lesson by giving him the impression that he was being hung out to dry? Or was H also testing his character? Either way, Ryan and the gang may not be a part for too long.moreless
  • One of the best of the season

    I have to agree and say this was one of

    The best shows of the season if not the best

    One as Ryan takes a job at a tv station in

    Which his friends felt betrayed. But then you knew that he

    Would be coming back as H would do everything and even

    Perhaps break all the rules to get him back regardless of

    What IAB would do!
Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez

Eric "Delko" Delektorsky

David Caruso

David Caruso

Lieutenant Horatio Caine

Emily Procter

Emily Procter

Calleigh Duquesne

Eva LaRue

Eva LaRue

Natalia Boa Vista Episode 98+ Recurring Previously)

Jonathan Togo

Jonathan Togo

Ryan Wolfe (Episodes 54+, Recurring Previously)

Khandi Alexander

Khandi Alexander

Chief Medical Examiner Alexx Woods

AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord

Sherry Williamson

Guest Star

Michael Filipowich

Michael Filipowich

Derek Hewitt

Guest Star

Seamus Dever

Seamus Dever

Paul Billings

Guest Star

Boti Bliss

Boti Bliss


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    • Calleigh: (to Ryan) You broke all the rules. And because you have, every case you have ever worked on is being called into question, so if you say that you weren't hurting anyone, think about all of the people left behind to pick up the pieces for you.

    • Ryan: What do you think I should I do?
      Natalia: Short term: get away from the cameras, and long term: you're just gonna have to decide what your own priorities are.

    • Ryan: Look, my time here has been, uh... it's been really fascinating. It's been great, but there's some place else I think I gotta be. There are men and women who put themselves in harm's way every day. It's their lives for ours, and for them, it's not something that they do. It's something that, you know, they are. Now I'm not gonna try and make myself sound so honourable, but I took an oath. I took an oath to protect the people of Miami, and I was born to be a cop. And uh, I think I lost sight of that along the way.

    • Natalia: I'm all up for a treasure hunt, and everything, but this is a lot of ground to cover.
      Calleigh: I know, that's why I brought along our new toy. The profiler. It's electromagnetic, so it picks up more than a metal detector.
      Natalia: Yeah... but so far all we've got is an iPod, four beer bottles and a beach towel. But no fiber glass blister with the drugs.
      Calleigh: So we just keep looking until we find the blister.

    • Eric: Hey. Great to see that smile.
      Calleigh: It's nothing.
      Eric: Who was that, Jake?
      Calleigh: Um, yeah, I told him that if people would stop killing each other we could have a proper meal.

    • Ryan: Hey.
      Calleigh: Hey.
      Ryan: How's it going? Thanks for coming down.
      Calleigh: Yeah, I'm good, I'm good. You look different. Must be the eyeliner.
      Ryan: I wear makeup now. You must think it's pretty, uh, pretty silly.
      Calleigh: No, that wasn't the adjective I was looking for.
      Ryan: Well, I gotta earn a living. So congratulations, I heard you found the carjacker.
      Calleigh: Is that why you called me down here, to ease your conscience? You know, you may have gotten a man killed today.

    • Calleigh: Is it just me, or have people gotten a little too casual about seeing a dead body?
      Alexx: It's easier when decomp's at a distance, believe me.

    • Frank: No ID, and nobody's talking. City on the hunt. Looks like vigilantes took it upon themselves to be the guy's judge and jury.
      Horatio: Judge, jury and executioner.

    • Frank: Miami Dade PD. Is this Jason Billings' boat?
      Cole: Yes it is. Is he in some kind of trouble?
      Frank: Not anymore. He's dead.

    • Tony: I cut my losses, man, kid didn't want to save his own life, I wasn't about to save it for him.
      Horatio: You're quite a humanitarian, aren't you?

    • Tony: It happens, you know. Day on the water, it gets slippery.

    • Ryan: I'm not going to abandon this team.
      Horatio: (Puts his glasses on) And we, Mr. Wolfe, are not going to abandon you.

    • Paul Billings: Talked to Sherry?
      Frank: You shoulda paid her more; she belted it out like an opera singer.

    • Eric: You're late pal, what did you get, uh, stuck in the makeup chair?
      Ryan: That's very funny.

    • Cole Tucker: (sighs in relief) I guess I got lucky.
      Calleigh: Yeah, real lucky. You got about 20 years to figure out how to build your next trap.

    • Natalia: (of Cole Telford) Doesn't he work on Jason Billings' boat?
      Eric: I guess, when he's not smuggling drugs from Cuba.

    • Horatio: Carjacker.
      Frank: Yeah, whose face Ryan plastered all over television about an hour ago.

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