CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 5

Killer Regrets

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2011 on CBS

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  • too predictable and too boring


    Jesus, when is Miami going to do something absolutely new?

    O'Shay is back, the mala noche is back and Marisol keeps coming back in flashbacks. I thought it was over. Isn't it bad enough that Memmo Fierro showed up last season too? Does he really have to do it again?

    I love the interaction between Horatio and Memmo, but please CSI Miami move on with something new.

    And do they have a new lab tech again? What happened to Molly from last season? Why can't they just have one lab tech or two, like Travers and Dave? CSI NY only has one and that works perfectly.

    Horatio barely does any processing anymore either; he didn't even get to process the bomb fragments which is crazy since it's his field of expertise.

    I love CSI Miami but today I feel that I really have to start complaining a bit, just this once anyway. Because seriously? Mala Noche and O'Shay? Bring something new!

    And make the episodes less prediactable, this one was just too prediactable. Of course the husband would be the killer. Predictable also sometimes makes it boring.

    CSI Miami you can do better!

  • Horatio's long time nemesis Mala Noche rears its ugly head once again. A female Mexican police chief (Who's husband was assasinated by Mala Noche.) comes to Miami with her brother for protection. The team decides to investigate the murder.


    "Killer Regrets" is a good episode. I recommend it, but it does have its flaws. The biggest flaw is right at the beginning when the husband is assasinated. I find it hard to believe that nobody would realize the truck was empty when the bomb detonated. That had to have been discovered once the fire was extinguished. There is no way such a small fire would destroy even the slightest trace of the victim. Also the twist at the end was good, but twist endings only go so far. "Killer Regrets" hits the target, but misses the bullseye.

  • a bit unrealistic....


    I've always liked CSI Miami primarily for its story line, but tonight's episode is, well, not at par... For one thing, the creation of the 3D silencer was too good to be true.. I mean, come one from a photograph??? I know it's TV but this one's too unrealistic... Secondly, I think Memo giving up information to Horatio was too easy, again, I think it was not consistent of Memo's character. He was supposed to be the boss of a notorious gang and here he is giving up information for a steak!! Again, unrealistic.

    But then again, it's TV :)