CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 14

Last Straw

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2012 on CBS

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  • Very good!

    i really enjoyed this show. Because there is just so much time for the show - of course the killings were closer together than may or may not have occurred in real life. So Those Of You Who Complain About This - Get over it!

    -- I loved the ending and pray that others who consider suicide, watch this show, and learn from the ending. Just Start Over!
  • Holy Unrealistic (SPOILER ALERT)

    Although this was a good idea in theory, there were too many far-fetched happenings for me to get into it. First off, though, I will say that I don't agree with the review that says it was too long between killings, as serial killers actually usually wait months between each kill... and even spree killers may wait a day or two. They were actually too close together to be believable in the sense that a random dad killing people who are bullying his daughter would not be brazen enough to commit two murders within, what, a day? (I can never tell the passage of time in CSI episodes... they'll do things that I assume would at least take a few days, and then talk about the murder that happened "this morning").

    More notably, though, was the "suicide attempt" at the end. While I suppose it is possible that the girl diddled around for long enough before her attempt to allow Horatio to get there in time, it didn't seem like she did. But the fact that she was let out of the hospital what seemed like immediately after her recovery (again, hard to tell passage of time) was crazily unbelievable. Any suicide attempt (especially one that came so close to completion) would result in a mandatory hold for observation in a psych ward to make sure she's stable enough to leave. They don't just let people who almost killed themselves out once they can breathe again.

    And that's another thing, after she recovered, she wouldn't be able to speak properly for weeks at least... the rope would have crushed her trachea and she should have been wheezing as she tried to speak.

    Overall, a good try, but these guys really need to do their homework. They're getting lazy in the research department.

    P.S. Did anyone else notice the total ripoff of the tanning bed murder from "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer"? Just sayin...

  • Not unexpected, yet not expected either

    I had so not expected the father to be the killer. Yet not it's not a surprise, maybe because in the last season they had a similar episode with a bully being killed by parents. Although on the same time since they introducent the father so late in the episode it wasn't the first person that I suspected for the murders.

    This episode was a bit slow though, I think it took too long before the other girl was killed. I would have wanted more murders because it would have seemed more like revenge then, but then again the two victims were the bullies.

    I like the dramatic ending, not like most of the other episodes.

    All in all, a good episode, almost seemed shorter than it was which for me is a good sign usually.
  • Csi miami season 10 episode 14 last straw

    heart pounding episode