CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 10

Long Gone

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on CBS

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  • Action filled episode.


    One thing I like about CSI episodes is the animation that the editors put together to explain what the events. And week after week, they don't fail entertaining me with the effects that they put in in every episode. For that, I thank them!

    All in all the episode is realistic. Good people die in bad situations too. In this case, a cop and the kidnapped victim. It's a sad fact. I only found one unrealistic scene in this episode, it's when Callie first entered the apartment of the kidnapped victim's daughter. I think she should have been last to enter the apartment since she was more of a CSI than a cop. But then, I may be wrong.

  • Very interesting episode and very interesting case (spoiler warning)


    I really didn't suspect the boyfriend so I was vey surprised to find out that the was involved; he had me fooled. I thought the father was going to be a real jerk too, but he turned out to be quite nice. A good guy whom just got very bad luck recently.

    I really like how action-filled this episode was. CSI Miami has always had a lot of action and drama in it and this was no exception. However, what I am really getting tired of seeing is Horatio's police brutality.

    I realize that after everything he's gone through that he's changed, but he doesn't have to become a hypocrite. Some people might think that the people he beats up deserves it and they probably do, but he's only turning into a monster himself by doing it. I miss the old Horatio.

    The other team member's have also gone through hard stuff and they haven't turned bad. It's such a shame, because Horatio is my favorite, and to see him turn so bad when he should be a role-model is very upsetting.

    I do think that it does make it a bit entertaining as well, but it has been going on for too long and I never thought Frank would allow Horatio to beat someone.

    Anyway, it was good episode and a very interesting case. They could almost have made this a two-part episode and drawn it out a bit.